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Soulbyte for Wednesday May 22, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

A day of gratitude is a day well spent. A day of positive thinking is a day worth repeating. A day of loving kindness is a day to long for. Begin each morning setting intentions for such expansive, thoughtful and encompassing actions. Let your heart guide you to know how to think, act and feel so that each day is open to experiences of gratitude, positivity and loving kindnesses. You can’t do better than that!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday May 2, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Stay connected to your own true self no matter what situation you find yourself in. To react out of true character helps no one. Remain heart centered and honest, in true harmony and balance, so that every thought and action comes from a deep level of self. In this manner, harmony and balance will reign outside of the self as well. As much as possible you will be doing your part to enhance the greater good.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday May 1, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Find happiness in small things, in the glint of sunlight shining through the leaves, in the sound of spring birds calling to each other, in the scurry to build nests and lay eggs, in the soft breezes that suggest fine summer days ahead. Let the calm and predictable journey of spring arriving assure you that all is unfolding according to plan, as it always does. Yes, each year there are changes to note, things unfolding earlier than normal, perhaps too many rainstorms or too few, perhaps too hot weather too soon, but in its own way nature calmly carries on. Do the same, carry on, but do so with a calm and knowing heart, for there is till so much more to come.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Restoring Sovereignty To The Inner Creator

Say but the word…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Hypnotism as a healing art was in its heyday in the mid to late 19th century. The turn of the 20th century heralded the birth of the modern advertising industry, when industrial psychologists galvanized the power of suggestion to influence public thinking and spending.

Today, in the early 21st century, we are witnessing the extreme  exercise of the power of suggestion in political attempts to whitewash blatant lies and install an alternative sovereign reality. The absurdity of this global drama draws attention to the profound creative power of suggestion to materialize a new reality. Say something enough times and people will believe it.

The interplay between the use of word and material creation is fundamental to human life. “In the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh,” begins John’s Gospel. Human beings are creators who use words to suggest physical activity to the subconscious mind, countless times, every day.

Many of the suggestions we live by are embedded in the cells and organs of the body. The subconscious automatically goes with these default suggestions due to their proven evolutionary effectiveness. However, one can override an instinctive suggestion. For instance, the suggestion to simply hold the breath interrupts such a default habit of automatic breathing.

The process of human aging reveals the impact of inherent suggestions upon changes in the human body. These changes are so universal that they are generally accepted as irrevocable. Nonetheless, as I explored in a recent blog, the placebo effect demonstrates clearly the power of  conscious suggestion to potentially override disease.

Christian Science discovered the practical use of autosuggestion in its approach to healing, but it exhausted itself with its denial of physical reality as it attempted to influence the subconscious. One needn’t deny physical reality to successfully manifest changes in it. The greater challenge is to suspend the limiting judgment of the rational mind that disables one’s conscious practice of autosuggestion.

If you don’t believe that something is possible, you are not likely to practice it, or you will too quickly give up trying when you don’t see the results you seek. Blocking beliefs can be quite debilitating, as they present the subconscious with contradictory suggestions that undermine one’s conscious intent.

Rather than engage in interactions with blocking beliefs, let them be. Simply take attention off them and continue to state your desired intent. Say to yourself that anything is possible, at least until proven otherwise, and continue with your practice of stating your conscious autosuggestion.

Do not attach to the outcome of your subconscious’s manifestation of your suggestion. Determine that your subconscious has its own mysterious method of realization. Trust it; let go of any controlling thoughts.

Assume full responsibility for your suggestions. I stopped doing clinical hypnosis years ago in favor of suggesting self-hypnosis to my clients, where one assumes full responsibility for suggesting to themselves the changes they seek. One really only grows through one’s own efforts. Autosuggestion restores one’s sovereignty to one’s inner creator.

As a spiritual mentor, I do not hold myself accountable for the decisions of those whom I mentor. I do, however, hold myself responsible for tackling their challenges as they live within myself. As without so within.

Telepathically, my influence is one of compassion and unconditional positive regard for the sovereignty of all fellow travelers.

I do suggest that one be very sparing of sharing with others one’s auto-suggestive intentions. Sharing can activate doubting and blocking beliefs in others, which can then be conveyed telepathically back as suggestions to one’s own subconscious mind.

If what we intend to manifest requires that we address issues that must be tackled first, we will be led to that realization. If what we intend to manifest throws us off balance, we will be guided, through experience, to that realization.

If what we seek to manifest does not materialize, we will be led to the understanding that our soul requires the course we are on for our greater evolution. Here, the ego is freed to acquiesce to one’s greater good.

The profound power of suggestion currently dominating our world reflects to us the importance of assuming full responsible sovereignty for the inner creators that we all are.

Inwardly, we are offered the opportunity to realize our full potential. Outwardly, we are in a position to materialize a consensus reality dedicated to the greater good of all.

To the greater good,