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Soulbyte for Tuesday March 13, 2018

Have you strayed from your intent to change? You have the inner strength; that is not in doubt. But do you have the conviction to take up the task of really changing? Are you ready for the challenges that changing presents? Reset your intent. Establish your limitations and boundaries. Ground and protect yourself, and then begin anew. It’s quite a journey and one not to be missed! It’s never too late to take that first step!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday January 3, 2018

Discipline, stamina, and hard work are the necessary components of change. A tiny seed lying in the ground must use tremendous force to burst through its casing and make its way through the solid earth, past all the obstacles in its path, if it is to make it to the light of the world. So is it with human beings too. They must muster all their intent to stay focused and disciplined if they are to succeed at changing themselves. There is no easy path, but once on the changing path stamina becomes second nature, discipline its fuel, and the hard work that it takes to achieve a goal becomes like an elixir, sought after for its satisfying effects. A deep sense of gratitude, self-satisfaction, and elation eventually arise. In this case all of it well-earned. Keep on changing! You won’t regret it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Your Changing Self

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne. I asked for a short one, but I got a long one! -Jan

If the world outside of you has changed, you can bet something inside is seeking change as well… - Photo by Jan Ketchel
If the world outside of you has changed, you can bet something inside is seeking change as well…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Know yourself completely and honestly. To your fullest capabilities, allow the self to be humble and accepting of the failures and faults of others, knowing that you will not reconcile your outer relationships until you reconcile your own deepest fears and issues.

Know that you are not alone in your sorrows and your tribulations, but that there is always something or someone to aid you, guide you, and be present for you, if you are open, aware, and willing to receive.

Now is a time of great change, even upheaval. You may see it outside of yourself so clearly, though you may also be experiencing it inside in some form as well. All transformation arises out of turmoil, so do not dismiss the difficulties that now confront you, but push through them to the best of your abilities, with your inner world being the main focus. That is how to enact and use the turmoil of change.

Ask the self: What does all of this mean for me, personally, at my deepest level? What am I really being asked or confronted with? What is my spirit trying to tell me? What am I being shown, for me and my own growth? What revolution is brewing inside me?

When we take our attention off what is going on outside of us—with the world, with the people closest to us, and with what is happening within our daily lives—and focus calmly on our inner world, something important gets revealed. It is that important message that we must pay attention to, striking and even frightening though it may be, perhaps even posing drastic measures. We must ruminate and ponder our deepest knowing of what we are being shown as the next most important battle to wage within the self. Then we must call to action all of our inner resources to aid us in finally tackling that issue.

Whatever that issue is, My Dears, if you face it squarely and fairly, if you address it with honest forthrightness, without backing down, your future will be brighter. The turmoil, as I mentioned, must be weathered through for change to happen. Once you are in the energy of that change, then all of your resources and tools must be brought forth to keep you focused and in balance, in alignment with your spirit’s intent.

Is it not better to be in the turmoil of rightful change than locked in a prison? Is it not better to be on the road to freedom, though that road my be difficult, than caught in a trap? Is it not better to be flying ahead than falling backwards? These are some of the situations that must be pondered as you face your changing self.

Reluctant though you may sometimes be, accept your changing process a little more each day. Focus on the glimpses of light ahead that your spirit has already alerted you to. The future is not really that far off!

Take responsibility for the self, for where you find yourself now, and be guided, not by that which is outside of you, but by the honest truths inside you. Only you know what they are, and only you can choose to accept them and deal with them according to your spirit’s intent. And only you know what that is!

With love and compassion for the self and others, move into your changing form. Meet your spirit more fully each day, as you dare yourself to keep going!

Readers of Infinity: Energetic Communication

Today, we present the weekly channeled message, as well as a message to all who knew and loved Jeanne, as well as to those who never knew her in this life. Today is the day that Jeanne died in Heiden, Switzerland, twelve years ago.

Open the energetic lines of communication… and see what happens! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Open the energetic lines of communication…
and see what happens!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is the weekly channeled message first:

Let the energy of now take you forward. As your journey unfolds, stay informed of the always-changing self. Allow transformation to take place, and with awareness allow the self to change. In awareness that you are indeed a changing being, in constant flux, allow your life to take you now into new levels of consciousness.

Turn your gaze outward each day, even as you turn it inward. Notice where you life is trying to lead you. Listen to your inner self and listen to your body self. These two selves, your energetic you and your physical you, must become true partners on your journey through life. Think of your energetic self as the gas you put into your vehicle, driving your physical self, it’s trusty companion. Your mind intercepts, cutting off natural communication. Quiet the mind and let the two of them communicate once again, directly. Let your gas flow, without blockage, into your vehicle, as you simultaneously learn to accept your life as an ever-changing flow of energy, signs, synchronicities, and messages. In opening to the existence of such universal communication outside of you, you may find that the mind is not as necessary as you now think.

Thoughts often confuse, but your energetic self and your physical self seek only growth, uninhibited. Your partnership, in alignment, will result in a tiptop vehicle to drive through life in, with your energy flowing nicely within. Keep it always in good shape and it will not fail you. Find out what all of that means for you. Everyone is different; everyone must find their personal equilibrium and balance. Take one empowering step on behalf of that partnership today and every day, devoid of the mind’s trappings and old sayings. Clear the mind so that the channel of communication may always be open and flowing. And then see what new happens!

Here is the rest of the communication from Jeanne, as Jan asked her to comment on the anniversary of her death. Here is what she had to say:

Love…The only true means of communication… - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Love…The only true means of communication…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Although my absence is still felt, those who knew me and were deeply attached to me must not grieve for me, or for themselves and the loss of me in their lives. Life is death; death is life. As I have said many times before, though I do not exist on that plane, I do exist! Take that into consideration as you continue your own lives upon that earth. Sorrow is a manifestation of the mind. If you silence the mind, removing what it tells you from your thoughts, releasing those mind-thoughts from your physical body as well, you will discover your own true energetic form. This energetic self does not exist only in your physical body, but outside of it as well, in eternity. If you can experience this energetic self, even for a second or two, you will know that I exist!

Set your intent to access and experience this self and then you will know the answers to the questions that the mind cannot grasp very easily. Experiences of the energetic self are the means to understanding how I can still exist. Your physical self will grasp this as well, once the mind’s conjuring have been removed. It will “know,” as deeply as your spirit knows. You already know what I’m talking about.

Every night you dream. Begin to dream with intent now. Intend to accept your energetic self and, with awareness, practice using this self more frequently, in waking and dreaming, allowing something besides your mind, and what it thinks it knows, to guide you. Look to your heart, the true organ of communication in each of you.

Energetic communication is what I have been doing, and continue to do. I use my energetic self to communicate and work in all worlds. The practice grows as lessons are learned, as awakenings are explored and accepted. It is a viable means of communication that can be practiced anywhere, even between people upon that earth. It’s called telepathy in some circles, but I prefer to call it energetic communication.

Be open to life in a new way, to the life that lies before your eyes, My Dears. But also be open to life that you cannot so easily see with your human eyes. When doubt arises, ask the self to let it go, to stay with burgeoning awareness, simply for the heck of it. There is no harm in that! Be an explorer! It’s what I am. I explore, try things out, discover how things work, and then I use what I learn to communicate. In the beginning, it can be a challenging and even clumsy process, but over time skills are naturally honed.

I look for you all in energetic form, those I knew intimately in more than one form and those I don’t know yet. I always have been looking for you. Look for me in return. You will know me by my energy! There will be no doubt that it is I!

My love expands upon you all. It’s all that matters, you know, love and loving all beings equally, without attachment.

Readers of Infinity: Transcendence Through Fully Living

Here is a message of guidance from Jeanne, channeled most humbly.

Who guards and protects your secrets? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Who guards and protects your secrets?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Stay calmly resolute in your intent to grow, change, and inhabit your beingness in a fuller way. Seek wholeness, yet seek also balance; balance that is conducive to life in the world you live in. Seek awareness, yet seek also stability in reality. Seek enlightenment, but do not forget that you are first and foremost human. Seek the attainment of all that is good, but do not reject all that lies in your personal shadows, the underground self who seeks life as much as the above ground self does. Contain not one over the other, yet do not allow one to dominate for too long either. Allow these two sides of the self to come out to play. Like two children who have been cooped up for too long must they be allowed fun and full expression.

All of these actions of balance must be undertaken with a measure of sobriety and calmness that overrides and underrides the actions that are necessary for you to achieve full expression and wholeness as a human being, as a spiritual being, as a finite and infinite being. You are all these things already. “So what’s the problem?” you might ask.

The problem with the human condition is that life in that world is so overpowering that all other awareness goes out the window. But I know that you who read my words are seekers, that you seek deeper connection within the self. That deeper connection requires knowledge of and integration of all parts of the self. Seek that and you will be well on the way to completion of your wholeness.

Do not become fanatical. Do not become inflated. Do not allow your insights to take you too far from your real challenge, which is to be fully human in that world of abundance and deprivation, to be challenged to experience it all, and yet to be detached from all that challenges you.

There is sweetness among the thorns... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
There is sweetness among the thorns…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In your wholeness will you discover detachment without need. You will find life in simplicity, life fulfilled by your attention to the process of growth. Your unattached attention to the diligence of your inner and outer endeavors, in balanced alignment, will take you far.

Be attentive to your journey. Without judgment, renew your vows to your personal process. Life challenges you to embrace it and live it, yet it challenges you equally to detach from and transcend it without need or desire, simply because that is what you are all fully capable of: transcendence through fully embracing the life you live.

You can argue with yourself all your want. You can whine and complain about your life. You can have all kinds of difficulties, illnesses, allergies, problems, faults, complaints and issues to protest and fight about. Overall, however, you can only evolve by fully acquiescing to the truth of your predicament and then taking off from there in a new direction.

Free your mind a little bit today by accepting at least one truth about the self and the life you now experience, just one. This may be a joyous truth or a sad truth, it doesn’t matter, as long as it really is a truth. Accept that truth and ask the self what you can do about it to remedy it—complain more about it, or tackle it head on?

The energy of now says: Be honest with the self, but don’t be angry with the self. You know what to do, the energy says, so face your fears and do it. Be creative in your endeavors to face the self and change, but, above all, do something new and different. Look, act, or do something that is totally new. Deviate from habit and expectation and go in an unexpected direction. This will help immensely! Be a new you. Start now!

Pick your joy! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Pick your joy!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Start with something you can really do, see, and feel. Dress differently. Change something about your appearance. Be daring and unpredictable. Be fearless. Above all, make your life’s challenges fun. Set the intent to dissipate the intensity of your challenges and make light of them. In some way you will discover or be shown how to do this; just intend it and then see what happens. No matter how dire you consider your circumstances, the universe will support you. The universe will laugh, not in ridicule but only with pure joy, with the pure joy of release and acquiescence. Let joy from the universe come through to you in some way today.

So, change the self in some tiny way today, or even in a big way if that is your penchant, remaining fully aware that you are doing so. Even if no one else detects your change or your joyousness, you will know of it and that, My Dears, is enough of a secret joy to carry you forward—smiling!

This all takes work, but it’s work that is well worth it!