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Chuck’s Place: Learn To Think In Optimistic New Ways

Restore your innate optimism…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Seth, whom Jane Roberts channelled, spoke of an innate body optimism that we are all born with. Both Jan and I immediately had the thought of birth trauma, the body’s welcoming birth committee of perinatal challenges, that Stan Grof has so thoroughly delineated.

Almost immediately, our query was answered when Seth gave the analogy of a child’s birth being equivalent to the first opening of the petals on a flower.* Regardless of the effort or trauma experienced in arriving at new life, that innate impetus toward life propels us to open to it. We are born optimists.

Seth goes on to suggest that this innate body optimism always moves toward health and healing. What brings in disease, issues from the mental plane of existence in the form of thoughts that limit our inherent optimism and instruct the subconscious mind to generate feared states of being.

These limiting beliefs are derived from the overarching socialized belief in the inevitable breakdown of the physical body, which is marked by the occurrence of predictable medical conditions throughout the course of the life cycle. In fact, many diagnostic tests are indicated to be performed as one reaches certain ages, subtly reinforcing the inevitability of decline. These are the suggestions that often manifest disease.

Medicine has yet to discover the power of the mental plane to both generate and cure disease. In fact, it remains staunchly prejudiced by a material perspective in its healing prescriptions. A typical course of treatment requires some form of pharmacological medicine or surgical intervention to restore health.

Psychology suffers a similar prejudice in its approach to healing. For instance, no academic discipline for the mental healing professions teaches dreamwork. Dreams are the messengers of the soul, which deliver to us the cause and cure of our ailments. Psyche means soul in Greek. How can one learn about psyche if they don’t consult the soul?

The soul, like the body, is inherently optimistic. Dreams are the soul’s attempt to keep us in balance, as they take us deeper into our mystical journey of life. Our mental rejection of  the value of dreaming largely emanates from the ego dimension of the mental plane.

The mental plane is the spirit plane, and the ego is the part of that plane that is largely identified with the physical body, which it is primarily assigned to navigate. The soul, which issues from a much more subtle dimension of the spirit plane, views life from a far vaster energetic perspective, which includes both body and soul. Thus ego, though itself a part of soul, actually identifies itself with the body and therefore rejects its life on the spirit plane.

Learning to think in new ways begins with linking to our inherent optimism of both body and soul. The ego, through its internalized limiting beliefs, coupled with the ever-present drone of its internal dialogue, constantly bombards the subconscious mind with negative suggestions. For healing to progress, ego must align its intent with the optimistic healing powers of the body and soul.

The subconscious mind is also part of, and located in, the soul on the spirit plane, right at the crossroads of spirit intent and material energy. The subconscious is a magical factory. It transforms spirit suggestions into material objects and reality. Therefore, it might take a negative thought suggestion as its building plan, from which it emotionally manufactures a depressed mood that then registers in the body as physical inertia.

Negative thoughts, over time, become strong habits that are reflected in the posture and condition of the physical body. Dreams, in their unique symbolic language, offer commentary and solutions to overcome the detrimental impacts of these diseased mental habits. Dreams can restore the innocence of one’s inherent optimism, which is bathed in the energy that anything is possible.

When we open to our dreams and take responsibility for the quality of our internal dialogue, by presenting optimistic suggestions to our subconscious mind, we realign both our body and soul with the optimism of health and healing.

We must understand that, yes, when we came into physical incarnation we had an intent to explore a facet of life that would likely land us in adversive circumstances that would traumatize our body and soul. Trauma is a necessary entree into deeper life exploration, which must be transgressed. However, beyond trauma is the much greater energy of body and soul optimism, which always points toward the true north of health, growth and fulfillment.

When we view all circumstances in our life with the equanimity of an underlying optimism, that is sure of mastery and ultimate fulfillment, we indeed learn to think in new ways.

Value your dreams and optimize your optimistic suggestions. May this open you to pure innocence and awe, and one hell of a fulfilling life.

With great optimism,

* The Way Toward Health by Jane Roberts, A Seth Book, p. 69

Chuck’s Place: No One Knows

No one knows…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

In 1892, Thomson Jay Hudson discovered a truth that, when it is fully realized, will change the course of human evolution and civilization. Hudson discovered, through his own exhaustive experiments, that anonymously intending the healing of another person results in the genuine healing of that person.*

The technology for this healing is the use of a healing suggestion directed to the subconscious of an afflicted person while they sleep. Sleep is a state of consciousness where the subconscious mind is freed from managing waking life in the physical body and, hence, is most pristinely accessible to the field of suggestion.

The healing agent must also be in a deeply relaxed, trancelike state, where telepathy can easily make the communicative link to the subconscious mind of the person to be healed. The catch is that the receiver of the healing intention must not know that such a healing effort is being made on their behalf.

To truly be effective, healing requires the complete cancellation of self-importance on the part of the healer. No one will ever know the source of the healing suggestion. There is no money to be made in this form of healing.

On 1/19/24 The Washington Post had a feature article on a new technology that could potentially cure tinnitus. In truth, the article and research itself appear to be largely derived from the producers of the healing devices. This is influencer journalism, hardly befitting The Washington Post’s prestigious legacy of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s Watergate investigation.

Most interesting was the reporting of the research and treatment outcomes, which have not yet advanced enough to be certain that the positive results could not be attributable to merely placebo. Once again, science so automatically delegitimizes the potential healing power of suggestion.

A placebo reaction is the concrete physical proof of the power of a suggestion to heal. If it is determined in this case that belief alone in the power of the device to heal resulted in placebo success, it validates the use of suggestion to heal.

Science dismisses placebo because it denies the existence of the mind as a subtle soul body, separate from the physical brain, that has tremendous power to impact the state of the body. The medical label for such a mysterious cure is the pedestrian phrase: spontaneous remission.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the devices themselves may be determined to be the healing agent. Yet, I can’t escape the possibility that scientific validation merely fortifies and raises the level of  acceptance of a healing device, which becomes a powerful collective suggestion that enables a placebo cure. Perhaps all healing is, ultimately, placebo.

Aside from the materialist bias of science at present, the truth is that there is no money to be made by science, the medical profession, or industry, if healing can be affected by the power of suggestion alone. Imagine a future world where the powers of personal healing are truly awakened in the minds of all human beings. How empowering and Marxist can it get!

Of course, if it’s as simple to heal as Hudson suggests, why aren’t we there? Firstly, and a major reason why healing intentions must remain hidden, is that the knowing of them attracts the vengeance of the rational mind of self and others, whose hegemony over human life at present casts doubt and negative suggestions upon the power of healing suggestion. Such thoughts interfere with and weaken the otherwise potent healing messages presented to the subconscious mind.

To be clear, nobody can actually heal another person. Everyone has control of their own subconscious mind, which will decide what suggestions it will fulfill. The power of a healer lies in their power to present to the subconscious mind of themselves, or another, and have entertained, a healing suggestion.

There is no doubt that there are powerful hypnotists who are impacting the subconscious minds of the masses on our present world stage. However, regardless of their persuasiveness, it is ultimately up to all individuals to wake up and assume responsibility for their own entrancement. Take back your own power of suggestion to change the self, and change the world.

It is true that the ancient indigenous shamanic practices assigned the shaman the task of dropping into the underworld and retrieving the soul of the afflicted to generate healing. However, Carlos Castaneda realized that modern shamans are teachers who should empower all to take their own soul retrieval journeys. These are the healings that result in lasting transformation. No one can grow for us. We live in a time where all must wake up to the power and responsibility to direct their own healing potential for the greater good.

Furthermore, physical illnesses are often actually employed by a person’s High Self as a means to awaken them to the necessity of major changes in their life, to advance their true fulfillment. In these cases, healing suggestions taken up by the subconscious mind will likely result in healing of limited duration, as the more deeply needed change has not occurred and a return of the illness is needed to restore the path to that deeper cure.

The other major factor that inhibits healing is blocking beliefs. This is particularly the case with autosuggestion, where the conscious mind is aware of the healing suggestion to the subconscious and can inflict its rational shadow to oppose it. Beyond rationality are all sorts of beliefs around unworthiness, or the dangers of change, that can intrude upon the effectiveness of a healing suggestion.

One approach to overcome such a conundrum is to dissociate from the rational mind, and blocking beliefs, to allow a suggestion to the subconscious to be enacted. For many, this may be the power of a psychedelic substance that, once ingested, whisks the mind beyond its rational boundaries into the transpersonal realms of experience.

Robert Monroe suggests a gentler form of dissociation to reach the transpersonal. He tells people, as they deepen their relaxation, to put their rational mind and blocking beliefs into a sealed box that they will then retrieve after their journey. Freed of the weight of those blocks one can travel to the higher planes of emotional, mental and spiritual existence.

Blocking beliefs and rationality can also be allowed to remain while healing suggestions are incessantly and rotely repeated. It is not necessary for the conscious mind to believe in a suggestion; its job is to impress, via saturation, the subconscious to the point that it takes up its imperative.

What is required of the conscious mind is to have the faith that, despite all its doubts and blocks, anything is possible, and to perseveringly repeat the healing suggestions. The caveat is to not attach to the outcome.

Healing is a mysterious journey that requires us to let go of control and track the path presented in response to our healing suggestion. Sometimes that path might deepen the illness through a healing crisis that results in major transformation. Sometimes that path leads to death’s door, a healing that requires the ultimate transformation beyond human form.

Though we share our lives with others at various levels of transparency and intimacy, when it comes to healing suggestions there is great benefit to keeping the existence of those suggestions to oneself. Avoiding the trappings of self-importance, as well as the adverse suggestions of others, gives one’s suggestions optimal opportunity for an audience with the subconscious mind, the one part of the self that truly does have the power to heal.

No one knows,

*The Law of Psychic Phenomena, Thomson Jay Hudson

Chuck’s Place: Finding Stability in the Destruction of Now

Bringing chaos into order…
-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Ancient Hindu mystics predicted, with precision, the dire circumstances of the epoch in which we now live; they named it Kali Yuga. As the final stage of a repetitive cycle of four cosmic seasons, Kali Yuga is the moral rockbottom for humanity. It is currently expressed in the atrocities we are now living through, replete with loss of life, and lack of compassion and virtue.

The impersonal energetic imperative of this cosmic era is nature’s insistence that our collective shadow, with its destructive energy from all that has been repressed, erupt upon the terrestrial surface of the Earth, deeply wounding and splitting apart life as we have known it.

The intent of this energetic lightning bolt is to break apart our consensus reality—an agreed upon union of opposites of now tenuous solidity—to ultimately facilitate the creation of a more perfect union of opposites with which to nurture and support new life.

At present, our wholeness is being shattered into its constituent parts, which are opposites. The polarization we see and experience everywhere is the emotional state of these opposites. They are vying for dominance, warring to generate a new world order that is controlled by their polarized points of view.

The repressed emotional hot lava, that has metaphorically reached the terrestrial surface from the earth’s core, are beliefs and actions from prior eras of human history. The dynamic of a final solution to the challenge of opposites that gave rise to the Holocaust has reemerged today, with its emphasis on complete elimination of one’s opposite as the only solution to achieve stability.

This dynamic is active in the Middle East and Ukraine, and is certainly at the heart of the great American divide. The heightened tension between polarized extremes has given rise to a self-protectiveness and a self-righteousness that justifies violence and eschews the possibility of peaceful coexistence. At present, eliminating and punishing the opposition is the dominating strategy to resolve the clash of opposites throughout the world.

Social media is a war zone of opposites seeking to vex and destroy each other. Politicians pander to polarized issues and groups, seeking victory and rule through dominance versus a reconciliation that includes a rightful home for all the opposites.

Humans did not create Kali Yuga, but they do have their personal stamp upon the issues it has brought to the surface. How we reckon with what we must reckon with is of human decision making and responsibility. Finding stability rests in the hands of free will. Though one might feel instinctual rage from lethal attack, consciousness allows for  the possibility of higher levels of human response and reconciliation.

Stability begins with the knowing that this time of Kali Yuga issues from nature itself. The goddess Kali brings about a time of change that must go through destruction and death en route to renewal and new life. Even the Death card, in the Tarot deck, represents this inevitable stage in the cycle of life; a necessity for transformative change.

The death and resurrection motif in Christianity is central to spiritual evolution. Though concretely symbolized in the form of a crucifix, death symbolizes the letting go of a prior consensus reality in order to allow for life in a new and more stable union of opposites. The process of getting there is indeed a painful process.

No one can escape Kali’s energy. Within all of us is a personal consensus reality that has ruled our greater personality. The destructive energy of Kali is rattling our own ruling belief systems, as the ego is inundated with the energy of the complexes it has suppressed.

Complexes range from primal desires and needs to repressed personal traumas; from unsolved ancestral dramas to one’s soul’s mission for coming into this life.

Often our personal consensus belief system is ruled by an illusion or delusion that favors one pole at the expense of its opposite. Perhaps we are so dominated by rationality that we reject the irrational and emotional. In the time of Kali Yuga, we will not escape fits of passion or depression.

Ruthless honesty, within the self, offers the equanimity necessary to know the truth of one’s fuller self. Self-acceptance, and reconciliation with all that one is, is the prerequisite to individuation, a reconciliation with one’s whole self that gives rise to a more fully inclusive consensus reality to live by. This is how one achieves stability in this time of destruction.

The most powerful spiritual tool now available to all of us is being blatantly showcased in this time of Kali Yuga: The power of suggestion. Politicians boastfully chuckle at their power to exercise the power of suggestion to impact masses of people to bend toward their stated suggestions.

The power of the subconscious mind to heal is unparalleled. The power of the subconscious mind to destroy is equally unparalleled. All rests in the integrity of the one who suggests. Autosuggestion in alignment with the true needs of healing is the key to a more perfect union.

Suggestion is what the shamans call intent. Intent is the creator. Shamans maintain that humanity is asleep at the wheel of their power, unavailable to take command of their intent. When asleep at the wheel, we allow old programs, or the suggestions of others, to rule our personal creative force. That creative force molds our consensus reality.

When we wake up to this power, as the shocks of Kali rock our world, we are offered the opportunity to take back our own power, to mould and create our world, through conscious autosuggestion.

Stability rests in our faith in, and exercise of, our birthright to self-determination in the intent we hold for our lives. Turn your own intent in the direction of a more perfect union, within and without.

State, with authority and conviction, what your rational mind might even doubt is possible. Expand your rationality to include the possibility of a healing solution. Employ your rational mind often to express this intent to the subconscious mind.

Once the subconscious adopts the suggestion, it will become its truth. Fueled by its faith, the subconscious will employ its creator ability to manifest the stated intent.

Intending stability,

Soulbyte for Tuesday September 19, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

There is a part of you that knows that magical thinking is not just hocus-pocus, that there is power in thought. To speak to yourself in glowing terms has an effect, just as the use of your own energy to promote health and healing has an effect. Put to good use the power of your own mind by turning negative thoughts into more than just positive thoughts. Turn you own energy into its vibrant healing tone, the sound of you taking charge. Tune up your vibration with the power of your own intent, your own focused mind, and your own unbending belief in yourself.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday December 13, 2022

-Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Turn your worry energy into positive vibrations so that it gets used in a good way. Rather than worrying that someone is not living their life well or has issues to resolve, send them loving vibrations, healing energy, and positive reinforcement. Without judging others, give all you can toward their positive energetic realignment. Your own energy honed into an energetic cone of intent for healing and prosperity will do a world of good.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne