Credentials and Policies

I, Chuck Ketchel, aka Charles W. Ketchel, am a psychotherapist in practice since 1984, with the following certifications and trainings:

  1. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSWR) in the state of New York, license # 031920-1. Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Commonwealth of Virginia, license # 0904011232
  2. Certified therapist in EMDR since 1999 through EMDRIA 
  3. Certified Hypnotherapist since 2007 through the National Guild of Hypnotists 
  4. 1st degree Black Belt (1996) World Tae Kwon Do Association
  5. Tensegrity Practitioner: since 1995; extensive training and practice in the shamanistic magical passes taught by Carlos Castaneda under the auspices of Cleargreen.
  6. Yoga practitioner: 40 years of individual self-taught practice with sporadic traditional training. I have no teaching certification in Yoga.
  7. I Ching: 40+ years of experience using this synchronistic phenomenon, both personally and professionally. Studied the I Ching at the C. G. Jung Institute in New York City, however, I hold no certification in this methodology.

With my training and experience I am well equipped to treat a broad spectrum of problems through a variety of modalities as deemed appropriate, with the full knowledge and consent of the client.

I accept no health insurance.

Clients are expected to give 24-hour cancellation notice. Emergencies are an exception. Failure to do so will result in the expectation of payment for the reserved time.

I am located in Faber, Virginia. Sessions are conducted in person, via online platform or phone.

Please Note: Client records are available to client upon request. I keep only one set of records. Records must be provided to a court of law if subpoenaed, or to another provider per client’s written request. I will not knowingly treat anyone pursuing legal action related to the problem they present. My focus is strongly problem resolution. I cannot be involved in the adversarial process of legal claims. I advise clients to either suspend treatment until a legal issue is resolved or find another provider comfortable with working within the dual focus. I am not.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR