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Chuck’s Place: Fantastic Journey Of Soul

Journey of Soul…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Why, in so many Greek myths, are gods having intimate relationships with mortals? Even the Christian narrative has Mary, a mortal human, impregnated by an immortal Holy Spirit!

The human significance of these heavenly stories is their reflection of the  mortal and immortal duality of all human beings.

Human individuals are born as twins, each with a mortal body as host to its companion immortal soul. The great world myths and religions offer hints and milestones to traverse this multidimensional adventure of life.

This twinship phenomenon extends further into the soul level itself. Most humans are born with a blank slate, unaware of their immortal or royal history in infinity. This is a constant motif in world mythology: the unknowing prince or princess raised by adoptive humble countryfolk. Many a myth charts the journey of that innocent child to discover and assume its royal birthright.

This is the fate of the human ego as well, the part of the soul which believes itself to be mortal. Born in a blank slate of amnesia, it assumes the identity of its family and its internalized socialization from its milieu. This is Clark Kent before he discovers he is Superman.

Severed from the knowing of its immortal heritage and powers, the ego remains in a realistic state of inadequacy as it struggles to master the ways of the world, seeking to become an adult and assume responsibility for its life.

Ego identifies itself with its mortal body, a being subject to time and space that is young, becomes old, and dies. As the active decision-making  center, the ego is the masculine/animus center of the soul.

Meanwhile, the Google part of the soul, the subconscious mind, houses both the deeper knowledge of the soul’s journey through infinity as well as links to all knowledge. Furthermore, the subconscious runs all the workings of the physical body and has great ability to manifest anything.

However, as powerful as the subconscious is, it lacks the consciousness and free will of the ego. It relies on suggestions or inherent programs to take action. The subconscious is the receptive feminine/anima center of the soul.

The High Self is the part of the soul that retains the connection to its immortal being and is largely responsible for arranging the true mission behind the ego’s purpose in this life.

Incarnation into time/space is a chosen opportunity to master a karmic challenge that accrues to the overall soul’s greater evolution. The ego is assigned the task of this karma, and it submits to temporary amnesia as it enters human form to allow the mission to unfold: to master being an ordinary human, a being who is going to die.

The ego protects itself by splitting off and disowning its unacceptable parts, casting them into its shadow. The shadow houses undigested traumas, as well as powerful emotions and instinctual impulses. The shadow also retains an almost visceral sense of its royal roots, which fester as deep entitlement and grandiosity.

Sometimes the ego, in its deep sense of inferiority, can become possessed by its shadow’s entitlement, resulting in a narcissistic grandiosity, also known as ego inflation. As well, the ego may be subject to the shadow’s frustrated state of limitation, due to its alienation from its royal roots, resulting in hopelessness and deflation. Both inflation and deflation trace their roots to divine heritage through over- or under-identification with royalty.

The primary challenge for every ego is to discover and master its real reason for being in this life. Generally this can be ascertained by the central motif it most struggles with in the groundhog day cycles of its daily life.

The most powerful weapons for the ego, as it embarks upon the hero’s journey of mastery, are innocence and truth. By disidentifying with both inflation or deflation, the ego is able to face, master, and integrate its shadow.

The ego must embark upon this night sea journey into its shadow by recapitulating its life thus far lived, descending into the underworld of its shadowland to retrieve its lost soul parts. During the journey, the subconscious, which houses the ego’s shadow, opens its treasure trove of gifts and challenges as the ego ventures into the mythic inner witches’ abode in the forest of self, or the trickster’s labyrinth of dead ends, as it unravels the deeper truths of itself.

Tackling its deepest issues with humility, the ego can suggest positive affirmations to itself, which the subconscious may then go on to manifest. Support is also given from the High Self portion of the soul, which provides guidance through synchronicities that enable the ego to discover its own spiritual nature, which it can then freely choose to align with.

As the ego fulfills its true mission for this life, the High Self and the subconscious deepen the ego’s knowledge of its immortal roots and abilities, opening the door to deeper exploration of its coexistent life on subtler levels of being.

Ultimately, when the mortal twin’s body dies, the immortal energy body that has housed ego, subconscious, and High Self consolidates and continues its fantastic journey of soul into infinity.

In awe and gratitude for the journey,

Soulbyte for Monday May 1, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Be aware of negative thinking, how you automatically begin the usual pattern of negative self talk, how you can’t seem to shift away from old thoughts simply because they are so ingrained. Investigate them as they arise. Are they actually true? Sometimes they are just old ideas that no longer have meaning or value. Sometimes they point to some other underlying issue that perhaps once had power but no longer does. Combat negativity with positivity and discover that you have indeed changed. Allow things to shift in a new direction because it’s actually the right thing to do.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Role Of The Inner Child

Innocence restored…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

As Kahlil Gibran taught us, the child’s soul dwells in the house of tomorrow, which we cannot visit, not even in our dreams.

The child within us is our evolutionary spirit, which is childlike in its innocence, yet ventures beyond the known, fully adult self.

The notion of an inner child who never grows up, requiring the enduring parenting of the adult ego, is a recipe for stunted growth and entitlement. The ultimate goal of all parenting is to launch the child into their own house of tomorrow, as we obey the rite of passage to release their arrow.

The inner child’s role in the adult personality is to follow its bliss with curiosity and innocence. These are the treasures mirrored by young children at play, fully alive to the creative imagination, open to interaction with the subtle energies present in the world, unsullied by the constricting veils of the real world.

Of course, there is the work of resolving traumatic psychological complexes, unprocessed fragments of self that split off in childhood, that require the adult ego to discover and reintegrate into the wholeness of the adult personality.

Ultimately, this inner work restores true innocence to the adult self, the work that Jesus Christ suggested was essential to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

In psychological terms, one must fully recapitulate all of one’s life experiences to achieve full individuation, the wholeness and fulfillment of one’s life.

Fragments of experience that remain triggers, or unneutralized emotional experiences overshadow the open road of innocence and instead become one’s fate, or necessary next stop in this life.

Of course, all children require the support and boundaries of adults on their road to maturity. But the goal is always to prepare them for their independent launch, not to keep them forever children, however well adjusted. So is it with working with our inner child.

The inner child’s gift to adulthood is its insistence on taking the road less travelled, because Spirit is intent upon infinite exploration beyond the nursery.

Let’s not confuse the childlike behaviors, or excesses, we engage in with the inner child. The ego must assume responsibility for all its choices, whatever their etiology.

For the ego to mature into its own innocence, it must be willing to take the hero’s journey to retrieve its soul, all of its parts that were lost in its trials of Earthly life.

A journey of recapitulation transmutes one’s life energy into that of a magical being, fully alive, fully in awe, ever-loving, ever-venturing. That’s the true role of the inner child in the human personality: innocence restored.

On life’s journey,

Chuck’s Place: Being Of Two Minds

Objective and Subjective Minds…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

The science of hypnotism has provided us with utilitarian knowledge of the distinctions between, and synergistic possibilities of, our bicameral mind.

The objective mind is the rational mind of everyday life, essentially the ego. The salient feature of the ego is its ability to exercise free will. Despite all the advice of others, its own prior experiences, or strong instinctive warnings, the ego can change course in a heartbeat and simply do what it wants. Regardless of consequence, the objective mind is free to make its own decisions.

The subjective mind is the subconscious mind. In contrast to the objective mind, the subjective mind can only operate via suggestion. A famous example of its operations would be the medically intuitive readings of Edgar Cayce. Cayce would put himself into trance to gain access to his subjective mind and then a trusted associate would present him with the name of a person seeking treatment, asking what treatment would heal them.

Cayce would then channel an elaborate reading of medical treatments required to heal the patient. In his waking, objective mind state Cayce had no medical training or knowledge, yet his subjective mind could tap into the relevant vast knowledge stored in the etheric layer of the akashic records.

The subjective mind is the mind that links to the collective unconscious,  has access to all evolutionary history, including past lives, and can remote view in many dimensions. The subjective mind is the home of imagination and creativity. When we  doze off, we enter the subjective mind, where the objective mind-thoughts we’d just mulled over instantly generate into full-blown stories, replete with characters and images.

The subjective mind is the energy body proper that is propelled by thought in the form of suggestion. In a dream, we are fully in the subjective mind. If however, in the dream, the objective mind suddenly comes online and we become lucid and state the suggestion, “Fly, now!” Then off we go!

The objective mind and the subjective mind constantly work together. The things the objective mind says to itself are what the subjective mind generates in the body. If we tell ourselves that we are a failure, the subjective mind will generate that story and mood, even changing body chemistry to generate a depression!

As I have pointed out many times, the placebo effect of spontaneous cure from fatal disease is the result of the objective mind suggesting to the subjective mind that it has ingested the cure. The miracle worker subjective mind then refashions the physical body to be totally cured.

Of course, cure reversals can be just as rapid if the objective mind suddenly changes its belief or suggestion, such as: “Oh, it was just a placebo!” This tells the subjective mind to reverse course. Objective mind beliefs are powerful suggestions to the subjective mind.

For duration, the objective mind must either work hard, consciously, to overcome its blocking beliefs, or actually choose to incessantly state beliefs that it doesn’t fully believe yet, but knows will impact the subjective mind, regardless of belief.

A concentrated focus on overcoming blocking beliefs can lead us into recovering the fullness of ourselves, that which was previously lost in the shadow dimension of our being, as well as lead us to the High Spirit center of our Soul.

This contact with, and consolidation of, our total personality—our fuller individuation—can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the objective mind’s power of suggestion to the subconscious.

However, incessant repetition of suggestion, regardless of belief, will also impress itself upon the workings and creations of the subjective mind. Obviously, the fuller the individuation of self, the greater will be the duration of sought after changes, no matter which technique is used.

However, in spite of concerted effort, some changes may not hold, as influences from one’s deeper karmic intent in this life may require further experience with one’s current uncomfortable challenge.

Judge Hatch, who died in physical form, channeled the suggestion, from his soul body in the astral plane, to Elsa Barker in 1913 (Letters From the Afterlife), saying that humans, still in physical form, should strongly intend to fully optimize their objective minds after leaving physical life, to greatly enhance their experience in the afterlife.

He observed many souls in the afterlife and discovered that their preference for the subjective mind, the dreaming/creative mind, helped them to realize their unrealized, unlived dreams from their prior life in human form.

As wonderful as this dreamy, creative fulfillment is, he also observed how much further one could explore in their new plane of existence if they had full access to their volitionally suggestive, objective minds. So, he also suggested that we intend to remember our identity, the fullness of our life just lived, and maintain an active presence of our objective mind in our next chapter, in infinity.

This same guidance applies to all of us currently in human form. We are witnessing the impact of incessant suggestions from political leaders seriously manifesting in many citizens, as they take these suggestions as their marching orders.

To maintain and exercise our objective mind amidst these intense storms of suggestion, secures our freedom of will to choose our own suggestions to our subjective mind, now and going forward.

The best guidance is to practice conscious self-hypnosis, where our objective mind responsibly directs wise and positive growth-oriented suggestions to our subjective mind. This will deliver us to our greater individual fulfillment, as well as our entire world to its greater good.

Bicamerally yours,

Soulbyte for Monday April 3, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Your wholeness awaits. As you pull from within yourself that which holds you back from life and expose it to the light with the intention of learning about yourself and why you do the things you do, or don’t do, know that the process of self-exposure and self-examination has the potential to set you free. It is not selfish to want to know yourself more fully but the utmost unselfish thing you can do. For it will free your energy from its tangled web of fear, worry, envy, jealously, sadness and anger so that you may be free to fully engage in the heart-centered practices of loving kindness and compassion at last.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne