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Create a Shortcut to Riverwalker

How to create a shortcut to Riverwalker Press: If you have an iPhone and would like quick access to our Soulbytes and blogs you can create an icon that goes directly to the home screen on your iPhone. It will appear on your home screen just as any other App icon you download. So, rather than having to search for Riverwalker in the Safari browser every time you want to read our offerings you simply tap the icon and it will take you directly to our website.

Thanks for reading and we hope you are enjoying our offerings!

Here are instructions on how to do this:

Add a website icon to your Home Screen

20 Years After: Our Book Updated!



We are very excited to announce a new version of The Book of Us! 20 years after Jeanne transitioned into the Afterlife, a newly revised version of THE BOOK OF US: A Story of Relationship in Life, Death, and the Afterlife is now available. This updated version contains new introductions by the three authors, photographs, notes from 2021, and updated and revamped channeled material.

As Jeanne says in her introduction: “Practice love in everything you do and you are practicing the work of the angels. Become Earth Angels in this way. Be loving always.”

And so, we, her partners here on Earth, send our book out into the world once again, with gratitude for her continued teachings about the meaning and importance of love as our most necessary tool for change.

Available in both paperback and e-book at The Book of Us