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Soulbyte for Thursday February 21, 2019

Maintain balance. Get to know your inner Angels and your inner Demons, and without pitting them against each other ask for civility, respect, and full acknowledgment that thus is life in Earth School, a constant play between the two. They are your greatest teachers and advocates. Each has its place, each has its knowledge, each has its wisdom to impart. To maintain balance within the self is to love both aspects equally, to admire each for their steadfastness, their strength and fortitude, their commitment to teaching you as you journey through life. No exception, everyone has them.

So, be kind and compassionate as you observe the struggles of others and as you struggle too. For there is no real progress if your Demons and Angels do not appear to contradict, to push and taunt, to inspire, challenge, and instigate new activity and growth. Engage them, talk to them. Find out what they want from you and get to know how they work through you. Ask for their help and blessings, Angels and Demons alike. You may realize that neither is better nor worse than the other and that they love you equally and wish only for your best. Sometimes the greatest teachers are the ones you wish only to escape from.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday December 12, 2018

Plan for a new approach to life and the circumstances you find yourself in. Pay attention to your body as it tells you its likes and dislikes, as it struggles to get your attention, as it tries to alert you to what is truly going on inside you. Pay attention to your loving heart as it too tries to alert you to what you are ignoring, missing, getting wrong. Pay attention to your inner spirit as it also speaks constantly to you in a myriad of ways, as only spirit can. Face that it’s time to do things differently without, in the greater world too. You are a reflection of the world and it is a reflection of you. What you feel, it feels. What you observe going on with it, it observes going on with you. What you know about it, it knows equally about you, for a reflection is honest in every way. Plan for new approaches, new changes, curtailing that which is excessive so that that which is truly right may emerge and participate in a new world. But most of all, in body and spirit, let love rule now. Within and without, let love rule.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday November 16, 2018

Be at peace in knowing that this time too shall pass. But this time, do not let it pass without learning something meaningful. Do not let it pass as just another day unlived. Live it to the fullest, with awareness that you are choosing to be fully present, fully anchored, fully trusting, and fully open. Live today with eyes wide open, with heart wide open, and with giving of many kindnesses. Let today be different.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday October 2, 2018

Protect yourself from that which drains your energy. Embrace that which enhances your energy. Certain things you do have been telling you for a long time that they are not good for you. You know what they are and yet you continue to do them. When you are finally ready to let them go, do so with gratitude for their having taught you something and for having advanced you to a new stage where you can be without them. Notice what is good for your energy and use it wisely so that it does not just become another energy drain, for even a good thing is not good in too much measure. Seek balance in all things, within and without, so that nothing is denied if it is necessary, and nothing is overly done if it is not really needed. Have that which is good for you in good measure and have not that which is detrimental. It can take a lifetime to work this out, but it is work well worth doing!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday September 25, 2018

Pay attention to the physical as much as you do the spiritual. Bring the two into alignment in your body, the house of now, where they yearn to reside together in peace and harmony, two halves of the whole you. When one gets too much attention, the other suffers. When one is made more important, the other feels neglected. When one is given too much, the other feels negated and unworthy. Call upon each of them, body and spirit, to acknowledge and help each other. Allow your heart to be their place of meeting and conversation, for from your heart love flows for both in equal measure. It is the connecting elixir that you need, the substance that really matters above all else. Love is the answer. Bring body and spirit together in the waves of your own loving heart, knowing that it really is okay to love yourself in this manner. In fact, what could be better than that!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne