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Soulbyte for Thursday October 6, 2022

              -Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Let your heart be calm as a new day comes into being. Let your heart be as still as the windless sky, as present as the bright sunlight and yet fully alive in its natural beat, beat, beat. With equilibrium achieved everything is in its natural state and there is time for contemplation of the Self. What truth arises in such a calm heart-centered state? What does your own natural state tell you about yourself today? Can you accept it and love yourself compassionately, unconditionally? Breathe and accept all that is.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday August 20, 2021

Remain in balance no matter what comes to disrupt you. Strive to maintain the equilibrium that is right for you so that your body and spirit are both happy and healthy. Just as you wish for a happy and healthy world to live in, so keep your own world of self in a good state of balance so that all you wish to achieve is not hindered. You are your own source and force of life energy and are in charge of maintaining it throughout the span of your lifetime. Keep this in mind as you go through your day and make decisions and choices. Seek balance so that you remain in a healthy state, physically, mentally and spiritually. It will do you good.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday August 12, 2021

Equilibrium comes when what is going on inside the self equals what is going on outside the self, when the calmness you seek has been achieved and your inner world is calm and unfettered by old trials and tribulations and your physical life, in the world you live in, is thus equally calm and unfettered. With equilibrium any disturbance is easily accepted and dealt with, in calmness. To be in equilibrium is to be in the flow of life, within and without. What better life goal could there be? To achieve equilibrium is to be fully open to and in the flow of life as it is.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Go Deeper Into Calm

Nestle in calmness…
– Photo by J. E. Ketchel

The mass shootings of now grate upon our collective heart, nerves and gut, agitating our intent for calm and spiritual advancement in ourselves and our world. Our reactions range from outrage to utter despondency, true depression of spirit.

In the midst of WWI, in 1915, psychic researcher Frederic Myers, who had physically died in 1901, channelled to Juliet Goodenow the following perspective on the forces at play in the Great War, from his removed subtle perch in the next dimension:

“Germany is suffering today, in consequence of her having accepted as truth the writings of misguided theorists, involving the world in a conflict of opinion. Materialists have accomplished this tragic result through the materialistic belief of the nation… Nations that overdevelop materialistic ideas lose the necessary spiritual balance to retain sufficient equilibrium.” (Letters to Juliet: Is there Life after Death? p. 18)

Certainly, if we fast-forward to WWII, Germany fully materialized its theories of human perfection through actualizing laboratory procedures of purification via human extinction. The Holocaust became the ultimate material realization of misguided and misapplied spirit.

The passion of misguided beliefs achieving materialization are the tragic sparks we witness daily on our current world stage. The equilibrium we require for stability is extremely tenuous. How might an individual, but a cell of this living world soul, contribute to needed balance, both within and without?

All have direct access to the inner workings of their central nervous system. The subtlest thought or vibration registers in the nerves of the body, activating automatic reactions and responses. The speed and network of this subconscious activity is far more rapid than the deliberate analytic workings of the conscious mind.

As a result of these hidden mind/body processes, we might find ourselves seized with passion, or equally mired in sullen mood for unseen or unreflected reasons. These unconscious operations take hold of our state of physical charge and swoosh us along like dried leaves in a powerful wind. Collectively these winds generate the human clashes of now.

True, there are forces, seen and unseen, that strategically seek to provoke such disarray; all are not the meeting of non-premeditated intents. However, intended or random, we, as individuals, have the power to assume control of our central nervous systems.

In fact, this is critical to our greatest challenge in life, as we all must release our physical bodies at our time of death. Critical to optimal transition is the ability to completely relax, let go, and go with the flow of body to spirit. Resistance or refusal at this stage fixates one’s journey in an alternative illusory life, necessary to be completed before the real journey can be successfully resumed.

Thus, now, while fully alive as souls in physical body partnership, through focus upon our physical body, which constantly registers and reacts to spirit commands—conscious and unconscious—we can deepen our spirit’s calm and take command of our soul’s journey in this life and beyond.

The practice is quite simple, yet like all skills of value, requires patience and perseverance for optimal development. We begin by turning our awareness, which is a function of our spirit, to the state of tension in the physical body. We will notice if our heart rate is elevated, if our jaws are clenched, if our breathing is restricted, if our throats are constricted, if our belly is tight, if our perineum is tense, if pain or numbness is registering in some organ or appendage of the body.

With conviction and intention, we suggest to the body to go deeper into calm as we consciously release the tension in the body, taking it down a notch in calmness. With our breath in exhalation, we ask the body to take it down to another level of calm. We repeat this several times, as we reset and take command of the state of relaxation in the body.

Notice how another spirit, the internal dialogue, begins to initiate its interpretations, judgments, negative beliefs and stories, and how they stir the body to resume a tense state. Don’t engage in arguing with this cognitive activity. Instead, use it as a trigger to go deeper into calm.

In fact, begin to use all explosions of emotion and physical threat as triggers to go deeper into calm. Fear not that this will ill-prepare you to respond to danger. Every seasoned martial artist knows that the best strategy for encounter is the clarity afforded by deep calm. Certainly, the greatest opponent of all, death itself, is best managed in utter calm.

From the place of deep calm, you contribute calm and clarity to the collective world’s nervous system, contributing soothing balance to stabilize it in such tumultuous times.

Regardless of eruption upon the planetary surface, go deeper into calm. This is the Spirit that will materialize true equilibrium in our world. 

Go deeper into calm,


Soulbyte for Monday January 11, 2021

Find your equilibrium within the self rather than outside of the self. Find it in the balance of your physical self in alignment with your spiritual self. With all that you are in good balance, equilibrium may be achieved; your body and spirit united as one. Get to know your body in a new way, as your trusty vehicle through life. Get to know your spirit as the captain of your ship, the one who knows your body vehicle so well, all its intricacies, all its needs and desires. When these two are working well together all will be well and equilibrium achieved. What more could you want than to know and trust yourself to these two?

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne