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Chuck’s Place: Today Is The Manifestation Of Last Night’s Dream

We all take nighttime journeys in infinity…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

We are conceived as human beings by our greater Soul, which already resides in infinity. The intent of our life is thus our Soul’s intent, which is that life be physically lived on the stage of our three-dimensional space/time world.

Our Soul asks us to play out its dream question, with free will, in the drama of our human life. When we leave human life, we bring our experiences and discoveries home to our greater Soul’s enrichment, enhancing our personal evolution as well.

We enter human life with a blank-slate amnesia as to our royal ancestry as infinite beings. Our Soul heritage is masked by an ego that must discover and live the drama it has been cast in. This is the part of us that seeks the meaning and purpose of our earthly life.

Beneath our groundedness as physically aging beings, we are still soulful beings who return to our true homeland in infinity, out of physical body, as we sleep and dream each night. The memory of our nightly dreams is the download of our greater life in infinity.

Generally, however, we reenter our physical bodies upon awakening with the same kind of amnesia we experienced when we were first born into this life. Much of what we remember in the morning is distorted by the filter of the ego, who clothes its experiences in infinity with the mindset and images of material reality.

Nonetheless, our waking life experience for the coming day is enriched by our previous night’s dream, where we explored our daily experiences and made new discoveries with our greater Soul in infinity. I am always excitedly aware that the theme of my downloaded dream has already set the stage for the waking adventure to be physically played out in the new day I was just born into.

Attention to, and analysis of the dream, gives me a heads up as to my oncoming waking drama. My subsequent contribution to infinity will be in the outcomes of my decisions and actions as the plot unfolds. Infinity does not know in advance what choices I will make, and thus awaits my findings in our nightly exchanges.

Thus, our waking ego state, beneath its materialist fixation, is actually well acquainted with non-physical living, through its nightly out-of-body journeys in the sleep and dream times of our physical lives. So much so that when we make our final out-of-body departure, at physical death, in our untethered, freed energy-body state, we will actually land in a very familiar landscape.

As we physically age, the veil between dimensions thins, as locales and acquaintances we’ve made in infinite life begin to cross waking boundaries. Oftentimes, what is experienced during Alzheimer’s disease reflects the soulful integration of ego with its greater Soul life in infinity. This indeed generates much confusion for self, and for all in waking life, but it is nonetheless a natural phase of a major transition.

Bob Monroe’s* discoveries of our multidimensional soul states led to his use of sound science to enable explorers to discover that they already lived in states beyond the physical body. Not only does such exploration reduce the fear of physical death but also opens channels to greater conscious integration of ego with Soul states while still living in a physical body.

This was the message that the shaman don Juan Matus imparted to his apprentice, Carlos Castaneda: Evolution for human beings is no longer physical, it’s energetic. The energy body soul state, that runs our physical body in waking life, is evolving in its conscious participation in life beyond the physical body, in what is called the astral dimension.

Bob Monroe visited the future of our planet in a permutation of potential evolutionary trends, where human beings lived primarily on Earth in their energy body state, with the creative power of their intentions shaping the world, devoid of reliance upon physical manipulation of the environment to survive.

We are currently living through a developmental leap of merging potentialities from subtle energetic life with physical life. Our current struggles on Earth are intermingled with both the light and dark forces of the astral realm, as we dream the human dream forward into a whole new dimension. The confusions of Earth life now resemble the course of Alzheimer’s disease on a mass scale, as we struggle to integrate it all.

Our greater Soul has assigned us the task to discover the path to sustainable balance, as we collectively advance the Earth dream. The knowledge accrued through the myriad of experiments we all perform in the daily dramas of our lives is ultimately manifesting that path of heart.

Dreaming it forward, with heart,

*Robert Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia

Chuck’s Place: Accepting The Truth

The truth will set you free…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

The greatest challenge of all, in this life of physical form and beyond, is accepting the truth. For one thing, truth is relative.

In childhood we believe we are responsible for everything. Mature adulthood allows us to accept the separate existence of others, including their contributions toward our difficulties.

Wisdom, the next level of truth, takes us full circle. Reflecting objectively upon life, from the  pinnacle of spiritual acuity, we see ourselves in everyone. From this perspective our oneness is restored.

Our evolutionary journey requires that we traverse successfully these developmental stages of truth.

The Buddhists suggest that we reincarnate into bardos, into dreams of our own construction, until we are at peace with the full truth of the lives we have lived, which then enables us to be open to life beyond them. This is the true achievement of detachment—the freedom to move into new life, fully resolved from dilemmas of previous lives lived.

Frequently, loyalty to unresolved issues results in counter-suggestions to the subconscious mind around changes we intend to make in our lives. For example, if one fundamentally maintains the belief that they are unworthy, a suggestion for prosperity may be cancelled by this blocking belief of unworthiness.

In this case, the subconscious may generate incidents to reinforce one’s loyalty to the felt undeservedness. Detaching from this belief will require recapitulation of formative experiences that reinforced this belief. This may expose distortions that were formerly needed to protect a significant other, or a part of the self.

This recapitulation may also lift the veil of narcissism shrouding the belief that dates to the primary narcissism period of childhood. From this view, one is able to assign responsibility for events where they should be truthfully assigned, unseating younger interpretations of reality. From this perspective one is able to accept the fuller truth of self and other.

Ultimately, one might reach a perspective that once again assigns one full responsibility for the life one is in. This might include realizing one’s decision to enter life in the time period, and family constellation, one was born into, as one’s contribution toward one’s greater soul’s journey of infinite growth and awareness.

This does not absolve a perpetrator from responsibility for their behavior. However, it might explain the choice of a victim-experience as part of one’s spiritual growth.

Accepting the truth also requires that we face the ulterior motives within the self. From a holographic perspective we are comprised of the same everything as everyone else. If we attempt to solve the polarities that live within the self via projection onto others, we lose the thread of our fuller inner truth.

Fuller acceptance of our shadow self, with all of its desires, manipulations, cruelty and greed, allows us to be in full truth with ourselves. Acceptance requires that we live our wholeness as responsibly as possible.

Every day we are offered countless opportunities to be in truth with ourselves. We just need think about the world and our relationship with others; what truths are we being asked to face each day, in each moment, as we live out our lives.

From a place of higher truth, we are quite likely to manifest the kinds of experiences that will bring us fulfillment, as we eliminate negative counter-suggestions from an unknown shadow self. And then we can fully own our whole, integrated and wise self.

Be in truth. The truth will set you free.


Chuck’s Place: Intensity Is The Key To Manifestation

When all else fails, hone your superpower & stay grounded too…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

In a dream, I arrive at a conference site early in the day. I’m allowed to check into my room, one of many cottage-like structures scattered about the grounds. I go into my room to discover a man taking a shower. The room had not been vacated.

This room disruption became the theme of the dream, as my room number changed constantly, even while I was asleep in it. All orienting signs became meaningless.

When the rules that govern our familiar reality are interrupted we arrive at the gate of new manifestation. The first challenge in this dream is to not be offended by its unfairness. No point in an irate call to the desk clerk. Such an intense act would simply manifest and reinforce a typical drama around self-importance and entitlement.

If we cling to the rules that govern our consensus reality we miss the fine print of that contract, which states, “All rules were made to be broken.” Don Juan Matus stressed that he refused to uphold rules that he had not personally agreed upon. Despite appearances, reality is relative. Consciously, or unconsciously, we are the creators of our own reality.

The more appropriate reaction, in this dream, is to say to self, “Chuck, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” This is the attitude that invites the intensity of awe, which in turn potentiates the magic, the freedom to manifest one’s own creative intent.

The subconscious mind is the power plant of manifestation, but realize, it is quite neutral as to the outcome of its physical creation. It responds to intensity rather than morality. If one chooses the intensity of anger, it will attract a reality befitting that emotion. If the mood is more hopeless, it will cast defeat upon all that one sees. If fear is the main attraction, it will riddle the mind with horror stories and the body with anxiety.

If one is passionate about a belief, positive or negative, it is sure to activate the attractive power of the subconscious. The key is in the faith and passion one holds; the intensity of one’s belief. There is little intensity in idly wishing and hoping that someday something will happen.

Our consensus reality has largely maintained itself by a default agreement passively accepted through the influence of strong socialization. We have disowned and projected our innate magical beingness onto fairy tales, while we have hardened into solid reality.

The world events of our time, like the ruptures in my dream, are shattering this fixation, shredding the very fabric of our weathered consensus reality. The emotional intensities of left and right are generating fantastical realities that then clash into even greater  calamities.

As I said above, the subconscious responds to intensity of emotion and thought. It is the responsibility of human consciousness to exercise responsible choice. Current events are powerfully waking us up to assume responsibility for our own creative power and to use it wisely.

May we exercise our power like Jupiter in Libra. May the intensity of our awe expand, like Jupiter, into Libra, whose outstanding characteristic is one of balance. To expand without balance is delusion, yet even delusion, when embraced with intensity, can manifest.

An agreement that is inclusive of the true needs of all is the creative exercise of power we need. May it, with intensity, prevail.

With Intensity,

Chuck’s Place: Restoring Sovereignty To The Inner Creator

Say but the word…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Hypnotism as a healing art was in its heyday in the mid to late 19th century. The turn of the 20th century heralded the birth of the modern advertising industry, when industrial psychologists galvanized the power of suggestion to influence public thinking and spending.

Today, in the early 21st century, we are witnessing the extreme  exercise of the power of suggestion in political attempts to whitewash blatant lies and install an alternative sovereign reality. The absurdity of this global drama draws attention to the profound creative power of suggestion to materialize a new reality. Say something enough times and people will believe it.

The interplay between the use of word and material creation is fundamental to human life. “In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh,” begins John’s Gospel. Human beings are creators who use words to suggest physical activity to the subconscious mind, countless times, every day.

Many of the suggestions we live by are embedded in the cells and organs of the body. The subconscious automatically goes with these default suggestions due to their proven evolutionary effectiveness. However, one can override an instinctive suggestion. For instance, the suggestion to simply hold the breath interrupts such a default habit of automatic breathing.

The process of human aging reveals the impact of inherent suggestions upon changes in the human body. These changes are so universal that they are generally accepted as irrevocable. Nonetheless, as I explored in a recent blog, the placebo effect demonstrates clearly the power of  conscious suggestion to potentially override disease.

Christian Science discovered the practical use of autosuggestion in its approach to healing, but it exhausted itself with its denial of physical reality as it attempted to influence the subconscious. One needn’t deny physical reality to successfully manifest changes in it. The greater challenge is to suspend the limiting judgment of the rational mind that disables one’s conscious practice of autosuggestion.

If you don’t believe that something is possible, you are not likely to practice it, or you will too quickly give up trying when you don’t see the results you seek. Blocking beliefs can be quite debilitating, as they present the subconscious with contradictory suggestions that undermine one’s conscious intent.

Rather than engage in interactions with blocking beliefs, let them be. Simply take attention off them and continue to state your desired intent. Say to yourself that anything is possible, at least until proven otherwise, and continue with your practice of stating your conscious autosuggestion.

Do not attach to the outcome of your subconscious’s manifestation of your suggestion. Determine that your subconscious has its own mysterious method of realization. Trust it; let go of any controlling thoughts.

Assume full responsibility for your suggestions. I stopped doing clinical hypnosis years ago in favor of suggesting self-hypnosis to my clients, where one assumes full responsibility for suggesting to themselves the changes they seek. One really only grows through one’s own efforts. Autosuggestion restores one’s sovereignty to one’s inner creator.

As a spiritual mentor, I do not hold myself accountable for the decisions of those whom I mentor. I do, however, hold myself responsible for tackling their challenges as they live within myself. As without so within.

Telepathically, my influence is one of compassion and unconditional positive regard for the sovereignty of all fellow travelers.

I do suggest that one be very sparing of sharing with others one’s auto-suggestive intentions. Sharing can activate doubting and blocking beliefs in others, which can then be conveyed telepathically back as suggestions to one’s own subconscious mind.

If what we intend to manifest requires that we address issues that must be tackled first, we will be led to that realization. If what we intend to manifest throws us off balance, we will be guided, through experience, to that realization.

If what we seek to manifest does not materialize, we will be led to the understanding that our soul requires the course we are on for our greater evolution. Here, the ego is freed to acquiesce to one’s greater good.

The profound power of suggestion currently dominating our world reflects to us the importance of assuming full responsible sovereignty for the inner creators that we all are.

Inwardly, we are offered the opportunity to realize our full potential. Outwardly, we are in a position to materialize a consensus reality dedicated to the greater good of all.

To the greater good,

Chuck’s Place: Getting To The Deepest Root

Time to get to the deepest roots?
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

At some level of our multidimensional being we decided to enter the life we are in to fully explore and master a specific issue. Carl Jung would ask people to discover the myth they were living, alluding to this deeper dimension of being that ushered us into the drama of our life.

Typically, we are so absorbed by the drama we are living that it can take the lion’s share of a lifetime to arrive at a detached enough perspective to begin to unravel the mysteries of our lives and to discover our true mission in coming here.

Often, we are so caught by the compensatory defenses that protect us from the vulnerability of our core issue that we mistake the troublesome defense for the root issue itself.

The psychic channel for Seth, Jane Roberts, was a prolific author who demanded of herself that she spend several hours every day at her writing table. Her eating habits were highly restrictive, definitely qualifying for an eating disorder diagnosis. The longterm impact of these compulsive habits eventuated in near total paralysis.

Those who knew and loved her prayed that she might free herself from these fatal defenses, that she might enjoy the physical freedom of a fulfilled life.

When Jane’s mother died in a nursing home in 1972, of advanced rheumatoid arthritis, Jane was 43 and hadn’t seen her mother in 15 years, largely due to the unresolved trauma she had suffered at her mother’s hands as a child and young adult, and which haunted her throughout her life. At this point, Jane was already well into having symptoms of the same debilitating disease.

Jane was riveted by her mother’s death and writes in her journal of her fear that her mother would continue to actively haunt her, not only emotionally but also somehow embody Jane with her paralysis while she finally went free.

Ironically, Jane, fully in possession of herself, clung to the rigid defenses that led to her own debilitating paralysis and her eventual death, at the age of 55, from the same disease. In effect, she was haunted by her mother for her entire life.

Clearly, for Jane, it appears that her core challenge was mastering her feelings for her mother, which she failed to complete during her lifetime, and which accompanied her on her journey into life beyond human form. And yet, as a pioneer in transpersonal psychology, her contributions are fundamental, as attested to by fellow pioneers, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Louise Hay.

From a multidimensional perspective, the primal trauma of her childhood dissociated her from human connection, while at the same time it launched her so deeply into subtle reality that she energetically was able to make contact with a highly evolved teaching being who mapped the deeper dimensions of the psyche and shared the tools for human evolution, which are still so crucial at this stage of our collective development.

In the role of a wounded healer, Jane channelled the material to enable spiritual seekers to discover and interact with their soul while they navigate the meaning of their lives. Though she could not fully use the insights to help herself heal, I suspect that Jane chose this extreme imbalance to be energetically available to deliver this invaluable gift.

Carlos Castaneda, another wounded healer, delivered to the modern world the shamanic tool of recapitulation to fully master the kinds of trauma at Jane’s core. With recapitulation, we fully reclaim our energetic selves to explore transpersonal reality with balance and confidence.

Trauma appears to be a precondition to human life, as clearly delineated by Stan Grof’s documentation of universal birth trauma. Nonetheless, the root of trauma can be fully neutralized and the thrust for spiritual exploration be one of innocence and wonder, instead of being one of compensatory defense.

Many a masterpiece is the product of an extreme compensatory defense. But continued spiritual evolution requires that we ultimately master the deepest root of why we are here. And from there, our possibilities are unlimited, in this life and beyond.