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Chuck’s Place: Be At Peace With It All

At peace in reconciled wholeness…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Interconnectedness and oneness are the underlying truths of our spirit being. However, incarnation as a physical person is a journey of separateness, as we are born into a world of self and other. This world of distinctly separate objects offers a journey of evolution, where consciousness and knowledge grow, and creativity flourishes.

Nonetheless, evolution ultimately devolves into involution, where all that has been separated rejoins in the enhanced wholeness of ultimate oneness. At present, our journey of separateness is peaking, as expressed in the incessant clashes of nature’s storms and in polarized human interaction.

It is obvious that the solution to the warring elements of now is a movement toward oneness, where the true needs of the greater whole become the working intent of the world. How long this process will take, how much more destruction will be required, remains an open question, but be at peace in knowing that we move toward oneness.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us, a time of great spiritual advancement. The prelude to WW1 was the birth of Spiritualist and Theosophical movements, where the spirit world made physical contact with human awareness. WW1 brought forth a wave of channeling, with souls recently departed from human form sharing their experiences.

Current times are replete with Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s) and Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE’s), further advancing human awareness to experiencing its foundational spiritual essence, with life in human form understood as simply a season of its soul’s continued life. Great calamities appear to be the necessary balance for advanced spiritual realization. Be at peace with it all.

Knowledge of self as a spiritual being completely shifts one’s relationship with the physical world. With it comes the ability to manifest one’s intent  through spiritual practice. The ability to heal and communicate at a distance, the ability to travel through mere thought, and the ability to transcend DNA programming through mastery of the subconscious mind are all human potentials coming on line. Be at peace with it all.

Knowledge of the underlying oneness of everything—which includes the bully who outrages us the most—equips us with a tool to hasten our evolution. Knowing that everything is a part of you, ask yourself: “Who is that being I can’t stand, or am so afraid of, inside of me?” Find the enemy within yourself. Value it and find loving compassion for it.

Reconciling a polarization within the self advances relationships outside of the self, as projection of the unwanted shadow ceases. This does not mean that the bully without may not need to be confronted, but when the shadow is reconciled within the self then the confrontation with the bully becomes only what is necessary, with an absence of malice. Be at peace with it all.

The title of this blog is from guidance attributed to Cochise, a powerful Apache leader, who battled with a changing world as Mexico and America encroached upon indigenous lands. May we all be such impeccable warriors, and, “be at peace with it all.”

In Peace,

Soulbyte for Tuesday December 1, 2020

Be the love you seek. Become within that which you seek without so that you reflect back to yourself that which you wish from another. Be the loving beam of light in the darkness, the one who is the bringer and the giver, and all will be well. Contentment, love, and peace will exude from you and indeed all will be as you wish, within and without. You are the answer you seek. Everything lies within you, waiting for you to become it.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday November 23, 2020

Stabilize your mind with visions of beauty and bounty. Stabilize your heart with songs of love and compassion. Stabilize your body with mentions of peace and calmness. Stabilize your spirit with the breath of loving kindness so that all may be well, within and without. The power to stabilize lies within not without, the power to change for the better, to maintain stability and keep the mind clear, the heart steady, the body calm and the spirit focused. Let there be peace now, within and without, by your own power to stabilize. With loving intent, set a new course from this day forward.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday November 6, 2020

Let not fear detract from the enjoyments of life, for though things may be in turmoil the simple things still matter, the little things that truly make life joyful. When all else falls away, that which you once counted on for entertainment, look at all that you are still left with; the stars above you, the earth beneath you, the wind in your hair, the rain on your cheek, the sun at your back. Who needs more than these gifts of nature to feel a sense of pleasure? Who needs more than these powerful reminders of all that truly matters? Find nature, within and without. In simple joys, find solace. In nature find the true peace you seek. In nature, find the freedom you so desire.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday November 2, 2020

Remain attached to the goodness inside you, to the innocence of spirit that tells you that all will be well. Remain attached to that which holds promise for all beings, that all may flourish and grow. That which serves the one but not the many will not prevail, for it lacks the basic necessities; kindness, compassion, and love for all being the most crucial. Let not the troubled times you live in take away your own basic knowing that indeed that which is innocent, decent, respectful, and all-inclusive is not gone or forgotten but surging within you, each and every day, in the love you have to offer from your own heart of innocence. Let it shine and bring you peace, within and without.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne