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A Meditation for January 20, 2024

“The wounded frequently want to hurt others. Meanness is not always involved but an unconscious bitterness that wants to control. The worst wounds are not always physical. Some who have suffered psychological wounds are bent on full payment whether or not it is due. The pity of it is, the wounded is the only one that cannot escape. Pain and unforgiveness are replayed day after day—as though sadness is an honorable reason never to heal. Whole lifetimes are given to demanding respect and veneration—for no other reason than life has dealt them a wound, a wound that would heal if there were a little love.” – From A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume 2, Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Peace On Earth & Good Will to All

-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Our Daily Soulbytes and weekly blogs are on pause while we pull inward after a year of beautiful interaction with the many people we are privileged to be in contact with and as we enter into a time of deep, soulful contemplation. If we are right within ourselves then our world also has the opportunity to get right as well.

First postings in the New Year begin on Monday January 8, 2024. We look forward to reconnecting then.

Peace on Earth and Good Will to All.

Jan & Chuck