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On Vacation

Just a reminder that we are on vacation until Monday September 14, 2020, so no Soulbytes or blogs will be posted until then. In the meantime, here’s a lovely 30 minute meditation using the sound of gently flowing water, a great healer if ever there was one, which you might find helpful during these very stressful times. Use headphones and enjoy! And thanks to the Monroe Institute for giving this so freely!

Be well,

Jan and Chuck

Deep Guidance for Now from The Mother

“…Suppose someone insults you; if in the face of these insults, you can remain immobile (not only outwardly, I mean integrally), without being shaken or touched in any way: you are there like a force against which one can do nothing and you do not reply, you do not make a gesture, you do not say a word, all the insults thrown at you leave you absolutely untouched, within and without; you can keep your heart-beats absolutely quiet, you can keep the thoughts in your head quite immobile and calm without their being in the least disturbed, that is, your head does not answer immediately by similar vibrations and your nerves don’t feel clenched with the need to return a few blows to relieve themselves; if you can be like that, you have a static power, and it is infinitely more powerful than if you had that kind of force which makes you answer insult by insult, blow by blow and agitation by agitation.” -THE MOTHER

-From Powers Within, Selections from the Works of SRI AUROBINDO and THE MOTHER

Happy Thanksgiving

Sending love and good wishes to everyone as we take a few days off. Next postings will be on Monday December 2, 2019.

Whether you are spending the holiday alone or in the company of others, be with what is, with gratitude for life itself, the incredible journey of great importance that you are on.

Sending you love,

Chuck & Jan