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Soulbyte for Friday July 3, 2020

Do not become infected by the psychology of others. Stand always in your own centeredness and learn to listen to your own heart, the connecting link to spirit, to your own Soul, and to all other High Souls. Readjust to your heart center whenever you are drawn into dispute, whether within yourself or out in the world, and wait patiently for your own heart’s steady vibration to calm you and lead you into inner peace, inner knowing, and inner stability. Only then is it right to take action, heart centered action, though even then no action may actually be the right action, for sometimes the only action needed is to sit calmly in that heart centered loving vibration and let it do the work it is made to do: to love unconditionally. Sometimes that is enough.

Sending you all love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday June 24, 2020

Forget not the power of positive thinking. It is especially helpful during times of stress when body and mind alike suffer the infirmities of the human condition, for that which you think manifests. In body and mind be attuned to the suggestions you give yourself on a daily basis. With intent turn the things you say to yourself into positive mantras full of caring suggestions, full of loving kindness, full of power, beauty, abundance, forgiveness, and compassion. You are what you think you are so be sure to think well of yourself. Sometimes that’s all you need to change your own world. Begin within, manifest without.

Sending you all love and support,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday June 22, 2010

All things change, but rather than passively wait for change to happen the time has come to embrace change, to move things along, to actively participate in a changing world that will work for one and all. Without action there is no choice, and choice matters. Enact change in your own life by choosing to walk a path with heart, by deciding that every action will be an action that has meaning, by determining that every moment is as sacred as the next, by grasping that there is no time like now to be the kind and loving being you long to be, the person you truly are. For there is no time like now.

Sending you all love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: 47

Elmer Green tells of his 1941 vision dream shortly after his marriage to Alyce. In the dream he opens a zipper bag and pulls out two gold sweaters, one for each of them, each with the purple colored number 47 sewn into them.

When he asks his Teacher the meaning of 47, he is told that 4 means squaring with 7, the number of Divine Law. To square with Divine Law is to become akarmic, where the personality “no longer generates effects in the world for its own personal reasons” ( From The Ozawkie Book of the Dead, by Elmer Green, p. 233.)

Jan reminds me that Jeanne died at 47. She indeed squared with her karma. Her guidance to this world is pure, reflecting the highest intent of SOUL.

The monk, Tsung Tsai, stares unblinkingly at the sorcerer, Mr. Lei, who in trance rings three bells for three non-stop hours. In the end, Mr. Lei stops, soaked in perspiration, and exits.

“Mr. Lei is finished” states Tsung Tsai. “He tries to chant me. Take my power… I am too strong for him. Simple monk have freedom. Freedom has power.” (From Bones of the Master, George Crane, p. 290.)

Simple monk has mastered detachment from the lower chakras, squaring with karma attached to the material world. Sorcerers are masters of control of the material world. They conjure, control, and delight in their ability to manipulate sentient life and the physical world.

The key to Tsung Tsai’s power is, like the Buddha, to stare unflinching at the delightful and fearful offings of Maya, refusing to gasp, grasp, or attach. In calm emptiness of desire, sorcery has no hook, one is freed to square with karma.

Have love and respect for the sorcerer. The sorcerer sacrifices its soul to challenge the warrior. Only through such challenges will warriors find their way on their path of heart.

The sorcerers in the temple challenged Christ to face his rage. Darth Vader challenged his son, Luke, to move beyond the dark side of the force through reaching the place of no pity: pure non-attachment. In non-attachment there is only allegiance to the truth and right action. In getting to non-attachment, the personal has been fully squared with.

We are living in a time of great sorcery, as spirits from all sides prepare for encounter. As the Gita counsels, all sides are necessary players in this cosmic war, this day, the day of the solstice, the longest day of the year.

The opportunity to square with Divine Law, to stare unflinchingly without gasping, grasping, or attaching is Tsung Tsai’s guidance. 47 is Jeanne’s guidance, who incidentally was born on June 21st.

May the force be with you,


Soulbyte for Monday May 25, 2020

Stay alert, aware, and on your guard at all times. A warrior knows the final outcome of life and yet lives as if there is no tomorrow, focused not on foolhardy endeavors but on what truly matters, taking to heart that every action matters, that every thought is capable of capturing attention, and that the only meaningful pursuit is a path of heart. A warrior takes life seriously and yet also knows how to play, how to laugh, and how to be free. But a warrior never forgets the goal in life is to evolve from a person who knows little to a person of knowledge, led by spirit and an internal compass that always points to the path of heart no matter what happens, within or without.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne