Soulbyte for Friday August 17, 2018

Stay heart centered, connected to the greater good that stirs within you in times of quiet containment, in times of inner silence, in times of solitude. Carry this greater good, what you might call your heart-centered knowing, within you always, for it is the fuel of your spirit and your connection to the greater universe, to expanded awareness. Cultivate it, learn about it, bring it forth and use it for greater good in everyday life. If you keep it a secret it will stay a secret, but if you begin to use it in small ways soon a river of greater good will naturally flow out of you and you will be at one with the greater good of the entire universe. Let it flow, for the greater good of all. That would be very good indeed!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday August 16, 2018

Hold yourself accountable for decisions, for choices, for your life as an adult. Though your child self may still wallow in confusion, abandonment, loss, disappointment, and resentment, it is up to you to guide it to completion and fulfillment, to teach it how the world works and why, and to be its parent and teacher so that even you, the mature adult, may feel the fulfillment of all that you know, all that you seek, and all that you truly desire. With these two parts of yourself fully explored and united, find what you seek. It’s not about what someone else owes you, but fully owning and appreciating the value of your own life as the magical journey that it truly is, from beginning to end, and beyond!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Magic of the Internal Dialogue

At the dawning of each new day allow a new internal dialogue to light the way…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The internal dialogue is the Energizer Bunny that never quits. Where would we be in these unraveling times without the incessant voice within that constantly reminds us of who we are, as it judges and organizes how we see and feel about everything, especially ourselves. For better or for worse, this voice provides us with a consistent sense of self, and other, that gives us a secure basis upon which to hold together as we approach every new day in this life.

The Shamans of Ancient Mexico acknowledged the magic of the internal dialogue. They saw it as the core technology that generated a consensual reality, which in fact our world really is. On a collective level we all share in an agreed upon interpretation of energy that molds that energy into the physical world we live in. Without such agreement, as dictated by the internal dialogue, our world would lose its cohesion and disintegrate into energy without definition.

The Shamans of Ancient Mexico also pointed out that the single most limiting factor in our accessing the full breadth of our inherent potential is the internal dialogue. It fixates us in a narrowly defined closed system that restricts exploration of our fuller potential. This was why Carlos Castaneda repeated endlessly, and taught, the technology for expanded awareness: Suspend Judgment.

The internal dialogue then, like everything else in our world, has dualistic properties. On the one hand, it shapes and protects our world. On the other hand, it locks us in, keeping us from the freedom to explore our fullest potential.

The fiery energy that sweeps the globe presently is the byproduct of the splitting apart of agreement upon the basic tenets of our consensual reality. For centuries humanity stalked the heart center as its moral guide. The technology that supported this was reflected in Christianity’s technology of sacrifice. The animal in humanity was restrained for the sake of its rising spirit. As today’s newspapers once again report—this time in parishes in PA—the shadow of this technology, sexual abuse, has been acted out widely, with impunity, upon the young and innocent.

Politically, we find ourselves in Gotham City, surrounded by archetypal characters of all persuasions freed to express themselves and enact policies that fly in the face of a heart-centered consciousness. The primal energies of sex and power are freed, with impunity, in a governing elite that has lost its moral compass. The external dialogue of leaders is governing the internal dialogue of many whom are reveling in the possibility of generating a new world more to their liking.

In actuality, evolution has required that we take stock of the illusion we have been living; it’s wearing too thin to house all that we are. We are sexual beings. We are power driven beings. We are spiritual beings. We are energetic beings. The splitting apart we are now undergoing reflects all these released energies acting out in disconnected ways. This disintegration was inevitable. No blame. Every time we lock into a definition, we live in illusion. They may be necessary illusions for a time, but ones that must give way if we are to evolve.

On an individual level, it’s time to examine the myth we have personally lived by. A common example: “I am unworthy of love.” For many people this is the deepest tenet of the internal dialogue. It  molds the perceptions of self and other to fit its definition. It delivers a consistent sense of self and protects the self from the potential dangers inherent in stepping out of that reality, thus generating a self-fulfilling reality.

Accessing Carlos Castaneda’s tool, to suspend judgment, we suspend the internal dialogue’s judgment of unworthiness. We study it and appreciate its protective functions to deliver us a consistently reliable sense of self, protecting us from rejection and being hurt.

We acknowledge the true self, held in restraint for so long as it upheld that limiting illusion. We allow ourselves to gently stray beyond the boundaries of that familiar unworthy self. We feel love for the being we are, for the life we are in. We allow ourselves to validate our right to be in this world. We allow ourselves to take in nature, in its myriad of forms, speaking to us, validating our existence.

We allow ourselves to become sexual, powerful, spiritual, and energetic beings, whose new internal dialogue brings all these parts together in a balanced way. This is the internal dialogue of our future consensual reality, one that allows a fuller expression of all that we really are, in a truly balanced way.

Take up the challenge on an individual basis, the tallest of orders indeed. Let this time of disintegration serve your personal individuation by daring yourself to step beyond the limiting beliefs of your familiar internal dialogue. Bring in a truer dialogue. Be empowered; love yourself. See what happens as your new internal dialogue remolds your old consensual reality into a far more fulfilling life.

I am worthy,


Soulbyte for Wednesday August 15, 2018

Create a container into which you can escape for moments alone, for moments of meditation to calm the mind, for moments of writing to express what is inside you, for moments of solitude in which to simply be your true self. In calm containment with the true self let everything be known and accepted for what it is. Keep this true knowing acceptance of yourself in your awareness as you emerge from containment, keeping it safe within, a light to guide you forward on your journey. With steady purpose, be your true self as much as possible, contained and uncontained, within and without. Let your journey unfold with your full presence and participation from now on, letting yourself in on the secret that everything is right, just as it is. In containment find your truth and then live it to the fullest, without fear. That’s a life worth living. Do it with joy and tenacity, with love and compassion, and with all you’ve got!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday August 14, 2018

Minimize distractions and energy drains in your life. Simplify so that your energy is not drawn from you nor compromised by too much. Let yourself release that which is no longer helpful or really necessary so you free up energy for that which is. Think of yourself as a battery that needs constant recharging so that you function properly. Only the finest energy input will do! Soothe your mind to stay calm day and night. Soothe your body and your soul with appropriate calming methods, food, and peaceful input. In this manner begin to notice just how much energy gets drained unnecessarily and how much renewed you are by appropriate attention to the whole self: body, mind, and spirit. In calm alignment, with energy protected and tended to, renew your vows to carry on in a new manner. That’s intent!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR