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Chuck’s Place: Holding Space For Possibility Beyond Influence

Choose a path with heart…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

We live now in an age of extraverted influence where the mind is preoccupied with the narratives, messages and suggestions of outside influencers.

The energy that sustains these entities is largely drawn from the mental and emotional attention we supply them with, in our reactions to power dynamics exercised by the various players. It’s like a sport, where we identify with, and root for, our chosen team. The subtle energy of emotion powerfully shapes the creative outlet of its manifestation in physical reality.

My recent blogs have focused upon the power of self-hypnosis to generate change on the physical level of reality. The conscious exercise of autosuggestion allows one to assume personal responsibility for the creation of one’s own purely physical reality.

While it is true that outside influencers have infiltrated and saturated the news, social media, and atmospheric thought space with their intentions, everyone is free to think beyond these outer scripts and suggest to the subconscious a reality in harmony with their own personal intentions.

Predetermination must be accepted as a probability among all the permutations of all that is. Perhaps the  interplay of formerly repressed historical autocratic forces, now unleashed throughout the globe, is so great that we cannot avoid the tide of its destruction. However, despite the potential of that possible reality, the freedom to create still rests with each individual.

My predilection is for a world where truth, not manipulation for personal gain, is the guiding force. I seek not to influence anyone with this intent other than to awaken them to their own latent power to create. May they exercise that power with heart, whichever way that leans.

Evolution requires of us to evolve, not to simply follow. If, as a species, we must relive and remake the past before we can move forward, then that truly is where we are and what we must live through. I can be in acceptance of that probability. I see no alternative but complete acquiescence, with equanimity, to all possible outcomes for evolution to advance.

The truth is that life in time/space offers such an opportunity for the refinement of the love we possess, so that, regardless of the drama of our given time here, we can grow. Learning to love all, with detachment, is the highest form of spiritual love. This is the definition of a path with heart.

I am convinced that a sizable portion of humanity is aligned with the intention for the greater good of the planet. This can very well be the silent majority. To be in alignment with this intention is to suggest it to the subconscious, without revealing it outwardly. No need to be an influencer. When we peddle our wares, we awaken the algorithms of descent that then drag us into the mud of doubt and despair.

Instead, find spiritual companionship in the rightness of a path with heart, and in the subtle dimension of dreaming as well, where teachers readily support evolutionary intent.

Hold dearly to your inner truth as your guiding spirit. Never surrender your power to intend, your innate birthright. Become the loving outcome of your own evolutionary suggestions.

Hold space for possibility beyond influence,

Soulbyte for Friday January 19, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Balance remains the most important key to good health on all levels of being, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Without balance the whole self is not fully present or in charge to make good decisions, or able to sustain life in an evolving manner. Taking responsibility for the self, as a full-fledged adult is perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining balance. Without balance one becomes a victim. But to override that is simply a matter of deciding that it’s your life, after all, and that you are in change of every aspect of it, within and without. When you let things slide there is no one to blame except yourself and your own decision to do so. Balance, at its best, means juggling everything that comes to you, keeping yourself aloft so that each day begins with the joyous anticipation of a job to be done well and ends with the joyous knowledge that indeed it was!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: You Never Disappoint Your Soul

The wisdom of many lives…
-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

The question arises: “Who is the You, that never disappoints your Soul?” That you is your personality. And what is the personality?

The personality is a combination of the ego self, which is largely identified with life in the physical body; the subconscious mind, which stores the wisdom of many lives lived; and the High Self, which supports the intention for growth in this life.

The Soul itself is the subtle body that has spawned many lives and many personalities. Each of these has collectively gathered experience and knowledge that contributes to the Soul’s growth. Those prior lives are all connected to the subconscious mind and are reflected, as well, in various ego states and characteristics of the physical body.

The personality’s life in a physical body is the Soul’s investing of its energy in the quest for growth. For growth to happen, the personality must have the free will to set up its own experiments and make its own discoveries in the life it is in, all of which ultimately contribute to the growth of the Soul.

The Soul grows through life experience, not through a personality seeking refuge in simply being good, whereby suppressing into its shadow the fuller spectrum of life’s desires.  Although, even such an attempt at a virtuous life is a life of experience that benefits the Soul.

In this case, the Soul discovers that such a one-sided life creates the karmic necessity of another life  that can more fully experience the shadow held in abeyance. The Soul does not judge any life to have been a wasted or failed life. All experience is golden and treated with equanimity by the Soul.

Critical judgment issues from the personality. Perhaps its value is to create a restlessness that spurs the personality to stay on point with its core mission in this life.

The ego, however, with its limited knowledge of, and limited connection to, the subtler dimensions of its being, as well as its reason for being in this life, tends to overly judge itself in the context of its achievements and failures in this life. It lacks the richer perspective of its Soul, which appreciates equally all experiences in life.

Growth for the personality requires the maturation of its judging function. The shamans of ancient Mexico were particularly helpful in this respect, in their dictum to suspend judgment. They discovered that self-criticism had the effect of immobilizing one’s vital energy, which is  essential to achieve expanded awareness.

It’s not that shamans don’t face the truth of their actions and their consequences; they are in fact ruthlessly insistent upon facing the truth. However, shamans do not define themselves as failures, or as good or bad people. They acknowledge their faults and mistakes and make adjustments in their life to avoid repetition. Or they continue to repeat the same behaviors, accepting the need to finish with a “bad” behavior so that they can then be freed to move on.

Shamans laugh at themselves and are in awe of their blind spots and sheer stupidity. Shamanic wisdom knows that the key to spiritual advancement is complete acceptance of self in every action, thought, and feeling experienced through an entire life. How can we advance to new life if we cannot fully accept ourselves and our entire lives lived?

That acceptance must equally extend to every person who has harmed us in our life. Refusal to accept anything that has happened to us will automatically generate a seed of karma that will attempt acceptance again in another life. Refusal to accept freezes our energy and blocks our advance.

To advance we must free ourselves of any notion of victimhood. Although we may have been victimized, the key is not to freeze ourselves in the self-definition of victim. Acceptance requires full mastery of every fact of our life, however tragic. The Soul does not judge. The Soul values every experience equally. May the personality be guided by this wisdom.

Carl Jung established that there are two ego functions that judge in order to navigate this life: thinking and feeling. Thinking employs the rational mind, and logic, to determine the truth. Feeling uses feelings to actively determine the worth of something. Both of these functions support the ego’s understanding and valuing of life experience.

To exercise these evaluative functions is necessary to navigate life with objectivity. But the emphasis in these functions is to understand and make decisions, not to condemn and define the self with judgments of  inferiority, inadequacy, and unworthiness.

The Soul is never disappointed with us. Can we internalize this insinuation from above, and rise to the level of never being disappointed in ourselves and others? This erases no facts or responsibility but does advance us fully in love, through total acceptance of everything.

From a path of heart,

Soulbyte for Friday November 10, 2023

-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Keep your eye on the ball, on your ultimate goal. Whatever that may be at the moment, there is the greater goal to evolve in the life you are in, so keep that in mind as well. To evolve is to grow spiritually. So find your spirit, that which you are besides your physical self, besides your ego and your brilliant mind. Begin to live more fully from that spirit self, that kind, compassionate and loving self who waits for you each day upon waking and accompanies you each night in sleep and dreaming. That beautiful self seeks you as much as you seek it. Find each other and learn what it means to be at one with each other, how to be kind to self and others, and how to journey forth, hand in hand.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Finding Stability in the Destruction of Now

Bringing chaos into order…
-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Ancient Hindu mystics predicted, with precision, the dire circumstances of the epoch in which we now live; they named it Kali Yuga. As the final stage of a repetitive cycle of four cosmic seasons, Kali Yuga is the moral rockbottom for humanity. It is currently expressed in the atrocities we are now living through, replete with loss of life, and lack of compassion and virtue.

The impersonal energetic imperative of this cosmic era is nature’s insistence that our collective shadow, with its destructive energy from all that has been repressed, erupt upon the terrestrial surface of the Earth, deeply wounding and splitting apart life as we have known it.

The intent of this energetic lightning bolt is to break apart our consensus reality—an agreed upon union of opposites of now tenuous solidity—to ultimately facilitate the creation of a more perfect union of opposites with which to nurture and support new life.

