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Soulbyte for Monday June 18, 2018

Change is constant. Prepare yourself well for this changing day. You are already in the flow of it so don’t worry about that, just get right within yourself. Get in alignment with the fact that change is happening all the time, within and without, and be okay with that. Embrace your changing self and be at ease as you walk your path more certain every day that this is what you have been working and waiting for, this day. Change is life in action and you are life. Life is change in action and you are change too!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday June 11, 2018

What recourse do you have but to go with the flow of your life? Life is taking you in a certain direction. Why fight it? Why protest? You will only make matters worse for yourself, struggling against that which you cannot change. Let go of your old ideas and embrace the new ones being presented to you. But most of all go with the flow. You’ll be happy you did!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday June 6, 2018

Don’t say you can’t, because you can! Don’t say you won’t, because you will! Don’t dismiss your power, because indeed you contain it! Walk the path that has been carved for you. Do it willingly, certain that you have all the abilities you need to do so, keeping them foremost in your mind and heart, keeping your power firmly centered, knowing that all the energy you need as you take your journey forward is within you. You have no other life but this one. This is your life, your body, your spirit, your chosen path in this lifetime. This is it. Accept it, but also choose to live it to the fullest, with all you’ve got. Give it your all so that life does not take your energy but provides you with all it’s got to give in return, for indeed there is much to be had. Discover every golden nuance about yourself as you walk your path, and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday June 1, 2018

When all is said and done it’s how you’ve chosen to live your life that matters. Did you do it with open heart, with spirit out front guiding you? Did you make decisions based on your heart’s knowing?  Did you let yourself explore other realms of possibility? Did you acquiesce to life’s teachings, to the universe in its many ways of showing you the way? Life is not just meant to be plodded through but to be accepted, explored, and fully experienced. You are being guided right now, being shown what’s next, prompted to go in a new direction. Are you ready? Listen to your heart. It knows what to do and how to do it. Be patient with yourself, with others, and with life itself as it leads you to fulfillment. Trust that you will be fulfilled in this lifetime. Let life unfold in that direction as you willingly follow it toward fulfillment. And enjoy the journey. That too is part of life!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Beyond Self-Importance

I am more than my physical body…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel taken at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia

For many years, we must grapple with our acquired inferiority and  journey to overcome it. All humans become inferior as they grow from a childhood of oneness of connection to everything to a firmly separated ego identity whose consciousness creates firm boundaries between self and other.

This loss of oneness happens gradually as we are socialized into rational thinking, the operational interpretation system of our world. Rationality, with its cause and effect focus, fragments our  wholeness in an effort to bring understanding, order, and control into our lives. Our inherent connection to our soul group and access to the  knowledge of our journeys through infinity, as recorded in the holographic Akashic record of all life, slips away as the challenges of navigating life on earth calls for greater adaptation to the physical world.

This loss of connection to our greater wholeness is the ultimate cause of the collective human condition of inferiority. The truth is that our poor ego is inferior. How could it be otherwise? To go from a condition of interconnected oneness, what many might characterize as the oneness of God, to the puny separateness of an ego disconnected from its source is a built-in experience of inferiority.

Ego has few options to improve its impoverished state of being. One option is to learn and master the rules of the interpretation system of this world that will allow it greater adaptation to the challenges of survival. This track—good schools, good mate, good job—though still powerful, is found wanting in our time of general disintegration. Our planet can no longer house unlimited growth.

Another option for our ego is to employ either deflation or inflation. In deflation the ego keeps itself down, as it sees all others in the world as superior to itself. The advantage to this strategy is to be more accepting of an inferior life by feeling unworthy of receiving more. The downside of this strategy is possible depression and resentment for not having been able to experience or actualize more of one’s inherent potential.

In contrast, inflation fills the ego with a high level of self-importance, as it puffs itself up with an identification with a higher spirit. Narcissism could be understood as the ultimate identification with God: I am all there is! The trap of self-importance is a false assessment of self that is off-putting and generally not up to the job.

So what is a more realistic option for the ego beyond the trappings of self-importance with its artificially low value with deflation or overvaluation with inflation? First, we must actually value the ego for what it truly is: a fragment of our soul that lives in a world of space-time. This unique opportunity has an advantage over infinity. That which is born, lives, and dies can experience a maturing and discovery process while separated from the oneness of infinity.

In fact, it is likely that our greater soul group chooses life in this world to discover and grow through questions and problems that will enhance our soul’s journey in infinity. A sojourn in space-time provides the opportunity for a full exposition and living out of a question in a lifetime that enhances our soul’s knowing of itself outside space-time.

Nonetheless, the cost to our ego in this earthly lifetime is a disconnect from the mothership of our greater soul in infinity. This is simply the necessary byproduct of a life in space-time. However, this ego/greater soul axis remains present throughout our lifetime as a latent potential to be more fully realized and developed. This is the evolutionary shift now happening in the world. This is the key to the ego shedding self-importance as a survival strategy to cover up its inadequacy.

Through its sensory systems the ego is quite capable of bringing to consciousness concrete data perceived in the world, as well as mentally orienting itself to that data. If the ego can suspend the judgements of its socialized operating system, to allow for decoding the world in a broader rather than strictly rational way, it becomes well positioned to collaborate with the wisdom of its greater soul while still in space-time.

An example of this is synchronicity. In every moment of every day the world around us echoes sounds, signs, and messages to guide and supplement our decisions, reflections, and understandings. Nearly every time I reach a conclusion I am treated to an affirmation or tweak in some form by the world around me that supplements my process.

This can take the form of a song in my head, a page in a book I randomly open to, a phone call, or the chirp of a bird. If my ego is humble it immediately considers the feedback the world delivers as it orients itself to decisions at hand. This is not about ego letting go of its rational facility but instead expanding it to include wisdom offered from beyond the rational for inclusion in its processing.

When ego reaches beyond self-importance to shore up its relationship with its greater wholeness the world is moved toward greater wholeness and integration as well. Decisions made by a clear headed ego, acting in consort with its greater soul, are sure to lead us to a real world of stable continuance.

As for our ego, its connection to its greater soul assures its confidence in being fully supported in its soul’s intent in this lifetime. Now that’s support beyond self-importance!