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Chuck’s Place: The Thoughtform Of Being

Keep what comes and goes on the positive side…
– Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Placebo is the physical creation of a belief. Based on the thoughtform of belief, a sugar pill can cure anything. Thought is the true creator of physical reality.

The most brilliant psychologists of the early 20th century created the advertising industry to control the behavior of consumers through suggestion. Suggestion is a thoughtform that mobilizes the creative potential of the subconscious mind to manifest its instructions: Drink Coke: “Things go better with Coke.”  “It’s the real thing!”

Marketing psychologists discovered the power of hypnotism, the intentional use of the thoughtform of suggestion to change people’s behavior. Radio hosts like Alex Jones have demonstrated, definitively, the power of suggested conspiracy theories to impact people’s behavior.

Our current world is saturated with an unending flood of targeted messages competing for the critical mass of subscribers needed to generate a consensus reality. This translates to the current political rivalries that amass ‘war chests’, the money needed to reach the subconscious minds of the electorate, through advertising thoughtforms designed to control voting behaviors.

Every aspect of our mental and physical body is created and driven by thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are encoded in our DNA, the programs of our species and our ancestral memory. Thoughtforms are encoded in the archetypes that convert sensory input into form and meaning. These thoughtforms, as well as the internalized beliefs from our outer world socialization, are stored in the vast warehouse and factory of the subconscious mind. The conscious mind actually has the power to override even our DNA and our personal physical conditions.

Everyone has access to their subconscious minds. Our human potential can be maximized through gaining control of the thoughtforms that determine our being. One of the main blocks to accessing our greater potential is inertia. The current operating system of our being, however unpleasant or dysfunctional, runs automatically and allows us to coast through life with a minimum of effort.

Change requires energy and persistence. Programs like EST and The Forum seek to break through the ego’s inertia through group pressure, avoidance of shame, and heavily loaded homework assignments that preclude sleep. Once removed from these pressured environments, most people slip back to the default setting of inertia and business as usual.

The shamans of ancient Mexico introduced the power of Unbending Intent to assume full control of the state of their being. This is accomplished with an unwavering perseverance of presenting thoughtforms to the subconscious mind. Most important is the absolute certainty that what is sought will happen.

Besides the limiting impact of instinctive inertia upon change, the rational mind casts a powerfully constrictive web of doubt and blocking beliefs over the potential effectiveness of intent. My suggestion is to suspend judgment and perseveringly remind the self that your intent will be realized. Be patient, see what happens.

Start small. When someone tells me they never remember their dreams, I point out the impactful nature of that suggestion to the subconscious mind, to “Never remember dreams.” Reframe it before sleep: “Tonight I remember my dreams.” Everyone who perseveres with this statement of intent will at some point start to remember their dreams.

Once one discovers the power of unbending intent in small ways, they will begin to gain confidence in its true power to manifest. Wishing and hoping are replaced with knowing the true power of intent. Perseverance and patience is all it takes. As true as this is, the journey toward realizing intent activates complexes that must first be neutralized to clear the path to realization of the desired intent.

Complexes are most often traumatic experiences that are buried in the personal unconscious layer of the psyche and the physical body. Though they exist out of consciousness, they often exert a powerfully constrictive influence on one’s basic sense of security and worthiness.

They are the powerful programs in the subconscious that resist change, insisting on maintaining powerful defenses to avoid the emotions, sensations, and thoughts inherent in trauma. A thorough recapitulation that neutralizes these activated complexes clears the path to the new life of one’s coveted intent.

Another concern is the fact that intent can be exercised in hurtful and destructive ways, such as has been demonstrated in the thoughtforms expressed by Alex Jones, as regards the Sandy Hook massacre, for instance. We must have deep respect for the power of intent and exercise it responsibly, for the greater good of all.

Even at the level of our own thoughts (which are telepathically transmitted to a world of potentially receptive minds), we are broadcasting out intentions that impact the world, and ourselves. If our thoughts are constantly negative we draw only negativity to us. We suffer and the world suffers as well.

