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Chuck’s Place: Holding Space For Possibility Beyond Influence

Choose a path with heart…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

We live now in an age of extraverted influence where the mind is preoccupied with the narratives, messages and suggestions of outside influencers.

The energy that sustains these entities is largely drawn from the mental and emotional attention we supply them with, in our reactions to power dynamics exercised by the various players. It’s like a sport, where we identify with, and root for, our chosen team. The subtle energy of emotion powerfully shapes the creative outlet of its manifestation in physical reality.

My recent blogs have focused upon the power of self-hypnosis to generate change on the physical level of reality. The conscious exercise of autosuggestion allows one to assume personal responsibility for the creation of one’s own purely physical reality.

While it is true that outside influencers have infiltrated and saturated the news, social media, and atmospheric thought space with their intentions, everyone is free to think beyond these outer scripts and suggest to the subconscious a reality in harmony with their own personal intentions.

Predetermination must be accepted as a probability among all the permutations of all that is. Perhaps the  interplay of formerly repressed historical autocratic forces, now unleashed throughout the globe, is so great that we cannot avoid the tide of its destruction. However, despite the potential of that possible reality, the freedom to create still rests with each individual.

My predilection is for a world where truth, not manipulation for personal gain, is the guiding force. I seek not to influence anyone with this intent other than to awaken them to their own latent power to create. May they exercise that power with heart, whichever way that leans.

Evolution requires of us to evolve, not to simply follow. If, as a species, we must relive and remake the past before we can move forward, then that truly is where we are and what we must live through. I can be in acceptance of that probability. I see no alternative but complete acquiescence, with equanimity, to all possible outcomes for evolution to advance.

The truth is that life in time/space offers such an opportunity for the refinement of the love we possess, so that, regardless of the drama of our given time here, we can grow. Learning to love all, with detachment, is the highest form of spiritual love. This is the definition of a path with heart.

I am convinced that a sizable portion of humanity is aligned with the intention for the greater good of the planet. This can very well be the silent majority. To be in alignment with this intention is to suggest it to the subconscious, without revealing it outwardly. No need to be an influencer. When we peddle our wares, we awaken the algorithms of descent that then drag us into the mud of doubt and despair.

Instead, find spiritual companionship in the rightness of a path with heart, and in the subtle dimension of dreaming as well, where teachers readily support evolutionary intent.

Hold dearly to your inner truth as your guiding spirit. Never surrender your power to intend, your innate birthright. Become the loving outcome of your own evolutionary suggestions.

Hold space for possibility beyond influence,