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Soulbyte for Thursday March 26, 2020

With renewed intent, stand firm in heart-centered goodness where no man is an island but all are truly one. Though these times call for extraordinary fortitude in mind, body, and spirit, do not forget your oneness with everything. With the ability to feel the greater oneness of all humanity, in humbleness, accept the inevitable. At the same time, stay strong and intent upon the true healing capacity of the human spirit to overcome all adversity and to evolve. In extraordinary times, do not lose touch with the most extraordinary of virtues, that of compassion.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday March 25, 2020

Change is inevitable. It is the inherent law of nature, that which is in everything, part of life. A warrior knows it, owns it, and yet being fully aware of it and the finality of life, operates as if there is all the time in the world, with a young heart and mind, for that is the only way to cheat change, by constantly roiling against it, by in fact refusing to change in its depleting direction, toward the inevitable end of life. A warrior takes life in the opposite direction, toward more energy, fighting every day to remain viable, alive, and in full control of as much energy as possible. That is the warrior’s way. But at the same time, a warrior knows when it is time to change, time to conserve, time to take a new path, to go in a new direction, and for energy’s sake a warrior takes that new path, and with renewed vigor and intent forges onward, without glancing back, for a warrior knows when it is time to face the inevitable truth and move on.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: In the Midst of Transformation

The mists of transformation…
– Photo © 2020 by Jan Ketchel

I have always viewed trauma as an unsolicited invitation into a shamanic journey. The traumatic impact of Covid-19 is the world’s usher into our current collective shamanic journey.

Shamanic journeys lead us to discover our greater energetic  potential, beyond the familiarity of everyday life, life currently on world pause. We have been launched into Mother Earth’s healing crisis. We are all from her and of her, in physical form. How could we not be in a healing crisis as well?

The world as we knew it was simply not sustainable. It was time for an intervention, a course correction. The world will survive this crisis, but it will never be the same, nor will we ever be the same. Let us ride this healing intent with courage and love, for all!

For most infected by the virus their journeys through fever and breath may take them through challenging encounters with fear and uncertainty. Stay calm, with the full intent of healing, as you prepare to land on the safe shores of renewed physical life.

For some, this will be their definitive journey into life beyond the physical body. For those on that final leg of their physical sojourn, keep your awareness keen and facing forward, as  you launch into a whole new realm of possibility. No need to look back; we are all right behind you in our inter-dimensional energetic connectedness. How could we all not meet again?

We are being asked to take this journey as solitary beings, remaining connected virtually. This is a form of energetic connection, a gateway to the energy body we journey with in our dreams.

Carlos Castaneda once commented that true poverty was being too attached to wanting objects. We are in a time when our collective object hunger is being asked to turn to energetic connection. This is great training to evolve beyond object dependence.

That dependence has depleted Mother Earth, and so, she leads us now to evolve into greater fulfillment in our energetic connectedness. This is the shamanic journey of transformation we are all currently living. Embrace your solitary being in energetic solidarity with all other beings. We are all in this magical world together.

Energetically connected,


Soulbyte for Tuesday March 24, 2020

Even in the worst of times a warrior keeps an even temper, a steady mind, and a loving heart, especially as these are the most stabling and productive of attributes to possess in times of stress and uncertainty. A warrior also finds the diamond in the hunk of coal, the light in the darkness, the laughter among the tears, for a warrior knows that everything changes, that in an instant everything can be different. And so, a warrior keeps a light and loving heart even through the darkest hours. It is the warrior’s prerogative to choose an attitude to take rather than be overwhelmed by anything. A warrior chooses wisely, and with more than the self in mind, for that too a warrior knows, that we are all in this together.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne