Riverwalker Press & The Soul’s Journey

Jeanne's energy as Jan sees it... - Art by Jan Ketchel
Jeanne’s energy as Jan sees it…
– Art by Jan Ketchel

Dear Fellow Journeyers,

Welcome to Riverwalker Press, a website that serves as a platform for our channeled messages, our blogs, and our professional lives, where we freely give what freely flows through us. Here is a little insight into how it all came about.

Before she died of breast cancer in 2001, Jeanne Ketchel and her husband Chuck Ketchel determined that if there was a way for her to connect with him after death she would make every effort to do so, and he promised he would look for her. They had spent 30 years of life together in a deeply committed and loving relationship, working as psychotherapists, both individually and conjointly, and raising a family while actively pursuing out-of-body exploration in dreaming, yoga, meditation, as well as in their study of Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity.

After she died, Jeanne appeared to Jan Ketchel and began guiding and training her to become her channel. Eventually, Jan shared her experiences of Jeanne with Chuck, especially as messages that were personally relevant to him began coming through. When it became apparent that Jan knew things she could not possibly know about Chuck and Jeanne, Chuck realized that Jeanne had found the means to communicate as they had always hoped for. Jan, Chuck, and Jeanne reached an agreement to pursue this connection as a team. Thus began a unique energetic collaboration.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSW-R

It also became clear that a shamanic soul retrieval process called recapitulation, that Chuck guided Jan through, allows for full recovery and total healing from complex PTSD. In fact, it became clear that all of us are on soul retrieval journeys, that life itself constantly asks us to retrieve our fragmented parts and bring them together in wholeness, all parts fully known, accepted, and integrated. These parts lie scattered about us in our present day projections, in our personal history, and even in our past lives. Jan has written extensively about her own soul retrieval process in The Recapitulation Diaries.

In 2006, Riverwalker Press was born as interest in the channeled messages grew.  In the Messages from Jeanne category nearly a thousand messages of guidance are archived. In 2014, Jan began speaking the messages, so audio files are also available to listen to. In addition, short channeled messages that we call Soulbytes are posted daily on our website, offering guidance from the soul realm for the day ahead. Our intention is, and has always been, to share what we learn about love as a guiding force and a necessity for our time.

We have sometimes referred to Jeanne as Saleph, the name she told us she is now known by. It is a name that encompasses all of her lives and means “river of consciousness.” She said that we all have an eternal name, encompassing all of our lives too, and that we will hear our own eternal name when we are ready. She also gave us the name Riverwalker, stating that we are all Riverwalkers, walking the river of life.

“Be Riverwalkers,” she told us. “Be steady and calm, even as the river beside you flows turbulently. Do not get caught in its currents, but observe how it continues on, ever flowing, even as it gets caught in its own blockages, even as it struggles with its own deep currents and hidden darkness. Continue walking beside it, detached yet observant, and learn the ways of the river as it flows.”

Please feel free to share our offerings with others, and check in as often as you like to read our daily Soulbytes, our blogs, and to read and hear our channeled messages. Our books offer a more personal look at our individual stories and how we all got where we are today. For information about our books see Our Books page.

Thank you for visiting our website and for sharing in this magical process. Take from it what you will. It is meant to be shared, and we do just that, giving it away as freely as it comes through us.

Jan Ketchel, BFA, CH
-Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Please feel free to quote us. A most generous and proper offering in return would be to acknowledge us and this website. Thank you in advance!

Good luck as you take your own journey through this life that we all share, and as you prepare for what comes next. We happily pass along what we learn as we continue on our own journeys and as we continue to learn just how powerful love truly is.

With love and gratitude,
Chuck and Jan Ketchel

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR