Links to Tensegrity, Yoga & Vision Quests

Cleargreen Incorporated

This organization is sanctioned by Carlos Castaneda, Taisha Abelar, Carol Tiggs, and Florinda Donner, the apprentices of don Juan Matus. They brought to the modern world the practices and magical passes (Tensegrity) of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico, a shamanic line purported to go back 26 generations. The intent of the magical passes is to reach the energy body, with the possibility of exploring infinity now while still living in human form. This site lists workshops, classes and practice groups throughout the world.

EMDR International Association

From their website: EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) is a professional association where practitioners and researchers seek the highest standards for the clinical use of EMDR. By promoting training, research and the sharing of the latest clinical information, EMDRIA is committed to assuring that therapists are knowledgeable and skilled in the methodology of EMDR which is an accepted psychotherapy by leading mental health organizations throughout the world. Search for EMDR therapists in your area on their website.

 Re-Wilding The Soul

Interested in going on a vision quest? Bryan Thomas, wilderness therapist, offers forays into the desert surrounding Taos, New Mexico. Appropriate for transitional moments in the lives of young or old, or simply when it’s time for a new and different experience!

Svaroopa Yoga

Through the careful use of relaxation, breath work and precise alignment in supported poses, Svaroopa Yoga, as taught by Nicolas Dalton and Melissa Parsons at Padmalaya Yoga Studio in Millerton, NY and at other spaces in the Hudson Valley, releases core tensions in the spine and throughout the body. This is not your usual yoga. There is nothing quite like it!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR