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Soulbyte for Monday May 25, 2020

Stay alert, aware, and on your guard at all times. A warrior knows the final outcome of life and yet lives as if there is no tomorrow, focused not on foolhardy endeavors but on what truly matters, taking to heart that every action matters, that every thought is capable of capturing attention, and that the only meaningful pursuit is a path of heart. A warrior takes life seriously and yet also knows how to play, how to laugh, and how to be free. But a warrior never forgets the goal in life is to evolve from a person who knows little to a person of knowledge, led by spirit and an internal compass that always points to the path of heart no matter what happens, within or without.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday May 21, 2020

Pay attention to your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, to the head and brain full of ideas, to your belly full of fears, to your arms and hands that do, to your legs and feet that are either reluctant or eager, to your inner systems that pump life into you and keep you alive, that keep your body functioning so that life may proceed. Treat this mass of yourself well so that it may treat you well, so that your spirit may reside in a house of calmness and unspoiled beauty. When your body suffers so does your spirit. Keep both of them happy and healthy, in alignment with nature and the bounty provided. Even in times of hardship and stress, it is these two companions, body and spirit, that deserve your utmost attention so that they may remain in tune, in alignment, and fully functioning in a healthy manner upon your path of heart. Their intent is your intent. Their life is your life. Their importance is your uppermost importance too. Everything else pales in comparison. Without one there is no other. Be well.

Sending you love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday May 20, 2020

Engage your intent from morning until night. Even when you dream, state your intent to change, to be a loving being, to connect with your spirit, and to express peace and happiness wherever you find yourself, in every world you enter. By your declaration of loving kindness and your intent to evolve, become the beacon of light you wish to see and know yourself to truly be. Face your inner difficulties with this same intent of loving kindness so that you may be truly free of all that now binds you. Have compassion for yourself and the life you have lived. Seek your freedom by remaining intent upon your path of heart. As every warrior knows, there is more than one way to get there, but once there, there is no turning back. Intent!

Sending you all love and support,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Desire Body

Is your spirit hiding from life?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

As the world is roused from its global pandemic pause, it must confront the intensity of demand it receives from its very pregnant desire body. The restraint imposed upon that desire body has, for some, resulted in a refinement of spirit, as sacrifice has opened the door to calm and connection at an ethereal level.

For others, the hunger for life in the dense physical plane has thrown caution to the wind, as they reengage the Earth, and enjoy the fullness of her physical bounty.

Both attitudes reflect the journey of spirit. The big bang of the esoteric world begins with the One, that is, the wholeness of everything, deciding to manifest, fragmenting into the many in this world of time and space. The One chooses this diaspora to get to know itself in a finite drama.

All humans are parts of the One, launched to Earth to have a lifetime of experience and to offer the results of that life experience in the form of a life review or completed recapitulation at the conclusion of life in human form. This contributes to the One growing in knowledge of itself.

Thus the journey of spirit initiates from the One, as the many travel through increasingly dense dimensions of expression until they reach the shores of physical manifestation, at birth. The subtle dimension, just prior to the physical, is called the astral plane, the home of the desire body.

The function of the desire body is to attract the incoming spirit to involvement with the physical body through primal animal drives, emotions, and sensations. The desire body engages the physical world in life. Life in time and space ends, however. Thus, the journey of spirit, that once leaped into involvement in physical life, must ultimately reverse course, as it resumes its spirit journey back to its source, the One.

To achieve the necessary lightness of spirit for the journey back to source, spirit must become quite subtle, shedding all of its denser attachments. We can call this a Buddhic maturity that no longer bites at the showcase of desire, as presented by Maya, the weaver of projected illusion on the astral plane. Disciplined spiritual traditions capitalize on sacrificial practices to dispel these attachments in order to reach the higher spiritual planes.

However, if one has not fully seeded one’s spirit in the fertile soil of this Earth, one may be checkmating one’s spiritual evolution. To refuse desire before one has allowed for the actual experience of desire, is to hold back life.  This would be a life in-body where spirit remains, at least in part, out-of-body. The challenge at this stage is to let go and fully enter life in the body, with all its vicissitudes.

For others, life becomes frozen in a round of repetitive habits where the desire body continues to rule the personality at the densest level. Here the challenge is to repeat every day the same regretted habits until one is satiated to completion, or finally ready to let go to sacrifice.

What is sacrificed is attachment to the lower instincts for the benefit of the higher. The higher is the subtle spirit, reached through the shedding of physical attachments. This is energy redeployed to the benefit of the energy body’s evolution in its journey of spirit.

Sacrifice is critical to obtain the energy for this journey. But sacrifice can only be initiated by the will. To obtain true transmutation of energy, one needs the support of one’s highest self, who sees through the veils of illusion and can provide direction on one’s path of heart.

Finally, there are spirits who both see the necessity of, and are ready to evolve their desire body while in dense physical form. Those are the leaders who will square with and spiritually raise humankind’s current relationship with the  Earth.

Thus, the many—all who inhabit the Earth at this time—find themselves at different stages of their spirit journeys. With equanimity, we must grant all their place in the Oneness of this current drama. This is acceptance, not resignation.

We don’t know how this drama will unfold. Perhaps there is a preponderance of desire body energy waiting to ravage the Earth. We don’t know the karma of that action; we simply observe that it appears unstoppable and must be played out. As a conglomerate, we may not yet be ready for the global sacrifice needed to sustain the Earth.

Perhaps the pause has already manifested a different karma. Perhaps the transmuted energies of a significant many will no longer fund attachment to desire in an old way. Perhaps that intent has been deeply seeded with this pause. We must wait to see how it unfolds.

Avoid judgment. We are all in this together, the many of the One. Where we take this drama is our offering to the One getting to know itself in a particular constellation.

We can’t go wrong as we complete this finite chapter of infinite knowing. Whether coming in or moving up, be sure to follow the bliss of your own spirit!

Sending love and support,


Soulbyte for Friday May 15, 2020

Each morning upon waking, reset your intent. Put your foot down upon your path of heart and remind yourself of the goals of your spirit: to grow and evolve, to accept life and its vicissitudes, and to face your fears and your disappointments with equal vitality and purpose. Life does not wait for you to show up each day, nor does it expect anything of you, but your spirit does, for it is your spirit that drives and motivates you. Life is merely the stage upon which your spirit plays out its constant attempts to get your attention. Give your spirit its due. Pay attention to it and, with awareness, find out what it wants from you, for it is your everything, seeking always to set you right, to teach you, and to help you find again your path with heart.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne