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Greetings to all whose physical lives were sacrificed,

On the battlefields of Earth in all times past and present.
To those who have yet to become aware of their changed life status,
Caught still in the PTSD of battlefield trauma,
Be awakened now by the thoughts and prayers of your earthly Brethren.
Look around at the oft relived scenes of your prior battles;
Notice they are no longer substantial.
Notice the luminous transparency of your Spirit body.
Yes you have died and yes you live.
Turn your gaze upward to the loving faces, the welcoming arms,
Of those family, friends and comrades who predeceased you.
Join them in your new lightness of being.
Sending love and good cheer from this dimension to yours,
Let us remain connected in Spirit even across this denser divide,
In time we will all fully unite.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSW
May 31, 2021

All The Gifts You Are Given

New Book by J. E. Ketchel

Dear Reader,

At some point in life, I decided I was not going to be a victim of my circumstances, but I had to question, what could I do to understand the circumstances that life had led me into? That was the beginning of my shamanic journey of recapitulation. The Recapitulation Diaries tell the story of that journey of change.

A new book, All The Gifts You Are Given: Re-imagining the life you are in, from a higher spiritual plane, gives further insight into how to question and evolve in the life circumstances we find ourselves in. This is not based on my own life but comes from a higher plane of knowledge, which we all have access to.

This new book could not have been written had I not taken the arduous journey of recapitulation, a journey to retrieval of my own soul and the journey it had thus far taken, understanding it all from a new and deeply satisfying perspective. Horrible and beautiful in its unfolding, that journey nonetheless brought me back to my true self and connection to the knowledge of the greater Universe of which we are all a part, that which we all sense and so long for.

This knowledge of and connection to the true spirit within all of us are what Chuck and I write and speak about, and with which we seek only to inspire others.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from spirit is to have patience.

“Don’t push,” Spirit says, “if you wait, what you need will come to you in the right way.”

Sending you love,


Available on Amazon: All The Gifts You Are Given

In Retreat

For a few days we are taking a much needed retreat from our daily routine, so postings and “official” Soulbytes will be sporadic. Today this did come through:
Pay attention to your dreams, for they contain more about you than you know.
Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne & Chuck, whose blog is to come later.