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Soulbyte for Tuesday January 18, 2022

To do what’s right for the self may be one thing but to do right by others another. When making decisions that involve others, weigh all sides and take the self out of the mix, for in such a case the desires of the self are not as important as the needs of the whole. Politicians have unfortunately forgotten this and thus the world is headed in a direction of calamity for most inhabitants. Avoid this mistake in your personal life by staying attuned to the needs of the whole so that all may benefit, including the self in the long run.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday January 17, 2022

Nurture your energy with sustainable sustenance rather than with that which merely pleases. Far better to seek moderation and consistency than to overdue or overextend in any way. A moderate lifestyle encompasses everything in small amounts, creating satisfaction and balance so that all parts of the self are happy and contented. Nurture yourself, body and spirit, in this moderate way. Through a practice of moderation both body and spirit will not only happily survive but also blissfully thrive!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday January 14, 2022

Create good space around you and inside you. Take care of yourself so that your energy is flowing, your stamina readily available, and your body healthy. Make space within yourself for all that you wish to see in the world and in those you love, for you cannot help another if you do not carry within yourself those characteristics you wish to see in others. Sometimes that’s all you can do, change the self, and then wait patiently for slow change to follow your good example. Create good space within and without in your own personal world and then see what happens.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday January 12, 2022

When love is the guiding force in your life every decision you make is the right one, every step you take is a step in the right direction, every act is an act of love, and everything you do comes from a place of love. Keep your loving self alive and well by keeping your thoughts loving as well. Wake up each morning with love in your heart for yourself and you will be full of love for others as well. Without judgment, turn first to love and let it be the force that guides you through your day. You can’t go wrong with love!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Technology of Love

The refinement of love…
Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

During his journeys in infinity, Bob Monroe came to understand that we, in our world, are charged with refining the heavy, raw materials of love, which we are all endowed with, into a very high-frequency, subtle energy that can traverse the highest levels of subtle being.

If we consider that life is a progression—from living in a densely packed energy container, known as a physical body, to a more subtle high-frequency energy state known as the soul body, as we transform from physical to pure spiritual existence when we die—then it is self-evident that the love we experience in physical form must be refined to a much higher subtle vibration to continue to accompany us in our evolutionary journey beyond physical life.

We are all programmed at birth to seek attention. Receiving “good enough” attention initiates the journey of refining our love potential. If we survived childhood, the most basic need of feeling loved, regardless of how compromised, was satisfied enough to allow life to progress.

Love in these primal stages of life is highly dependent upon the provisions of sustaining material resources and consistent, connected caretaking. The lower chakras of the human energy system are the centers connected to love in this dense physical form at this stage of life. Thus, the safety of a secure home, together with the nurturance of caretakers, is the focus of love.

Childhood is a stage of normal narcissism, as the dominance of one’s dependency requires one to see others as need-fulfilling objects. The existence of other as a separate being, with their own needs, requires a physical and emotional maturity unencumbered by the dominance of outer dependency.

The bridge between the lower and upper chakras is the heart. The heart is the major transformer of love, from dense material dependence to the lightness of connection beyond narcissistic need. Just compare the heaviness of sadness and anger at unmet needs to the joy and exuberance of sharing with a resonant being. 

How does the heart perform such a transformation of love energy? First and foremost, it is necessary to allow oneself to feel one’s feelings within the containment of the heart. Typically, the intense emotions of need, wanting, and disappointment burst out from the solar plexus, bypassing the heart, landing at the throat chakra, seeking verbal expression.

This energetic rush often causes the throat to lock, like a tripped electric circuit overwhelmed by the intensity of energy presented to it. Unrefined emotions are either trapped in the throat or result in powerfully expressed verbal demands upon others.

Emotion felt in the caldron of the heart can be transmuted through heart centered breathing. Breathing into and out of the heart performs a netting effect that Jan was taught during a meditation, where a net runs through the heavy clumps of emotion, promoting a lightness and free-flow of energy.

With the heaviness of emotional energy somewhat lightened, one is freed to recapitulate the experience that generated the intense emotion. Generally, one discovers that the root of the issue is a perceived slight to one’s value and self-importance by the actions of another. This is a stirring of the lower chakras, still attached to needs requiring material response or attention from the other person.

With refined heart-centered awareness, one’s adult self can extend loving compassion toward one’s younger self and engage in a process of helping it achieve full acceptance and understanding of the truth of its life lived. Releasing all energy of being offended, in the cauldron of the heart, as well as attending to one’s own primal needs, raises the vibration of love energy, allowing it to smoothly rise to the throat chakra and beyond.

This purified love can be expressed to another person without need for reciprocation, as the state of loving compassion radiates in one’s energetic field. This is the love that rises higher and higher in loving compassion for all beings. This pure radiance is sure to attract similar energy in resonant traveling companions.

This refined love grasps the interdependent oneness of everything and is capable of extending itself to caring for the needs of the planet, and all beings, regardless of their shortsightedness or dominant narcissism. This is the love that can help inorganic beings to release their attachment to the physical world and continue their journey forward in their energy body.

This is the love that has no need to reincarnate, as it is fully available to continue to refine as it navigates toward ultimate wholeness in infinity.

The heart is the most important technology center in which to produce this high-frequency love vibration—truly the ultimate key to the kingdom.

In loving compassion,