At present, our wholeness is being shattered into its constituent parts, which are opposites. The polarization we see and experience everywhere is the emotional state of these opposites. They are vying for dominance, warring to generate a new world order that is controlled by their polarized points of view.

The repressed emotional hot lava, that has metaphorically reached the terrestrial surface from the earth’s core, are beliefs and actions from prior eras of human history. The dynamic of a final solution to the challenge of opposites that gave rise to the Holocaust has reemerged today, with its emphasis on complete elimination of one’s opposite as the only solution to achieve stability.

This dynamic is active in the Middle East and Ukraine, and is certainly at the heart of the great American divide. The heightened tension between polarized extremes has given rise to a self-protectiveness and a self-righteousness that justifies violence and eschews the possibility of peaceful coexistence. At present, eliminating and punishing the opposition is the dominating strategy to resolve the clash of opposites throughout the world.

Social media is a war zone of opposites seeking to vex and destroy each other. Politicians pander to polarized issues and groups, seeking victory and rule through dominance versus a reconciliation that includes a rightful home for all the opposites.

Humans did not create Kali Yuga, but they do have their personal stamp upon the issues it has brought to the surface. How we reckon with what we must reckon with is of human decision making and responsibility. Finding stability rests in the hands of free will. Though one might feel instinctual rage from lethal attack, consciousness allows for  the possibility of higher levels of human response and reconciliation.

Stability begins with the knowing that this time of Kali Yuga issues from nature itself. The goddess Kali brings about a time of change that must go through destruction and death en route to renewal and new life. Even the Death card, in the Tarot deck, represents this inevitable stage in the cycle of life; a necessity for transformative change.

The death and resurrection motif in Christianity is central to spiritual evolution. Though concretely symbolized in the form of a crucifix, death symbolizes the letting go of a prior consensus reality in order to allow for life in a new and more stable union of opposites. The process of getting there is indeed a painful process.

No one can escape Kali’s energy. Within all of us is a personal consensus reality that has ruled our greater personality. The destructive energy of Kali is rattling our own ruling belief systems, as the ego is inundated with the energy of the complexes it has suppressed.

Complexes range from primal desires and needs to repressed personal traumas; from unsolved ancestral dramas to one’s soul’s mission for coming into this life.

Often our personal consensus belief system is ruled by an illusion or delusion that favors one pole at the expense of its opposite. Perhaps we are so dominated by rationality that we reject the irrational and emotional. In the time of Kali Yuga, we will not escape fits of passion or depression.

Ruthless honesty, within the self, offers the equanimity necessary to know the truth of one’s fuller self. Self-acceptance, and reconciliation with all that one is, is the prerequisite to individuation, a reconciliation with one’s whole self that gives rise to a more fully inclusive consensus reality to live by. This is how one achieves stability in this time of destruction.

The most powerful spiritual tool now available to all of us is being blatantly showcased in this time of Kali Yuga: The power of suggestion. Politicians boastfully chuckle at their power to exercise the power of suggestion to impact masses of people to bend toward their stated suggestions.

The power of the subconscious mind to heal is unparalleled. The power of the subconscious mind to destroy is equally unparalleled. All rests in the integrity of the one who suggests. Autosuggestion in alignment with the true needs of healing is the key to a more perfect union.

Suggestion is what the shamans call intent. Intent is the creator. Shamans maintain that humanity is asleep at the wheel of their power, unavailable to take command of their intent. When asleep at the wheel, we allow old programs, or the suggestions of others, to rule our personal creative force. That creative force molds our consensus reality.

When we wake up to this power, as the shocks of Kali rock our world, we are offered the opportunity to take back our own power, to mould and create our world, through conscious autosuggestion.

Stability rests in our faith in, and exercise of, our birthright to self-determination in the intent we hold for our lives. Turn your own intent in the direction of a more perfect union, within and without.

State, with authority and conviction, what your rational mind might even doubt is possible. Expand your rationality to include the possibility of a healing solution. Employ your rational mind often to express this intent to the subconscious mind.

Once the subconscious adopts the suggestion, it will become its truth. Fueled by its faith, the subconscious will employ its creator ability to manifest the stated intent.

Intending stability,