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Soulbyte for Friday September 6, 2019

Remember that each day is a new beginning, an opportunity to make a change, to be different, to finally do what you have longed to do. Each new day offers a fresh start. Today too is another new day and another new opportunity is at hand. What will you do with it? A warrior chooses always the path with heart, the way that is the only one that matters, where the heart leads. A warrior knows, as each new day comes, that a path with heart is the only real choice.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday August 22, 2019

Take each day as it comes. Accept the gifts that ride in on the energy of a new day, the new intentions, new decisions, new determinations, and without judgment of what came before begin anew. There is no shame in having lived one kind of life and then switching to another. It’s okay to change, to decide that you’ve had enough of one way and to start fresh with another way. There’s no time like the present to start anew. The past is over, the future is yet to come, but now, in the present, is the moment of action and decision. Is today the day to make that longed for change?

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: On the Road to Berlin?

There are alternative roads for now…
– Lawn sculpture by Chuck Ketchel, photo by Jan Ketchel

I was born to be a therapist, but my first college degree was in history. I chose history due to my conviction that if we don’t learn from history we repeat our mistakes. As with psychotherapy, a thorough recapitulation of our history frees us from repeating global mistakes.

 My bachelor’s thesis sought to understand the etiology of controversial lectures that Carl Jung delivered to the C. G. Jung Gesellshaft (the Psychological Club of Berlin) in July 1933. I will report more on the findings of this exploration in coming blogs, as it delivers keen insights into the world patterns of now.

Barbara Hannah, an ardent student of Jung’s, was determined to attend these lectures, but this would require her to drive from Switzerland through Germany, alone. When she queried Jung about the advisability of such an undertaking, given the current atmosphere in Germany, he quietly deliberated and then replied, “Yes, risk it! Mind you, I don’t know what will happen, but it will be an interesting experience.”

I am reminded here of the sparkle of delight in Carlos Castaneda’s voice when he would tell us to go have our own journeys and, “See what happens!” All must discover for themselves the truth. We must become our own gurus, not simply rely upon what we are told.

Barbara reports that she encountered almost no cars on the highways but instead crowds of listless hikers wandering along the roads. Barbara writes that when Jung “read in the newspapers that the Germans were restlessly on the move, wandering from place to place, he was reminded of the wanderer Wotan and realized that this was an ‘archaic symbol’ that was certainly going to produce an unacceptable situation in Germany, unless enough individual Germans became conscious of the danger in time.”

History proves that consciousness did not prevail, and a collective trance set in that saw a civilized nation devolve into mass murderers, who committed the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Germany was struggling with difficult economic times, much as the world today is faced with growing scarcity, as the impact of climate change dries up resources and precipitates mass migrations. In an effort to empower Germany’s downtrodden, Germany’s ruler  tapped into the themes of nationalism and white supremacy, blaming the alien, the not pure-white Aryan, in this case the Jews, for controlling and hoarding Germany’s national wealth that only legitimate citizens should be entitled to.

Despite the hypnotic prowess of a charismatic leader, citizens’ psyches cannot be hypnotized unless the rhetoric being preached by the leaders resonates on some level with their own personal beliefs. This is why Jung determined that consciousness, becoming conscious of the beliefs and forces within one’s own psyche and how they operate and hold sway, was the only hope to avert disaster.

When illegal immigrants are arrested and separated from their families, what is the citizen’s internal psychic reaction to this action? Many law-abiding citizens might express sympathy for the children, but blame the parents of those children for their unfortunate predicament. The underlying belief might hold that the illegal entry of those aliens into a country is robbing legitimate citizens of their entitled resources, which trumps the fate of those children.

Citizens might blame their leaders for such horrific practices, but do they inwardly go numb and passively agree, out of concern for their own personal survival? Only consciousness that is willing to honestly face the depths of those feelings and beliefs, within the self, can be freed to act beyond its narrow, self-centered fixation. 

Fear, in this time of scarcity, has resurrected the challenges and behavioral solutions that resulted in WWII. Jung’s sage advice remains fully applicable. If individuals face their own psyches, with deep consciousness, they are no longer vulnerable to outer polarizing suggestions that justify white supremacy and elimination of other.

Just one individual who truly faces the darkness of their shadow can change the world. And what’s in that darkness? As mirrored by world leaders of now, we all have our own narcissistic ME über alles, within us, that may rule from the shadows of our unconscious minds.

Consider the ME that insists on consuming the substance that places the overall self in crisis. Consider the blind conscience whose stock portfolio flourishes in the greatest market gains of all time, fueled by destruction of the planet’s resources and balance. Consider the ME whose hunger for attention takes actions that negate the true well-being of the whole self.

Can we bear the tension of the volatile energies of desire, like a Christ nailed to a cross, or a Buddha sitting unflinchingly amidst all the sensual delights and grossest fears of this world?

Such are the extremes we see exploding throughout the world now. Mass shootings simply reflect an individual’s inability to bear and resolve tension within, and they foreshadow the mass atrocities that loom oppressively on the horizon, if consciousness does not prevail. Let us not walk sheepishly on an old road to Berlin. Let’s refuse the scapegoat solution.

Let’s not repeat the nightmare. We must face it and wake up. Kali Yuga needn’t end in repetition compulsion. A new dream with true resolution waits on the horizon. But to arrive there, we must individually bear the tension of the polarity of consciousness and shadow within our own psyches.

Go within…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Let’s evolve that dream now. Bring consciousness within, bear the tension of the opposites within, and allow that contained explosive energy to rise to the level of the heart chakra, where we are all in this together, parts of the same whole. And together, as one, we can indeed dream a new dream.

Learning from history,


Excerpts and references: Jung: His Life and Work, A Biographical Memoir by Barbara Hannah

Soulbyte for Friday August 2, 2019

You have been preparing for this moment, for this day, for this time your entire life. Everything has led you here to now, to this moment on your journey. Knowing that, know also that you are well prepared for it and all that it entails. You have the strength, the courage, and the fortitude it takes to get through any challenge. The entire universe is behind you, supporting you, cheering you on, letting you know that you are loved and cherished and that every step of your journey has been planned and prepared for you to learn and grow. Hold yourself accountable, knowing that you are important, that your progress matters, and yet that you also are in charge, as much as any other force in your life, because ultimately you are responsible for where you go next and how far you go with what you have been gifted. With that awareness, take your next step. And with loving kindness and compassion for yourself, journey on.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday August 1, 2019

Accessing the spiritual self and staying connected to it is far easier than you think. Once found it is not forgotten and can be found again, even after long absences. It’s the physical self that presents problems. It’s the physical self that needs work and constant attention. It’s the physical self that must work so hard to change. It’s the physical self that requires focus and careful prodding every day if change is to occur. Complacency comes easily, as does reaching for the familiar comforts, the habits of a lifetime. Breaking with the ingrained traditions of the physical self takes the strength and courage of a mighty warrior. Have no doubt that you are such a warrior. Call upon your mighty warrior self as you take your journey of change, as you slay the old habits, and as you forge a new path. You are certainly capable, and the goal is certainly worth the effort—the evolution of a new you! Don’t stop now!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne