Soulbyte for Friday June 23, 2017

In trying times look to Mother Earth for guidance. Notice how her trees react to what comes, how they bend in strong winds and stand still in calm air, how her flowers show their brightness in the sunlight and how they close in the dark of night, how her creatures instinctively know what to do no matter what comes in a day’s unfolding or a night’s drama. There is no better guide than she whom you walk upon, who’s air you breathe, who’s water sustains you. She is your mother too, for she supports you and keeps you safe no matter what happens. Even in her wildest moments she remains intent that this day is important and worth giving her all to, and that includes you, for she is dedicated to all of her creatures, including her human beings. Though you may forget her, she remains your eternal mother and teacher. There is always something new to learn from Mother Earth, for she teaches always. Look to her on this day and all days and learn her secrets, knowing that she wishes only good for you.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday June 22, 2017

Let wisdom be your guide. Let silence be your anchor. Let calmness balance you. Let these three things settle in your body. Let them rise from your heart and let them settle back into your heart. Let them be stilling. For when things feel impossible, when darkness threatens, when love feels distant and forgotten, hold within you the wisdom, silence, and calmness that have stilled the turmoils of the ages and find your own stillness there. And then wait in your stillness for the things that bring turmoil to pass, for all things pass.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Psychic Hygiene

The body works feverishly to protect us from outside invaders such as bacteria and viruses. The psyche, the mental self, is similarly challenged to protect us from disturbing thoughts, feelings, and anxieties that originate within the mind, as well as those that stream into us from the outside world.

Experience the calmness of nature within and without…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We humans are extremely suggestible beings, quick to be influenced or rattled by inner thoughts and outer events. Behind it all we are well protected by our ancient natural defenses that unconsciously take over to defend and preserve our sanity in the face of real danger. Evidence of this ancient archetypal defense system is staggering, as the powerful psychic mechanisms that take control during trauma reveal.

In countless examples, trauma victims have been served by ancient inner programs that encapsulate their trauma, keeping it unknown to the fledgling ego that strives, while under attack, to maintain its tentative hold on reality and its cohesive identity while being overwhelmed by shattering assault. The decision to “forget” in trauma is not a conscious one; it is a function of a far more instinctive self that knows what is needed for survival. Sometimes we need to forget for a while, sometimes for a long while.

Human beings are additionally equipped with ego consciousness, which can supplement nature’s deeper defenses and greatly improve psychic hygiene. As we live now in a world in the very early stages of major transformation, with instability in governance and terror daily breaking through its unstable seams, we must take conscious responsibility to stabilize our own psychic balance, that is, we must do our conscious best to supplement the defenses of our ancient self.

With respect to potential psychic infection from the outside world, the ego really does have vast control over the influx of outside energy. In a nutshell, where we put our attention largely decides what comes into us.

In our time, social media is a huge raging river of collective energy that greatly excites and equally exhausts our psychic energy but also can vastly impact moods—highs and lows—as well as our ability to process objectively all that barrages us. The decision to limit exposure to social media promotes psychic balance; it offers as well the opportunity to step back and begin to think for oneself. Collective energy can usurp one’s identity. We can be swept into a tribal identity, losing the boundaries of our “individual” self, losing also the ability to think for ourselves.

The partisan divide currently infecting the whole world can, as well, seduce us into one polarized corner or another. We are in an either/or state right now that does not see resolution in a reconciliation with the opposites but calls for unity through divisiveness. Divisiveness in the psyche sets the stage for psychic disunity, as the disenfranchised parts of the psyche will rebel, usually through disturbing symptoms of anxiety, dread, panic, fear or rage.

Suspending judgment toward all groups in the world, regardless of their political persuasion, with an eye toward understanding the why of differences, can create greater empathy and inclusiveness for all points of view and all peoples. This in turn promotes inner calmness within the self and reflects greater inner acceptance of even the most recalcitrant aspects of the self!

Inwardly, the attitude of ego consciousness toward the vaster unconscious self is a critical determinant of psychic health. For instance, if the ego rules daily life through a narcissistic self-centered lens, it is likely to alienate itself from the rest of  the self, with the result again being far-reaching symptoms, even perhaps the manifestation of bodily disease in an attempt to physically communicate the reactions of the deeper self toward the ego’s non-inclusive leadership in the affairs of daily life.

If the ego can see its role as ascertaining and caring for the true needs of the overall self versus its narrow special interests, then the unconscious will be grateful and better poised to support its ego partner. This can be established through remembering, recording and contemplating the dreams dreamed each night. Dreams remain the royal road to the unconscious, they are a latent golden portal to the deeper self, awaiting just a little attention.

As well, a willingness to calm frantic energy through meditation and a practice such as pranayama breathing can allow for a still heart that communicates objective truths, perhaps even suggesting actions for the ego to follow. This inner relationship with different parts of the self can lead to an inner harmony, greatly promoting psychic hygiene.

An overall willingness to introvert daily—that is, to pull attention away from outside energy, to be calm in nature for instance, or simply content within the confines of the self—is perhaps the most important ego practice to counter the overpowering extroverted draw of our time and restore psychic balance.

There are still rocky seas before us, but good psychic hygiene can provide the necessary ark of awareness to safely maintain our balance through the troubled waters of our times.

Sailing versus assailing,


Soulbyte for Wednesday June 21, 2017

There is no greater journey than the journey within. There is no greater challenge than facing your own fears. Nothing else will bring you to truly experiencing freedom either, for there is no other journey than the inward journey to bring you to fully knowing and trusting your Self, your own true soulmate. Though you may seek outwardly for “the one,” the true one you seek to know, love, and experience life with is the true Self within. Only in discovering and merging with this true Self will your outer life be truly fulfilling. It’s never too late to meet this soulmate within, always waiting, even after years of distance and neglect, to answer your call!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday June 20, 2017

It’s not easy to let people stumble, fail, or go into the dark side of life. It’s not easy to stand by and watch, but if you get too attached to helping eventually you end up codependent, exhausted and sick. Efforts to rescue rarely work, but the energetic power of love often works miracles. Use its power as your weapon and your healing balm, but do it so stealthily and quietly, with no personal agenda, that no one knows what you are doing. Without need for reciprocity, bearing the tension, stand by and watch it do its magic. Love is energy. Use it selflessly, asking nothing in return, and eventually, in some form, it will do its magic. Send it freely. Just let it flow!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR