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Soulbyte for Wednesday May 20, 2020

Engage your intent from morning until night. Even when you dream, state your intent to change, to be a loving being, to connect with your spirit, and to express peace and happiness wherever you find yourself, in every world you enter. By your declaration of loving kindness and your intent to evolve, become the beacon of light you wish to see and know yourself to truly be. Face your inner difficulties with this same intent of loving kindness so that you may be truly free of all that now binds you. Have compassion for yourself and the life you have lived. Seek your freedom by remaining intent upon your path of heart. As every warrior knows, there is more than one way to get there, but once there, there is no turning back. Intent!

Sending you all love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s place: Twice Born

“Girl in a Large Hat”┬ác. 1645 – c. 1650
by Cesar Boetius van Everdingen
– Rijks Museum

To be born means to be born physically, from mother. This event triggers the activation of archetypes that guide parents in their childrearing practices. Archetypes are latent inborn schemas, which, when activated, direct human behavior.

The powerful parent/child archetypes interact to provide a foundation for the developing personality. For instance, to be held when crying helps a child feel secure that the world will respond to its emotional needs.

Archetypes define needs and expectations in relationships. The archetypes of mother and young child cover a period of need and dependency in childhood, with the entitled expectation that the  basic needs of hunger and safety be met.

The archetypes that dominate family life are so powerful that very often they dominate all of one’s life on earth. Mother’s Day was celebrated but a couple of days ago. The mother archetype is indeed the most powerful archetype. Mother is the source, period, of all human life. Echoes of one’s relationship with mother fundamentally permeate all of one’s relationships in life.

Most mothers are, as Winnicott coined the expression, “good enough.” This means that the basic imperatives of the archetypes are met, helping a child achieve rudimentary adulthood. But archetypes are unyielding in their insistence upon perfection. Thus, many mothers are forever laden with guilt for not having done enough for their children.

But is mother ever allowed to retire from mothering? Must she nurture and be defined only as mother, for her entire life? Must she deny her full personhood, in lieu of her motherly duties, once her children are reared? At what point do adult children and parents become peers, equal as traveling companions in this great mystery of life, death, and beyond?

On the flip side are children, well along in chronological years, who feel terribly shortchanged and resentful that their basic needs in childhood were not met. The power of this sense of inadequacy and emotional need keeps one attached and dependent, sometimes for a lifetime. The archetype can be unrelenting in its entitled demand for its full due.

Adult children and their parents may remain embroiled in interactive patterns that were appropriate for the developmental period of young childhood, as they attempt to fulfill unmet needs. Unfortunately, once the critical period of childhood is over, these archetypal patterns cease to deliver the desired effect. In fact, they tend to intensify both dependency and despondency.

All adults must assume full responsibility for their journeys, regardless of the archetypal misfirings of their childhood. This is not a judgment; it’s a developmental fact. Psychological development in adulthood rests in the hands of the individual, not in the family that reared them.

The real challenge for adulthood, for all parties, is to obtain release from the anachronistic archetypes that bind them. This actually is the function of the initiation rites of both ancient and modern religions; to provide release from archetypes that interfere with transition into new roles in the life cycle.

Recapitulation allows one the soul retrieval journey to square with the archetypes that bind old hurts, needs, resentments, and blame. With recapitulation, one takes full ownership of every event of one’s life, as one reclaims all of one’s energy stuck in those old dramas.

This practice frees one of the archetypal bindings, opening the door to being born again, or twice born. To be twice born is to achieve psychological and emotional maturity and independence.

To be twice born is a spiritual birth, which happens beyond childhood where the primary archetypes that ruled family life are released, as one takes on full responsibility for one’s life as an independent physical and energetic being. To be twice born is to awaken and mature into the spiritual dimension of life in human form.

This is the journey of spirit, for which we prepare in our second birth. In our time, that journey has opened through the widespread experience of the energy body, both in our dreams and in our waking experiences out-of-body. To open to this journey we must transmute our archetypal relationships.

With detachment from archetypal binding, gained through recapitulation, we fully embody, within ourselves, the mother and father we need to be, for ourselves, to navigate our soul’s adventure in infinity. In our time, the door has opened to explore this realm while still alive in a physical body.

For the twice born, this is the deepest intent, while fully loving all, as they undertake their own journeys of discovery. Sending love to all.

One in Spirit,


Soulbyte for Friday May 8, 2020

Find equilibrium by staying steady upon your path with heart. Though you may be called upon, or pulled in many directions that may strain you and pull you off balance, do not lose sight of your heart’s intent, of your loving self, or of your true identity as a caring, kind being, equally concerned about your own spiritual journey as much as you are about that of another. For what other journey are you or anyone else really meant to take? A warrior keeps always in mind that it is the journey of spirit that is of uppermost importance, and the spirit’s path of heart that matters above all.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday April 21, 2020

Guard your energy like a miser. Like someone with a secret, keep it to yourself as if it were all you owned, for indeed, it is all your spirit does have to offer. Keep it safe from harm. Protect it so that it may grow and enable you knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, so that you may gather enough of it to adventure beyond the body and discover what it can really do. Your spiritual energy is as real as you are, and yet it is more than you are. It is eternal.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday April 20, 2020

There is a message in everything. In every mistake there is a lesson to be learned just as there is in every victory. In the sounds and synchronicities within a day’s living there are messages to be discovered, the whys, the what fors, and the doings of spirit seeking to guide you to notice, to act, and to be open to all that surrounds you, to all that happens to you, and to all that calls out to you. What are you supposed to learn today? Know that spirit is always calling to you in some way. Be open. Listen. Be patient. But always stay upon your path of heart.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne