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Soulbyte for Tuesday March 5, 2019

Think of yourself as a wave of energy in a world of other waves of energy. Without form or identity you simply are. But even energy has identifying qualities. If you are loving energy you will be perceived as such and if you are hateful energy you will be perceived as that. Love energies tend to gather together just as hateful energies seek like kind. But this splitting apart into separate camps is divisive and harmful to the greater whole. What is the world coming to that even unseen energy cannot exist together, cannot form a unity of one? Luckily, the human being has consciousness on its side, but even that may not be enough to thwart a misdirection.

There is not much time left to get yourself right, into a state of inner harmony, into alignment with peace and love so that all may be well, perhaps for the first time in human history. For when on the brink of destruction the greatest opportunities loom, the possibilities are endless. Before it’s too late, adjust your own energetic wave so that others may come together with you on the side of good; hopeful, caring and loving above all else. It’s time to use your energetic powers for the greater good. Adjust your own energy into unconditional loving energy before it’s too late.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday February 28, 2019

Let your heart be quiet and still as you face the oncoming time and all it brings, as you face the truth of the times you live in, knowing that in heart centeredness your days will be content, your actions good, and your intentions pure. In heart centeredness do the right thing, no matter the pressure to do otherwise, for the times call for new balance, for the good to overpower the evil, for indeed evil is alive and well. Stand with that which is good and strengthen that good core within yourself so that good may reign outside of you as well, so that your actions may have an impact far beyond the confines of your own body and mind. It all begins with you taking your own heart centered stand, strengthening your own inner knowing that, no matter what happens, good is always the heart’s choice and so will it always remain.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message For Humanity From Jeanne: Do You Believe In Magic?

There is magic all around us, if we care to see it…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Our audio channeling this week invites us all to open ourselves to the innocence within us so that we can experience the magic outside of us. All of this is in an attempt to align us with our spirit’s intent for our life’s journey in Earth School, of course!

Wishing everyone a wonderful, magical week!

Soulbyte for Tuesday February 5, 2019

Have you fallen under the spell of something? What happened to your personal power? Who took your energy? Discern what is personal energy and what is not. Distinguish between your problems and those of others. Take note: the collective energy that swirls around you may also have infected you. Not all feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, mental and physical problems originate inside you. Have you taken on something that does not belong to you, that is impersonal, of a collective nature? If that is your intent, to champion for a greater cause, then do so with conscious awareness, but do not let impersonal energy, grand causes, or collective energy usurp your own and use it for its own purposes. You may be feeling the weigh of such a spell upon you.

Get right within the self. Know yourself again, what your own energy feels like. Reconnect with your own feelings and emotions rather than identifying with and taking on those of others. Let yourself reconnect with your own highest goals for yourself. Find your spirit again and make amends. Stay connected at a higher and deeper level of self and ask your questions about the rightness of things there, within the self. That’s where all your true answers lie, within the self. Get right within. Discard that which does not belong. Keep only that which is truly you. And be okay with who you truly are. Rebuild your strength and your personal power within the body and with your spirit firmly at your core. Get right. And find your joy again!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte For Monday February 4, 2019

Wait patiently and clarity will come. Sometimes it is not the time to act. Sometimes it is best to wait patiently, especially in times of deep conflict or indecision. Rather than act harshly, in despair, or out of malice, the best course of action might be patient waiting. Soon clarity will come, or at the very least a new course of action will show itself to be far better than first reactions. This may now be a time of patient waiting if all is to right itself again. Be patient, within and without.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne