Psychotherapy as I Practice It

Chuck Ketchel, LCSW

Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor

Certified in EMDR, Certified Hypnotherapist

Psychotherapy, as I Practice It

Psychotherapy is a modern healing art, as well as a spiritual path akin to many ancient traditions, which guides seekers through this world and parts the veils of the greater mysteries of life.

A seasoned psychotherapist has spent years of academic study and training practicing the art of therapy, mastering both the ancient knowledge and modern science. Perhaps most important is the therapist’s own inner journey, the depth of exploration, and the willingness to discover, and face, personal truths.

I approach psychotherapy from the perspective that everything is possible and with the consideration of all events in life as synchronistic and meaningful. I discovered a long time ago that there is far more to us, and the world, than the complacency of everyday life. When I enter the consulting room I am deeply respectful of the trust being placed in me. Each client is unique; there are no categories for me. I have no preset agenda. I seek to meet and connect with the person before me in utter clarity. Our meeting and the process that unfolds is a creative, collaborative process. The spontaneity of this process guides the therapy. I trust that my client’s intent in coming has activated an energetic process of growth, healing, and discovery that it is our job to discover and track. Each journey is unique.

To undertake the psychotherapeutic journey requires deep courage. It is a journey fraught with challenges, ranging from fear to trauma, often prompted out of dire necessity, as unrelenting symptoms interfere with the normal progress of life. Psychotherapy is a means to finding the clarity and courage to overcome these blockages to fulfillment. It is not a technical procedure where an expert cures a patient, but is instead the commitment to a journey of discovery, without preconceptions, into the unknown, where uncomfortable truths, which are responsible for debilitating symptoms, must be confronted. My guiding premise is that the only thing that matters is the truth. Beyond those truths lie the untapped resources of the self. Feelings, intuitions, thoughts, dreams, and synchronistic occurrences are signposts that guide the journey, activated by the intent to heal and free the evolving self. In addition, the process of that journey may involve using many tools, including but not limited to EMDRRecapitulationMartial ArtsYoga, breath work, dream interpretation and I Ching readings.

I believe that the psychotherapist must be a dedicated student of inner truth in order to guide others on life’s journey, and that personal experience is the only way to achieve knowing and deep change. Though at times very difficult, as the journey progresses a re-alignment of the self occurs, resulting in new balance and vitality for life. On an individual level, this means the realization of one’s true potential. On a relational level, the experience of deep union and love. On a spiritual level, the realization of one’s purpose for being in this life, and the ability to acquiesce to it. I thoroughly trust the journey.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR