Soulbyte for Friday October 18, 2019

When the time to act comes, be decisive. Decisiveness comes only through becoming aware of what is right and what is not. Study yourself, know yourself deeply and fully so that when a moment of decision arrives you will immediately know and do what is right, without thinking, without hesitation. Learn who you are and why you are there, alive in this moment and time, so that you may know what matters to you, and especially so that you may find your true path of heart and always know its call. In knowing all that, decision making and right action become second nature and you will have freed up your energy for more important causes.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday October 17, 2019

Stay connected to your healing intent, to your convictions that you are worth the effort, to your dream of a new you. In alignment with all of that, and sure of a higher purpose and greater meaning, find solidity in your life. In keeping with the knowing deep inside of you that your path of heart is the only path for you, continue your journey restrengthening your intent with renewed vigor every day, restating that you matter and that your dream matters. Resolve the issues that hold you back so that you may become fully open and accessible. Lose your regrets and resentments so that you may be truly ready for new experiences. With love, let go of your attachments so that your energy may be truly free to enjoy, explore, and embrace your new dream of you. Keep your intent strong from moment to moment and day to day. Your path of heart will not fail you nor disappoint you, but it’s up to you to stay upon it, to act on your own behalf, and to be the dreamer dreaming the dream of the new you. Dream on, with intent!

Sending  you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday October 16, 2019

True maturity entails taking full responsibility for the self. It entails taking who you are, what you got in this life, and molding it into shape, into a shape that you can fully embrace, respect, and love. True maturity means detaching from that which first molded you so that you may mold yourself anew, into that which is truly you. True maturity involves letting the self do this and letting others whom you mold and whom have molded you do this as well. In the end everyone gains, because everyone matures into full responsibility for themselves, into beings having taken on the full task of making something of life. Go and let go with encouragement, with high expectations for self and others. With impeccability and good intentions, take on the task of maturing, knowing that it is the fullest expression of love, for self and other, and that it is the true and noble work of a lifetime.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Predator Teacher

We live in a predatory universe… beware!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Is it diabolical that a mosquito, tick, bacteria, or virus  feeds upon the matter and substance of our physical bodies? A nuisance, and in some cases a lethal nuisance indeed, yet, we begrudgingly accept this negative symbiotic reality as a feature of our physical world.

The Shamans of Ancient Mexico concur that our universe is a predatory universe. They describe this dynamic as operational at an even more subtle energetic level as well, that of an inorganic yet living entity that feeds upon the human energy produced by human emotion. Although negative in its draining of human energy, it also serves as a teacher that helps humans evolutionarily advance, if they can learn how to master its parasitic onslaught.

This opportunity, and the need for mastery over it, is ever so obvious in the conditions of our current world predicament. Outwardly, we are bombarded daily with the most outrageous of words and behaviors, incessantly taxing our emotional reserves, resulting in extreme volatility and emotional exhaustion.

These onslaughts fill the airwaves and social media, captivating modern life. Closer to home, beyond the politics of now, are our own personal longings for attention and validation, our own deepest needs compulsively seeking to bind us to screens.

Inwardly, we too are prey to the promptings of self-importance and self-pity, seeking outlet in an upward spiral of ecstatic inflation, or in a downward vortex, sending us into a bottomless pit of tortured longing and sadness. These volatile tendencies within ourselves often manifest in cycles of addictive attachments.

Shamans maintain that these various pathways of emotional activation are generated by an inorganic entity, which they have dubbed the flyer, through the judgments of offense that our internal dialogue incessantly broadcasts. Those judgements are directed toward self and other. They, in turn, generate a wave of emotional energy, the food for the flyer.

To free the self of this depleting symbiotic trap, shamans recommend a furtive effort of detachment, which they call the warrior’s way. The goal of the warrior’s way is to gain freedom from the bindings of attachment, first and foremost to being offended. If one can remain sober and detached in the face of offensive words and behaviors, none of one’s energy is lost in the encounter.

To accomplish this, one must lose one’s attachment to self-importance. Self-importance is generally garnered through validation by others, a highly dependent and vulnerable position, which leads to endless emotional strife. Rather than turn over one’s power to another’s validation, the guidance is to face the truth of one’s self within. Acceptance of, and the ability to laugh at, one’s self, goes a long way in cancelling out the impact of the judgments of others.

Self-esteem becomes acceptance of the whole truth of one’s actual self, good and bad. Inappropriate behavior by others is properly placed as their problem to face and resolve, and not as offense to one’s own self. This does not mean that we don’t strategically decide how to manage inappropriate behavior, however, we do so with truthful sobriety rather than with offense.

Freed of the emotional activation generated by judgments within and without, we advance in maturity. We accrue the energy that grants us the power to act decisively, with precision. No energy is wasted in feeding the predator. The predator is defeated when we deny it the energy of our emotional disgust and defeat.

In this time of flagrant predatory human behavior, we are all offered the opportunity to advance beyond the narcissistic emotional web of the predator, who constantly stirs up and then feeds upon our emotional turmoil. We don’t have to keep playing that game.

I prefer to punctuate the positive opportunity of this seemingly depressed and depressing time. I envision the predator as our ultimate teacher.

The predator, as teacher, shines the spotlight upon our attachment to self-importance, showing us the emotional trap where the greatest work needs to be done, and where the largest storehouse of our energy lies, waiting to be retrieved. Once we close this emotional trap drain, we open ourselves to a whole new world of freedom. Freedom to be.



Soulbyte for Tuesday October 15, 2019

Take care of your body, take care of your energy, take care of your mind. Bring them rest, give them nourishment, allow them exercise. Grant them peace and they will gift you with stability, longevity, and calmness. Use your heart as your anchor, your mind as your will, and your energy as your intent. You are a multifaceted being—body, will and energy—and when you are in good shape every action you take is in good shape too. Your thinking becomes clearer, your direction more certain, and your desires more strongly known. Take care of yourself and you will also be well taken care of by the world around you. Your own spirit will see to that! And you will be in good shape to notice and take advantage of all that life offers.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR