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Soulbyte for Tuesday January 29, 2018

Your energy effects those around you. Just as you are effected by others, so are they effected by you. Your moods, your overall state of health, and your attitude have a lot to do with how you effect the world. You can wound or you can bring joy. You can heal or you can sicken. The world around you effects you greatly too, the general atmosphere of the times you live in compounds how you feel, especially if you do not protect yourself from what you cannot control. If you get right within yourself, calm and relaxed, so that your energy is of positive vibration, you have a better chance of weathering through the world atmosphere. Nature has a very special vibration, one that is beneficial to mind and body. It is naturally calming and relaxing. Reset your inner vibration to nature’s gently positive radiance. Radiate this calmness within and without so that you heal yourself and protect yourself, and in so doing make the world a better place too. When you energetically change yourself, you energetically change the world around you, and the people you are closest to will notice this positive change in you. As within, so without.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday October 31, 2017

Center yourself. Let calmness reign. Even when the outside world shows signs of grave deterioration and insanity maintain your calm inner state. Your personal inner state effects the outside world and especially those closest to you. Humans are like animals and just as animals sense deeply so do humans, but humans can override animal instincts and behaviors with intent. Keep a calm center. In times of turmoil it may be the best thing you can do. Be a good example. Remain calm.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday June 22, 2017

Let wisdom be your guide. Let silence be your anchor. Let calmness balance you. Let these three things settle in your body. Let them rise from your heart and let them settle back into your heart. Let them be stilling. For when things feel impossible, when darkness threatens, when love feels distant and forgotten, hold within you the wisdom, silence, and calmness that have stilled the turmoils of the ages and find your own stillness there. And then wait in your stillness for the things that bring turmoil to pass, for all things pass.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Imagine Perfection


Imagine perfection. Imagine stillness. Imagine inner calm and outer calm. Imagine sitting with such stillness inside you and outside you. Let it be—even for a moment—the truth of your life. Experience it. Let it be your reality for this moment. Accept it. Know it. Take it with you into your day, a moment of perfect stillness. Let it sit inside you, the knowledge of it. Carried forth, let it blossom; for once experienced it will not leave you.

Do not turn from it throughout the day, but anchor in its calmness, bringing you to your senses, reminding you of its truth inside you. This is perfection.

Channeled most humbly, with love, by Jan.