Let genuine compassion be the guiding thoughtform of our being, for our personal intents, in our thoughts of others, and for the world at large.

“Compassion Now.”

With loving compassion,


Soulbyte for Wednesday July 27, 2022

Refrain from negative talk and thoughts about yourself. Instead, accent the positive. Feed yourself new ideas that are nurturing and sustainable and little by little notice the changes taking place. It may seem as if negative changes take place quickly while positive ones take longer, but that’s just another old idea to drop, for things can change for the better in an instant. In a moment’s thought you can change your entire world.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Honing Conscious Suggestion

Locking down & opening up…
– Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

I place my awareness on my calf muscle.  “My left calf muscle is warm,” I state. I notice that a faint warming sensation appears in my left calf muscle.

My thinking mind remains passive; it simply observes. My subconscious mind, however, takes my suggestion as its command and orchestrates the body activity needed to create the sensation of warmth in my calf muscle.

My conscious mind has no clue as to how to create warmth in my calf muscle. Active thinking is limited to abstract thought and reason. In contrast, my subconscious mind holds the keys to the kingdom and can manifest, in some material form, any suggestion presented to it.

For instance, if I actively think the thought, “I can’t hula hoop,” my hips will rigidify and the hoop will hit the floor. In this case, the negative  suggestion to the subconscious is manifested by the body.

Of course, one might protest, quite accurately, that without practice one will be unable to successfully hula hoop. This is true, but once the ability has been achieved, through diligent practice, a trial performance will most likely fail if one negatively thinks, “I can’t do it.”

What we tell ourselves is what we become. What we listen to we become. If I incessantly listen to negative thoughts broadcast from a television station, I will become a negative person. In this case, the thoughts and beliefs I hear expressed become the command to my subconscious mind to generate the emotional body state that creates the negativity of anger, vigilance, and discontent.

Beliefs are highly insulated thoughts. Thus, if we state a suggestion that opposes an ingrained belief we confuse the subconscious mind with opposing commands. In this case, the more exercised and repeated belief is likely the suggestion the subconscious will follow.

For instance, if one holds a deep belief that they are inadequate, the command to the subconscious that “I am competent” may actually manifest as self-doubt and defeat, felt as anxiety and depression. In this case, it is best to acknowledge the underlying belief and perhaps first process experiences that have contributed to that belief, in an effort to neutralize it.

Bob Monroe suggested using an imaginary heavily-lidded box to place one’s negative beliefs in before giving a new suggestion to the subconscious, to allow for an unfettered experiment of exploration. This is akin to a scientist that may not believe something is possible but suspends judgment and submits to legitimate experimental conditions to see what happens.

Thus, for example, one might not believe they can experience their energy body. By placing their doubting mind in their imaginary storage locker, they are free to suggest to the subconscious that they experience the vibratory state connected to their energy body. In this case, with doubt suspended, one becomes open to a new possibility.

So what is the subconscious mind? The subconscious is the mind that used to completely direct the human animal, prior to the birth of human consciousness. When the subconscious ruled, it responded to the world instinctively. All stimuli to the senses evoked evolutionary programs that were automatically selected to respond to a need or challenge. No thinking was involved, simply stimulus and preprogrammed response.

Animals, for instance, know instinctively how to give birth. With the birth of consciousness, humans lost this connection to immediate, direct knowledge, as they added doctors to the birthing experience to attempt to improve on nature’s instinctive programs.

Though our connection to the subconscious is less direct than in the animal world, we are nonetheless afforded the opportunity to volitionally suggest directly to the subconscious in a way not possible for other animals. This is both a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is, we can manifest a world that functions more efficiently than our evolutionary programming. The curse is that we can manifest a world based on narcissism, which is unsustainable. This, in fact, is the crossroads that we, and our world, currently find ourselves at.

If one aligns one’s suggestions with the truth of one’s heart, one is sure to manifest a world that cares for all beings and is deeply sustainable.

Process limiting beliefs, or put them in the box, while you experiment with the subconscious mind. This is where one might truly experience a world where all things are possible.

Suggesting love,


Chuck’s Place: The Journey Continues…

And the journey continues…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Every time we change we move into a new life. This coming December 9th will mark the 20th anniversary of my wife Jeanne’s definitive departure from human life. Since then, though we remain connected in a different configuration, I have moved into a completely new life. I experience myself and the world from a very different perspective. Though I remain connected to what I once was, I have grown into a totally different person.

I would characterize my change as my soul reincarnating further into its latent potential. Even my body has reshaped itself to support my soul’s current journey. The great Hindu Guru, Sri Sivananda teaches that the physical body is actually the expression and creation of our soul. As our soul ventures into new life it shifts the body to serve that change.

Carlos Castaneda was emphatic that shamans should avoid looking into mirrors. The trap of the mirror is that it literally catches one’s self reflection. Such was the fate of Narcissus, the namesake of narcissism, who became frozen in his gaze, unable to see beyond his own physical reflection.

For shamans, the trap of self-importance is the greatest impediment to human evolution, as is mirrored in the greed apparent in our world’s energy crisis. Despite their contribution to the climate crisis, fossil fuels continue to dominate our energy demands, as we place our self-interest above the true needs of the world. Similarly, our ego’s fixation upon receiving validation of its personal importance absorbs the lion’s share of our personal store of energy, severely underfunding our evolutionary potential.

Practically speaking, the mirror can also serve to reinforce a static view of ourselves that does not allow for the possibility of change. Like the monotonous internal dialogue, the image in the mirror may be typecast to deliver the same old message, i.e., “You’ll never be good enough.”

Of course, we need mirrors to reflect to us the orderliness of our outer presentation. The shamans would suggest only cursory glances to achieve this, avoiding the judgment of sustained viewing. I am actually fascinated with the changes glimpsed in these brief glances. I ask, “Who is that being; he keeps changing!”

Don Juan Matus warned that we should pay scrupulous attention to the agreements we enter into as to who we are, consciously or unconsciously, when we fixate on socialized beliefs or frozen images in the mirror. Transpersonal psychotherapists recognize the power of heredity and archetypes to shape our physical bodies when we believe their influence to be sacrosanct and irrevocable.

Hypnotists stress the power of suggestion to manifest what we become. In fact, the subconscious mind is both the storehouse of all inherited and acquired habit but also the home of every individual’s personal genie. As the body is constructed by the intent of the soul, everyone has the latent opportunity to assume full control of who they will become. It’s all in what we believe and what we choose to tell ourselves.

Even if it be the case that our present life was chosen as expiation for choices made in past lives, we all have the free will to change the course of our development. Once we’ve squared with the reasons for our fixations we are truly freed to release them. Freeing the ego of its self-importance, its routine judgments, and its unnecessary agreements allows it to consciously direct its subconscious companion genie to manifest positive and evolutionary changes in the self.

Our world now mirrors how the power of the beliefs we attach to generate the reality we live in. We live in a virtual marketplace of suggestion, where we see dear family and friends become beings we hardly recognize. The sublime gift of such manifested polarization is absolute proof of the power of suggestion. We can choose to use it for the advancement of self and the greater good.

As don Juan Matus wisely advised, enter into no agreements you have not consciously chosen. As well, freely choose to make new conscious agreements and retire old agreements that are no longer necessary or helpful to your evolutionary Spirit. Join your personal intent with your Spirit’s intent for the ever-unfolding journey of fulfilling life.

Take humble but definite charge,


Soulbyte for Wednesday June 9, 2021

Watch what you say to yourself. Words are as powerful as thoughts, sending you off into catacombs of old ideas about the self, setting you up for depression, cycles of bad behavior and negativity. Suggest to yourself instead that you are beautiful today, smart, quick and light-footed, and that nothing will be an obstacle. Tell yourself that you are in the good hands of your caring guides, who love you, and that all is well. Give yourself powerful positive suggestions in words of wonder, and see that happens as you create your perfect day!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne