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Soulbyte for Wednesday June 24, 2020

Forget not the power of positive thinking. It is especially helpful during times of stress when body and mind alike suffer the infirmities of the human condition, for that which you think manifests. In body and mind be attuned to the suggestions you give yourself on a daily basis. With intent turn the things you say to yourself into positive mantras full of caring suggestions, full of loving kindness, full of power, beauty, abundance, forgiveness, and compassion. You are what you think you are so be sure to think well of yourself. Sometimes that’s all you need to change your own world. Begin within, manifest without.

Sending you all love and support,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday December 6, 2018

Thoughts can kill. Thoughts, as illusions, as ideas, can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; killing, maiming, destroying. Spoken repeatedly, they become beliefs, hard facts, known truths. But what if they were wrong to begin with, untrue words that found a home in your mind and body, festering, making you sick, tired, believing yourself to be this or that, actually changing how you look on the outside and poisoning you on the inside? Wrong thoughts are dangerous! The only antidote? New thoughts!

Do psychic surgery. Excise old thoughts, illusions, ideas and let in some fresh new positive thoughts. Spoken repeatedly, these new positive thoughts can manifest as easily as the old once did. Trust the power of the human mind and spirit to heal itself in the power of thought. That is no illusion! You’ve already proven it to yourself in the power of negativity. Now prove it in the power of positivity. All things CAN change. Make every thought a healing thought and every breath a healing breath.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne