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Chuck’s Place: The Tripartite Soul of Now

I am writing to the future, the day this will be published, the morning after the midterm elections. For the record, my final edit for this blog was on the morning of November 6, 2018, well in advance of outcomes in time and space. My intent is that the electorate free its mind from manipulation and vote from the heart for the greater good of all. I will accept the outcome of the election as a true reading of the status of our collective soul now.

Tripartite: heaven and earth with the light of the intellect in between…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I define mind as soul, the subtle body companion of our physical body for the duration of our lives in this world. The soul is a tripartite structure consisting of the inherent collective unconscious with its instinctive knowing, the ego with its intellect and capacity for reason, and the high self that is guided by infinity through intuition and love.

Recently, we have seen the rapid emergence of instinct, with its passionate emotions, take charge of world governance. This is an archetypal response, from the collective unconscious dimension of the soul, to the Earth’s current major reshaping and the primal dread it awakens at our animal core. Survival is its battle cry.

Our reasoning mind has either been convinced of instinct’s call to arms, and leant it support, or opposed its radical approach, embodying, instead, calls for greater unity and compassion.

The question for this midterm was whether the escalating instinctive approach would continue to grow, or a movement toward more inclusive values would begin to assert itself.

Regardless of outcome, the Earth will continue its radical changes, and the human animal will continue to experience fear and anxiety in response. The problem for humans, as well as all species on Earth, is that the environment is shifting into unknown territory, where old tried and true instinctive responses cannot effectively assimilate the current dangers.

The intellect that has the capacity to analyze a problem and oppose even its own nature to effect a solution may be equally disadvantaged if it cannot detach from personal interest or the thrill of unbridled emotion. Furthermore, the real solution to survival in this changing world might require opening to the guidance of an intuition that transcends pure reason.

Clearly, cooperation by all parts of the tripartite soul would best prepare us to ride the tide of our evolutionary challenge. From our instinct emerges the alarm of real threat to survival. From our intellect emerges the ability to analyze and act in our best interest. From our high self comes the experience of pure love, which binds the world together in common interest. Thus, the combination of instinct, intellect, and love are the winning ticket.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, our evolutionary path requires us to access the fullness of our tripartite soul to find our way. Regardless of the outcome of the election, every individual is free to travel this evolutionary path within the confines of their own physical body and tripartite soul.

In fact, the greatest of leaders throughout history were masters of their tripartite souls, to such a degree that they inspired humanity to higher spiritual directions, merely through the presence of their evolved personalities.

Focus now on evolving the personality through acknowledging the anxiety from below, through thinking objectively and initiating right action, and by finding inspiration and intuitive solution from the love and wisdom that comes from above. This is the tripartite ticket to facing one’s deepest issues within, as well as managing one’s reactions to the volatility expressed without.

Never feel powerless; you are the agent of change. Change the self, change the world.

In gratitude,


Soulbyte for Wednesday November 7, 2018

Hold onto your dreams, even as you occasionally slip back into your nightmares, even as you sometimes forget who you truly are, a spirit being in human form. As you struggle forward into new life, keep the light of your spirit in sight, the light of knowing, the light of love, the light of longing that draws you forth. Hold steady on the light as you make your way along the path of life, through the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the backtracking and sidetracking. The light is always there, leading the way. And who bears the light? You, of course! Your spirit self is guiding you and knows every step you must take. Without self-condemnation make your way, knowing that you will succeed, you will achieve, you will arrive. You will fulfill, for that is your destination, the fulfillment of your own beautiful wholeness, within and without.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Calm the Self, Calm the World

Acceleration Fatigue might aptly characterize the mind’s reaction to the  energy of now. Future Shock has become daily shock. Saturated with awful, we can absorb no more. Herein lies the opportunity to: Calm the Self and Calm the World.

Every day offers opportunity for calm reflection…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Begin by refusing the attraction to new news. There’s always excitement to be found, and excitement has its definite place, but too much of anything leads to exhaustion. Save your attention for your breath. Softly breathe in calm, gently melt away tension in soothing release.

Consider the many lives of self, coexisting at increasingly subtler levels of spirit, supporting the body in these rapidly changing times. Allow the messages, teachings, and adjustments from faraway dreams to innervate the self of daily life. Feel the love and support of wholeness of being as it reflects itself throughout the day.

Suspend judgment. Treat the march of events as they arrive at your shore with deep curiosity. Who are these visitors? Do I need to purchase their offerings? Why have they come my way this day? Don’t be offended by their intrusion. Remember, you have total charge of where you place your attention. Choose wisely, choose lovingly.

Love. Love the body, the physical being of this dimension. Love the mind, the spirit partner to the physical self. Love the consciousness that spirit affords. Love the spirit that journeys with all spirits, all parts of the same magnificent whole. Love all thy neighbors as thyself.

Have love for the ego; it’s saddled with self importance. Nonetheless, it remains the ground zero general of this dimension. Realize it must face its petty tyrants in its struggle to be free. And what is freedom? Freedom is serving the true needs of self beyond the veils of illusion. Tall order. Love it well.

Wait patiently. All things change in time. But for things to truly change the time must be ripe. Be with the changes of now, however painful, as precursors, milestones of greater change to come. No need to overly suffer in these suffering times. Be in truth. Eat, drink, and find joy in even these darkest of times. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. A change is gonna come, be patient.

Be like the rainmaker who brings rain when she restores herself to the Tao. Find your way to calm and it will calm the world.



Soulbyte for Monday October 29, 2018

Find calmness within by turning your attention away from the chatterings and worries of the mind and let it focus instead on your heart. Breathe gently and yet deeply into your heart and remind yourself that you are in control and yet that you are also free to be a loving being, a heart centered and caring individual. Remind yourself that your heart is strong and powerful enough to overcome anything, even hatred and fear, folly and ignorance. Let your heart guide you now. Let your heart be a kind and generous, healing heart, for self and other. It’s necessary.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday October 25, 2018

Adopt a patient attitude. In Tao all is patient, in alignment with waiting for all that is right to come into balance, for everything to get into synch, within and without. In Tao all is as it should be, without stress or yearning; it is what is, acceptable for the moment because the moment is all that is. What is to come at another time is not important, for it is not in the moment. In Tao each moment is rich, each step is vital, each breath the only breath, each moment all there is to life. In Tao patience finds its natural place among the many other riches of the moment. It just is and it is right, a part of each moment. Adopt patience, breathe patience, and live in the richness of each moment, knowing also that in the next moment everything can change. This too is Tao. Be in Tao, patiently ready for anything.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne