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Soulbyte for Thursday September 16, 2021

Take good care of yourself. Talk to yourself with the utmost care so that you do not give yourself the wrong messages. Make sure what you say to yourself is kind and loving, the same things you would say to someone you love deeply. For kindness and love begin within and if you want to be kind and loving to others you must begin by being kind and loving to the self. As within so without.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Animal Magnetism & Human Bondage

Seek freedom from the web of human bondage…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Jan, in a recent communication with  Jeanne, received this essential download: “You and Chuck have learned things about the relationship between the mind and the body that I had not learned while still in human form. I focused more on healing from without and not on the importance of thought and belief within. Had I known that then, my outcome may have been very different. Now, I do know that.”

This blog is dedicated to passing on what we have learned, that those seeking such guidance might profoundly change their lives and the direction of the world.

Animal magnetism is a term coined by Franz Mesmer to explain the mental influence exerted upon a body to shape it and attract to it the object of its intent. Animal has its root in the word anima, which implies a soul body that breathes, thus a sentient being that has life. Animal, then, designates a living, breathing physical body.

Magnetism is an energetic force that influences the structure and organization of a body through the power of what it attracts to it.  That power emanates from the mind. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became flesh,” begins John’s gospel. The mind produces the Word, which attracts to it the matter that creates the flesh it inhabits.

We become what we think. Our thoughts and beliefs are the primary suggestions delivered to the subconscious mind, the part of the soul body where the blueprint of mental suggestion is transformed into physical reality.

The shamans of ancient Mexico called this meeting place of mind and matter the assemblage point, where energy is molded into specific forms. Thus, the human form is a solid physical configuration of energy, an energetic alternative, among others, for human beings.

Don Juan Matus called human beings Magical Beings, due to their innate ability to exist simultaneously as both physical beings and energetic beings. Unfortunately, most human beings have forgotten and lost access to their energetic potential. They only know themselves as beings frozen in their ways, creatures of habit. As Carlos Castaneda put it, “Our wings have been clipped.”

This loss of freedom is human bondage. Human represents our classification as people in a physical body. Bondage has its root in bond, which means to confine, to dwell in a fixed state. Human bondage is thus a fixed confinement of our energetic potential into a solid physical mold, with limited awareness of options beyond its current fixation. Fixation represents the beliefs we attach to, which become molded into how we know ourselves and the world we live in.

What maintains this fixation of the assemblage point, in its generation of our rigid selves and the physical world we know, is the power of intent. Intent is energetically comprised of our thoughts and beliefs, the words we tell ourselves that become the automatic internal dialogue that suggests constantly to the subconscious the very definitions of what we are and how we are to manifest.

I am and become what I believe. The words I use to know and describe myself are the instructions delivered to the subconscious to fashion my existence. Typically, those instructions come from unchecked default programs unconsciously transmitted through genetics, instincts, and the humanly nuanced archetypes of the collective unconscious. Nobody has to think to breathe, the subconscious automatically runs that program.

Other programs are derived from suggestions internalized through socialization and the course of human development. Jeanne realized that from the first moment she received her cancer diagnosis, she believed she was going to die. Despite her heroic cancer journey, as detailed in The Book of Us*, she never fully overturned this strong suggestion to her subconscious mind. As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this blog, she has since learned the vital importance of reprograming and reshaping our ingrained beliefs if we are to change our lives.

Though extreme in her dogma, Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, suggested that human beings cannot be ill, as a physical body is merely an illusion. Like the shamans of ancient Mexico, she encouraged people to return to their energetic essence.

To apply animal magnetism to the state of our human bondage is to assume conscious control of our intent. The materialistic dominance of our consensus reality is what gives rise to our sense of helplessness in the face of our current planetary apocalypse. This condition is aptly diagnosed by the title of a book that Jung wrote long ago: Modern Man in Search of a Soul.

To retrieve the Soul one needn’t take a hallucinatory shamanic journey. To retrieve the Soul one need merely take back the power of the mind, which is held in the prison of limiting materialistic beliefs. “Yes!”  Don Juan Matus emphasized to Carlos Castaneda, “We are solid physical beings, but we are energetic beings first.”

Physical reality exists. Modern medicine can offer a cure. But beyond our human form is the mind of the Soul, whose energetic intent, expressed in words and beliefs, can work miracles. This is the power of placebo, and the power of thousands of faith healings at Lourdes.

As mothers often say to their children, “Use your words!” In a state of true faith—a hypothesis without prejudice—use your words to suggest to the subconscious that which you would become. Use your animal magnetism to overcome human bondage. See what happens!



