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Soulbyte for Monday May 31, 2021

Hold steady in times of change and transformation, and remain upon the path of evolution, for is that not why you exist? To evolve? Everyone is spirit-in-matter and every spirit’s intent is to learn and to grow in Earth School, to find new purpose and meaning, and to learn the true meaning of love. Set about each day with these things in mind and allow yourself to take the changing path before you, the one your spirit has chosen and guides you upon, your true path of heart, a path of healing and growth, a path of love.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday May 28, 2021

Stay connected to your spirit at all times. Even though you may get pulled away and back into an old place it’s only an illusion of return, for your spirit is constantly in forward motion, introducing you to new directions, new ideas, new experiences and a new you. Stay in the present, even as you visit the past. Both have value, but the present is your gift to your future self while the past only need be settled, reconciled with, and healed from. Let go of old attachments and grab onto everything new coming your way. Now is a time of transition, and though the way may not always be clear, it is clearly in the direction of progress.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne


That critical moment of Mother love…

As Jan and I drove past the farm, in New Land, where we live, a calf sat calmly and contentedly outside the fence, completely undisturbed by its separation from  the herd. Following protocol, we notified the farmer of its predicament.

When we returned later, that calf had rejoined the herd, but strikingly we discovered that another calf had just been born, on the inside of the fence but with its back legs protruding under the fence.

Jan, seeing its predicament, worried that it was stuck under the fence and sensing that the mother was in some distress, stopped the car, and I got out to see if I could help. As I approached, the mother began licking her newborn and the rest of the herd stirred and headed in my direction, letting me know that I was unwelcome. I did note that the calf’s legs could easily slide back under the fence.

When we drove by again, later in the day, the newborn calf was still sitting in the same place, but both mother and herd had moved away to another field. The calf sat calmly alone, looking into space, like the first calf we’d seen earlier in the morning.

Newborn calves are supposed to stand and nurse within a couple of hours of birth. If they can’t, mother cow moves on, delivering its child to its fate. We did call the farmer once again, noting how strange it seemed that the calf had not budged, though its legs were now safely inside the fence. He said that he’d come around to check it out.

Interestingly, the first calf of the day was a sign that life was preparing to move on to another plane. The soul of the newborn calf, its etheric body, had touched briefly in physical life but would soon shed its fleshy garment and calmly enter life on the astral plane. The innate archetypal program of mother love assessed its child’s condition and knew to leave it to transition. The calf, very acceptingly, prepared to leave.

The human newborn requires extensive postnatal time and much maternal involvement to reach the level of autonomy of a calf, which can walk within minutes of birth. The attachment to mother, via loving attunement, is critical for the human infant to come fully online and thrive. Failure to thrive, death, or lifelong psychosis are the consequences of non-attachment at this critical early stage of human development.

Donald Winnicott, the famous British pediatrician and psychoanalyst, coined the phrase good enough mother to relieve mothers of lifelong guilt around having failed to execute, to perfection, the requirements of the mother archetype for their children, and to free them from holding themselves responsible for their children’s subsequent struggles later in life.

Essentially, he confirmed that early love and attachment for one’s newborn meets the basic requirements to allow a child to continue to grow into an autonomous being. Like all humans, mothers struggle with their own narcissism, which may impact their availability to tune in to their growing children; however, if they were good enough at the critical early stage, their children will continue to evolve, albeit with perhaps developmental challenges and neurotic conflicts. It will be the challenge of the child, in their own adult life, not the mother, to solve the challenge of unmet needs. Parents cannot heal their adult children.

My first wife, Jeanne, was adopted at birth by parents who fully met her archetypal needs for loving care and attachment. Mother love was provided and received. She thrived in her life, as a dancer, therapist, wife and exceptional mother. A few days before she died, we reached the clarity that it was necessary for cancer to break down her body, as its perfection had been a shield against her primal issue, felt rejection by her birth mother.

For Jeanne, mother love had been quite adequate, as she developmentally soared. The issue was not a lack of mother love; the issue had been primal rejection. After she died, she was able to connect with her birth mother, who was then in another life, and assisted in midwifing that woman’s birthing of a child, enabling the healing of that primal wound.

Psychic scientist Edward Randall reported about a soul who had died as an infant and later shared her afterlife journey with him, in his seminal book, The Dead Have Never Died. She stated that she was mothered by women in the afterlife whom had been denied motherhood in their previous lives on Earth. She described, as well, how she was taken in her soul body to her birth mother in sleep, where she would rest lovingly in her arms.

Sleep and dreams are natural times for meetings in soul bodies between dimensions. This girl soul expressed her appreciation for this connection between planes and particularly noted the joy of lucid encounters in dreams with relatives.

I am quite certain that the little calf soul, who briefly experienced its mother’s love in her licking of it, is well nurtured on the plane it arrived at and also visits its earthly mother in nightly dreams. Love never dies; it evolves exponentially, as we deepen our infinite journey. Mother love is critical to initiate that journey on this plane, however sparse or of short duration it might be.

The archetype of mother child love requires but a moment’s meeting to release a soul to begin its separate-self journey. As well, there are many opportunities between dimensions and lives to revisit and reconnect. We’re probably all doing it all the time, every time we fall asleep and dream, though we are mostly not aware.

The key to mother love is the switch it turns on to enable an infant to truly continue its autonomous journey, as a being separate from the maternal matrix it arrived through, into human life. Non-biological loving mothers fully fulfill this key function, though adoptive children may have to address an underlying feeling of primal rejection.

Though attachment with mother throughout childhood will further a child’s inner security to launch into deepening autonomy, the child who has experienced mother love at the beginning of human life is gifted with the ability to recover within themselves that love, regardless of subsequent relational conditions in life. Love turned on may be displaced, but it can never be turned off.

With love,


All The Gifts You Are Given

New Book by J. E. Ketchel

Dear Reader,

At some point in life, I decided I was not going to be a victim of my circumstances, but I had to question, what could I do to understand the circumstances that life had led me into? That was the beginning of my shamanic journey of recapitulation. The Recapitulation Diaries tell the story of that journey of change.

A new book, All The Gifts You Are Given: Re-imagining the life you are in, from a higher spiritual plane, gives further insight into how to question and evolve in the life circumstances we find ourselves in. This is not based on my own life but comes from a higher plane of knowledge, which we all have access to.

This new book could not have been written had I not taken the arduous journey of recapitulation, a journey to retrieval of my own soul and the journey it had thus far taken, understanding it all from a new and deeply satisfying perspective. Horrible and beautiful in its unfolding, that journey nonetheless brought me back to my true self and connection to the knowledge of the greater Universe of which we are all a part, that which we all sense and so long for.

This knowledge of and connection to the true spirit within all of us are what Chuck and I write and speak about, and with which we seek only to inspire others.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from spirit is to have patience.

“Don’t push,” Spirit says, “if you wait, what you need will come to you in the right way.”

Sending you love,


Available on Amazon: All The Gifts You Are Given

Chuck’s Place: Spirit Openings

Spirit Openings…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In a recent channeling, through Jan, Jeanne assured us that spirit forces are presently heavily engaged in influencing life upon planet Earth. She encouraged that we remain positive and continue to work on our own spiritual advancement. And truly, how does one spiritually advance?

First of all, we are all spirit beings, currently attached to our wondrous human cocoon. We are surrounded by spirit beings who have released their fleshly garments and continue to live their lives on finer material planes. Continued evolution on those planes requires that one fully square with the truths of life lived while in human form. For many spirit beings, this means lives of service and making amends.

Life beyond the physical exists at a much higher vibrational speed, and the method of action is largely mental. Thus, spirits in service to humankind bring positive, encouraging thoughts and inspirations to loved ones or others in need. Spirits are also able to impact electricity and other occurrences in nature. Thus, the synchronicities we experience each day are often spirit messages and affirmations.

Our openness and willingness to receive spirit help directly impacts our contact with spirit forces. A note of caution here. State to the spirit world your intent to only receive support from benevolent spirits. The truth is that many spirit entities who have left human life in the flesh are reluctant to leave human life in the spirit. Practically speaking, this means they remain earthbound in focus, seeking to parasitically continue human experience by attaching to and influencing human behavior.

Spirits at this stage have either failed to realize they have died or simply remain addicted to life in the physical body. They will eventually evolve, when they grow bored of their empty imaginings and are ready to place the light of truth upon their greed, and become helpful spirits.

Ironically, spirits at this stage of narcissism perform a valuable service to their human victims. Spirits could not gain entry into our human life if we didn’t provide them with an opening. That opening is generally our own attachment to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, our own addictive tendencies.

Often, we employ various defense mechanisms to shield ourselves from the truth of our collusion with excessive or unhealthy behaviors. These blind spots open the door to hungry spirits impacting our thoughts, moods and behaviors. These heightened states of acting out also offer consciousness and conscience the opportunity to become aware and take responsibility for our hidden compulsions.

These aha moments illustrate the ‘service’ provided by even malevolent spirits to help us spiritually advance. With increased awareness we can choose to align our thoughts and actions with right action. The less we burden our spirits with ignorance, confusion and lies, while in human form, the freer our spirits will be to advance at our time of passing.

As spirit beings, while in physical life, we are also able to access and develop the power of thought to advance spiritually now. Thoughts are the commodity, the currency of spirit life. Imagination is the master builder of life beyond the physical body. However, though densely veiled, imagination is the prime mover in physical life as well.

Our freedom to imagine health and loving support to all human beings impacts their feelings and decisions. In my imagination I can send love and healing energy to the most recalcitrant of beings on earth. In so doing, I both lighten my personal load of negativity and spiritually advance to embrace the equanimity of every moment and every being.

Take advantage of spirit openings by asking for help from beneficent spirits, by facing the truths and lessons brought through malevolent spirits and by exercising the spirit power of positive thought and imagination. See what happens!

In loving spirit,