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Soulbyte for Friday May 7, 2021

You can get used to just about anything, even that which is not good for you. Why not take advantage of the good energy now headed your way and do something good for yourself? Why not change some of those negative habits into positive habits? Everyone could benefit by such changes because no one is perfect, but everyone could use a little perfecting. It’s never too late to change. Pick one thing you’d like to change and give it your all. The Universe will support you with a boost of positive energy. It will take you in a new direction, if you let it!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday May 6, 2021

Change may happen slowly or it may happen all at once, abruptly and unexpectedly. Just as Nature exhibits both the slow and steady progress of change so does it exhibit how abrupt change comes and changes irrevocably. Know that both kinds of change are in every life, that even your own contains the slow and the abrupt, that the Universe is taking care of you so that change is always underway. When you are ready the abrupt will come to catapult you forward. When you are ready you will know what to do, and great changes will produce the new fixtures in your life, until the next changes come, for change is a constant you can count on. Remain aware that everything is possible, that your path of heart is indeed unfolding each day in slow and steady as well as abrupt and unexpected ways. Such is life. There is always something new on the horizon.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday May 5, 2021

With an open mind visualize the self, the relationship, the job, the home, the new life you so desire, and let your heart’s intent manifest in all you set about doing on this day of change. Let the positive enter into you today as you intentionally leave the old behind and head in a new direction, for your life and what you do with it are totally in your own hands. No one else has control; only you do. First, change your thoughts about yourself. And then, with an open and positive mind, allow that which you so desire to fill you with its visions. And then, give it permission to manifest. It really is up to you. And keep always in mind that everything is possible.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: A World of Suggestion

A new suggestion…

Roughly speaking, the left brain is the home of personality and ego, the right brain is the home of our evolutionary history, our intuition, and our connection to spirit.

Eminent Yale psychologist Julian Jaynes hypothesized that, prior to the dawn of consciousness—that is, left brain ego—right brain automatically dictated human response to environmental and physical triggers. He went so far as to suggest that humans have always had voices in the head telling them what to do!

Carl Jung named these innate programs archetypal images that directed human behavior, unconsciously, through directives to the subconscious mind. Prior to the birth of ego consciousness, humans functioned as do animals, automatically reacting to the world according to the directives of archetypes. With the dawn of ego consciousness, humans developed the ability to reflect and choose whether to follow the automatic promptings of archetypal images or not.

The biblical Garden of Eden story depicts this moment of ego wrestling the ability to choose from the control of the archetypes. God essentially cast humans from the Garden for their decision to break from archetypal mandates. Thus, fledgling ego was left to both think for itself and manage the influence of archetypes upon itself. Left brain development gave humans the power to suggest their own destiny.

Nineteenth-century psychologists were immersed in the study of hypnosis, which could so deeply impact human behavior through the use of suggestion. Their studies proved that once a subject established connection with a hypnotist, it was even possible to be influenced by a mere thought of that hypnotist, though they be miles removed from the subject’s location.

Here we have an example of right brain non-spatial interconnectedness utilized by a hypnotist to circumvent a subject’s ego control and direct their subconscious to act. In clinical terms, we might call this an established transference, where the hypnotist becomes the authority figure that takes over the operation of the mind of the subject.

Psychic researcher Frederic Myers predicted, in the late 19th century, that hypnosis, with its components of trance and suggestion, would be foundational in clinical research in the 20th century. He was right. However, what took up the charge in the 20th century was applied marketing psychology, with the intent of material gain through influencing human behavior.

Psychologists Walter Scott and John Watson scoffed at the notion that humans were reasoning animals, calling them instead “creatures of suggestion”. They were able to demonstrate how easily the supposed ego could be subverted by powerful suggestions. They founded the advertising industry, perfecting the use of archetypal images in advertisements as bold suggestions, combined with verbal or written commands, to influence consumer’s purchases.

The modern world is dominated by an advertising industry that has now morphed into a social media that directly subverts the fledgling ego of humankind via hypnotic suggestion. Today, when a candidate runs for office, the main concern is the size of their war chest, that is, dollars to be spent to hypnotically entrance the electorate.

No longer is science or rational thought a trusty guide. The world is largely run by influencers, who through word, image, repetition and command entrance the populace with suggestions that become facts via their action upon the subconscious mind.

We are indeed creatures of suggestion, but with a reasoning capacity. The ego, however, is easily possessed or circumvented by the power of hypnotic suggestion. In fact, most of daily functioning is driven by one incessant voice in the head, the internal dialog.

To take back our extraordinary power to manifest via our subconscious powerhouse, it is best to assume conscious control of our innate suggestive tendency. Begin by identifying where you have unconsciously transferred your personal authority, allowing it to be controlled by the commands of authority figures.

Break the spell of these figures by commanding your central nervous system to go calm when you think of or visualize them. This is taking back inner control of the self. Regularly send the subconscious new suggestions to get calm. Exercise your own reasoning capacity, allowing it to guide your understanding and actions.

Truly take charge of your self-hypnosis with suggestions consciously intended for the betterment of self, and the greater good. Suggestion is indeed a highly influential force in human manifestation, but exercise it with reasoned care.

Go deeper into calm,