*A new version of The Book of Us, on the 20th anniversary of Jeanne’s entry into the afterlife, is scheduled for release in December 2021.


Soulbyte for Thursday September 2, 2021

Change is in your hands. With a combination of love and discipline set yourself on a new path of change that will be productive, meaningful and lasting. Without doing harm but with the fierceness of a warrior set about on your journey of change with a sack of love and a pocketful of discipline, enough to get you through any trial. Call to you the help of good and benevolent spirits and they will aid you as you wish to be aided. State your intent clearly, and with a measure of love and discipline carry on.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Why Am I Where I Am?

How did I end up here?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

How do we end up in the life we are in? If we accept the notion that human life, like all life in nature, is driven toward fulfillment and completion then we can view our current life circumstance as the next step necessary for our personal evolution.

Whatever life we are in, we are being presented with the opportunities to advance our growth. Thus, for example, if we have been dominated by a selfish attitude it might be necessary to suffer loss and a period of scarcity to truly understand the value of charity, the missing character ingredient to our evolutionary advancement.

Viewing our current life circumstance as personally tailored for our evolutionary advancement suspends the judgment that we are defined by our circumstances or being punished for some prior misdeed. Objectively speaking, our current life drama—regardless of what it is—is nature providing us with a fertile field imbued with seeds of growth possibility.

The notion of our present life as karmic punishment for prior misdeeds casts a shadow of negative judgment upon the positive growth opportunity before us. In one respect, it is true that we are where we are as a consequence of prior life choices. However, the stopping point on the road we have previously travelled is, of necessity, the only place we can begin our current journey; we are simply not experienced enough yet with the challenges we must progressively meet to traverse beyond our former endpoint.

Some next steps may require experiences seemingly contraindicated for the forward progression of our fulfillment. For instance, we might find ourselves caught in a repetitive loop of unsuccessful relationships when we are sincerely seeking a truly compatible partner. 

This redundancy of failure may actually accrue toward a critical mass that ultimately leads to a breakthrough in awareness, where one discovers the blind spot within one’s self that until now has sabotaged one’s desired advancement. Without the benefit of this awareness one’s ultimate goal of a fulfilling relationship could never be achieved, as the problem was seen as originating from a partner, when, in fact, unbeknownst to the self, it lay within the self!

Within the subconscious of everyone is the desire body that serves the evolving spirit by attracting to our lives the physical circumstances that will materialize our needed challenges. This is commonly called the law of attraction. Though, with intent, one might influence this law of attraction, one will not advance toward fulfillment if the necessary circumstances for growth are not present.

Generally, intent will automatically manifest the necessary circumstances to achieve growth. Frequently, however, we may be confused by the circuitous route of events attracted to us. But again, the foundational lessons we need may require experiences we hardly expect. Even if we are able to bend intent to our will and manifest our desire, if it doesn’t accord with our needed growth it will likely result in a painful but necessary lesson.

When we approach the path of our spirit’s evolution, once it has definitively left its human body traveling companion, and journey into the afterlife, we will first experience a thorough review of the life we have just lived in physical form. From this assessment we will determine what kind of new life will be required for our continued growth.

For some souls, a reincarnation, in this or some other world, may be selected to further refine one’s spirit by once again coupling with a finite physical body, with the desire body of our spirit attracting to it the DNA and social context likely to provide it with the opportunity to advance its growth.

Other souls might discover that their further refinement is best served by venturing into the more subtle realms of spirit discovery and adventure.

Jeanne has explained to us that the transparency of spirit life beyond the physical body affords the spirit the obvious clarity to know what issues must be addressed. Hence, the spirit willingly acquiesces to what is necessary. 

In some circumstances spirits refuse to relinquish their attachment to the physical life they were previously in. Hence, they must continue to live the illusion of being physically alive and able to participate in human life, until they are exhausted by such futility. Nonetheless, this experience is indeed the next necessary step to further their evolution.

The question to ask oneself, now, regarding one’s current life circumstance, is: “What is the specific challenge being presented that I must master?” Avoid the trapping of self-judgment or blame of other, regardless of how wrong that other may be.

Right and wrong are necessary discernments in clarifying a problem, but are not necessarily a solution. Many an unfair situation must be endured to experientially learn about unfairness and further refine one’s ability to detach and not take things personally—a very high spirit challenge, indeed!

Wherever you are is where you need to be, until you are truly prepared to move on. Accept your life circumstance with equanimity; study it and master it.

Patience, clarity, mastery and gratitude,