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Soulbyte for Friday August 11, 2017

After a while it becomes apparent that the old ways of doing things are no longer effective, that they just aren’t working anymore. At that point it’s very apparent that a new approach is necessary, a new direction taken, a new idea implemented. Some old ways, such as ancient ways, ancient rites, ancient wisdom still hold power and sway. They may offer the right grounding and the perfect catalyst to shift into a new way, a new phase, a new place in life. Heart-centered knowing and wisdom are about as ancient as they come. Connect to that within yourself to find your new path, your new way, your new place in the world. Listen to your heart!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday August 4, 2017

Find your center within your self. Be heart centered in thought, word, and deed. Allow your heart to speak the truth, knowing that it does not lie. Allow your heart to guide you, knowing that it has your best interests in mind. Allow your heart to take action, knowing that it will do what is right. Be heart centered, knowing that it is in alignment with all that is right. Be heart centered all of your days, beginning today!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Heart

In the light of a new day, listen to your heart speaking its wisdom.

Dear Jeanne and all of Infinity, what message of guidance do you offer us today, as we go into a new week?

Follow your heart. Always follow your heart. Pay attention to its knowing presence, to its truthful tone and to its rightness of purpose. Take action based on what you learn as you listen and speak with your heart.

Of course, I mean your heart center of knowing when I speak of your heart; for though your heart organ beats in your chest in the same area, so is it your eternal heart that I speak of connecting with. This heart center is your connection to your ancient self, your all-knowing self, your purposeful self.

Find connection to this heart-centered self. Learn to listen to your heart. Just as you might often sense a knowing in your gut—have a gut feeling about something—so does your heart also guide you.

Learn to pay closer attention to the wisdom embedded in your own body. It’s not that hard to do. You carry it with you every moment of your life upon that earth. You do not need to do anything special, except to pay attention. Gradually, paying attention will become the norm, and it will not seem so strange to talk to your body parts, to your heart and your gut, or to any other part and ask it to guide you.

I’d leave the head out of it for a while, for inside the mind are too many tricksters. Let them sleep while you venture below the brain to other parts—to organs, muscles and cells—and ask them to tell you what you need to know now, today, in order to grow, change, and evolve.

A moment of calmness upon awakening or any time during the day is really all you need to begin the process.

Show me what I need to know. Help me to understand myself. Lead me to making the right choices today. These are the quests your heart will respond to. Ask your heart for guidance and see what happens.

Life is joyous in its own right. Your energy will increase as you allow life to be increasingly so. This joy is what you will discover as you face your issues, as you fearlessly peel away the negative condemnations placed on you by self and others and access your own true self, resident in your own body. You don’t have to look anywhere else. Everything is within.

A process of true healing is invisible at first, as it begins deep within, but eventually it will manifest without.

Listen to the wisdom of your heart and begin to manifest your dreams. Embrace your life! Let sadness, negativity, and fear go. Embrace a positive attitude and a new energy based on your deepest personal knowing of self. Tap into your dreams and let them begin to enter your life. Without fear, let your heart guide you now.

Everything is possible!

Most humbly—and with love—channeled by Jan Ketchel.