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Soulbyte for Thursday July 11, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Remind yourself often of your ultimate goal so that it is never far from view. With it fixed firmly in your mind’s eye, hold it sacred and with determination so that your attention does not waiver from it. All goals and intentions require a certain amount of determined and focused energy, as well as discipline, if they are to be realized. Hone your attention each day to your goal, and with determination and discipline take another step forward. Before long the discipline will accompany you without your even noticing it because results will begin to flow toward you and your goal will seem readily available. In the beginning, however, stay the course with determination, discipline and an attitude of success achieved one step at a time.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Full Breadth Of The Subconscious Mind

We are all part of the vast interconnected All That Is…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

If the conscious mind is characterized as command central, then the subconscious mind is boots on the ground.

The conscious mind is the active mental side of our wholeness. It has the capacity to think and suggest, with awareness.

The subconscious mind is the magnetically generative side of our wholeness. It has the ability to draw to it all the materials needed to create and manifest a suggestion.

In their most individuated relationship, the conscious and subconscious minds are the divine couple whose intent and manifestation serve the creative expression and experience of All That Is, the greater interconnectedness, the oneness that we all are.

The subconscious mind operates beneath the threshold of consciousness, at the crossroads of influencers that market suggestions from the conscious mind, as well as from a multitude of characters that exist in the depths of the collective unconscious of All That Is.

In these regions, one first encounters what Jung called the personal unconscious, which is populated by the shadow, which includes the rejected parts of the self, as well as a warehouse of internalized beliefs obtained through social interactions that heavily overshadow our view of ourselves and others.

Jung called the characters in the personal unconscious complexes. A useful current psychotherapy model calls them one’s internal family system (IFS)Negative beliefs about the self emanating from this shadow dimension prompt an ongoing internal dialogue that generates a steady flow of disempowering suggestions to the subconscious mind.

Beneath the personal unconscious are the characters of our ancestral tree, whom contribute their genetic disposition, as well as wisdom, wounds, and questions emanating from the lives they’ve lived. Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations addresses influences from this dimension, which generate powerful suggestions to the subconscious mind.

At the deeper depths of the ancestral unconscious is the evolutionary journey of our species, which determines our instinctual reactions to survive via powerful instincts and archetypal patterns. When activated, the magnitude of emotion and energy from these centers powerfully influences the suggestibility of the subconscious mind and its subsequent manifestations. An example would be, a mother filled with superhuman strength to lift a car to save her trapped child.

Finally, the subconscious is connected to all the selves we have been in our various incarnations, as well as to our High Self, which is at the nucleus of our soul’s journey through infinity. This network of connections, with all their accumulated wisdom and concern, has its own portal of energetic influence upon the subconscious mind.

As you can see, the subconscious mind has a vast set of connections and suggestions to choose from as it navigates life. The subconscious largely controls the fate of our body, as well as the life we will manifest.

As opposed to the conscious mind that generally uses rational thinking to decide its course of action, the subconscious mind weighs the emotional intensity and attractiveness of proposed suggestions. The subconscious truly demands to be impressed by its potential suitors; suggestions must resonate.

The conscious mind has access, through the subconscious mind’s connections, to these deeper centers of the unconscious mind. Thus, when I ask for help from my High Self, this request becomes a suggestion to the subconscious that often results in an intuition—a meaningful image—that sheds a broader light on the concern I was contemplating.

I note that the image provided was not the result of a rational process but rather one of powerful associative value. The High Self provides the exact missing puzzle piece to fit the current puzzle. Remember the magnetic power of the subconscious; it draws to it, with precision, that which is needed to fulfill its chosen project.

The conscious mind is certainly the greatest influencer of the subconscious mind, at least in this human life. Its salient feature is the exercise of free choice. The fate of our current world hinges on the exercise of the conscious mind to align its suggestions for the greater good.

The greater the conscious mind is able to Know Thyself, in all its dimensions, the more balanced and fulfilling will be its suggestions. If current thoughts and suggestions to the subconscious mind are old, outdated and negative, resulting in old stuck patterns, then it’s high time to reprogram with new, inviting and invigorating suggestions to manifest something totally new.

The subconscious mind is highly impressed by thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, prayers and mantras rotely stated, or emotionally expressed through art, music and movement. The key is perseverance without attachment to outcome.

Know that any suggestion you put out to the universe has already been created on the mental plane of thought and that it just needs to gestate under the magnetic sculpting of the subconscious mind before it manifests. Have the patience to ensure the faith of its inevitable delivery.

The ultimate key is knowing that you—as a necessary component of All That Is—are the creator of your own life. Go ahead and create that masterpiece!


Chuck’s Place: Attending To The Ultimate Relationship of Self Love

This is an interactive blog. Read it to yourself or listen to it. Do not listen to it while driving. This is also my last blog post until Tuesday July 9, 2024. Listen to it as often as you like, and each time you do, you will go deeper.

I safely close my eyes and withdraw my attention from the outside world. My conscious mind observes passively the effects on my body of  suggestions I give to my subconscious mind. I stress: my mind and body are completely passive, they needn’t make anything happen. They are present to experience the magic and independent ability of my subconscious mind to manifest my suggestions.

Before I knock on the door to my subconscious with my requests I remind myself that I, as ego architect, must initiate through suggestion, then get out of the way, as my subconscious mysteriously fulfills my suggestions. I am confident and direct as I deliver my suggestions.

I speak to you, my subconscious. You are the master of my body’s functioning. With love and gratitude I firmly present to you my  intentions. As I state them I passively observe their fulfillment.

My feet feel deeply relaxed.*

My ankles, my knees and my hips feel relaxed and comfortable.

My solar plexus and the whole central part of my body feel relaxed and quiet.

My hands, my arms and my shoulders feel relaxed and comfortable.

My neck, my jaw and my tongue feel relaxed and comfortable.

My forehead feels relaxed and smooth.

My eyes are quiet and relaxed.

My entire body feels quiet, comfortable and relaxed.

I am quite relaxed.

I feel quite quiet.

My mind is calm and quiet.

I feel serene and still.

I trust my body, it will never let me down.

I notice now the impact of these suggestions upon my body and mind. I am deeply calm and relaxed. I know that I have been delivered to a resting place that will deepen every time I repeat these suggestions.

I realize that I am in the presence of creation. My conscious spirit  stimulated my subconscious soul body to manifest the calm I now feel. Their sacred union gave birth to my present state of being. This is the loving relationship that brings forth new possibilities of me.

I am grateful and I am thankful for this loving relationship as it delivers me to new life.

If I am ready to launch into rejuvenative sleep, off I go.

If I am ready to return to outer focus and activity, I suggest that my subconscious restore me to fully engage waking life.

Having attended to the ultimate relationship of self love, I launch.

*These Autogenic Phrases are abstracted from the work of Elmer and Alyce Green while at the Menninger Foundation. I am grateful to the late Dr. Eleanor Eggers for her documentation of these phrases on her website Help For Stress Disorders.

Chuck’s Place: Ego Is Still The Key To The Magic

With the Creative and Nature anything is possible…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

The source of our creative, and therefore healing, power is the subconscious mind. If the subconscious mind believes something to be true, it will do everything in its power to make it physically happen.

The subconscious mind is a completely receptive mind. It receives suggestions that it may then manifest in physical reality. Its suggestive sources originate internally—from instincts, genetic code, archetypal rules that govern the human species and, most prominently, the ego—with its beliefs and internal dialogue of thoughts, which incessantly barrage the subconscious mind with their many proposals.

Externally, the subconscious mind is flooded constantly by a marketplace of messages from well-funded sources seeking to influence one’s pocketbook and  behaviors. What is glaringly made apparent, especially at this point in our political history, is that influence is gained primarily at the subconscious level of the mind, through receiving incessant repetitions of a version of reality, not necessarily the truth of it.

The subconscious mind is the moon, the ultimate feminine magnetic force, both in our solar system and in our personality. In her hands lies the ability to reshape physical reality beyond the laws of Newtonian physics. She can perform true magic. Her power to manifest is unparalleled. However, she turns to her masculine partner, the ego, to initiate her creative process via suggestion.

Firm suggestions may attract her attention to manifest creatively, but beware the karma of manifestations that violate her deepest nature. Be firm and definite with a suggestion, but honest with intention, in order to achieve lasting, sustainable change. Illusions can become physical reality, at least for a short while, but nature demands ultimately the truth.

Once the subconscious mind accepts a proposition, it backs it with the full power of its creative potential. Even the most irrational proposition, such as an out-and-out lie, will be believed with the full force of one’s subconscious mind.

This manifests as powerful emotions that staunchly defend one’s beliefs, independent even of reason. This kind of contagion has its roots in the subconscious mind being in complete rapport with the suggestion it adopts. Oftentimes, the ego, with its capacity for rational thought, can be so swept away by the emotive power of a belief that it either suspends its reasoning ability or adjusts its logic to support the belief it is under the influence of.

These mesmerizing dynamics are in extreme force in the world currently, and, though they threaten the future of civilization, they most aptly demonstrate the psychodynamics of hypnotic influence.

Internally, the ego is our chief navigator for the life we are in. Its reasoning ability, as applied to the physical world, has worked tirelessly to understand and control nature, to provide for our basic survival needs and ability to have a fulfilling life.

Currently, its dominant logical perspective largely dismisses the inherent powers of the subconscious mind to influence material reality. This dominant doubting belief from the ego suggests impotence to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not reason, it creates, based on suggestions it adopts. If it is told that it’s powerless it manifests powerlessness.

The ego is actually the main internal influencer of the subconscious mind. Consequently, the subconscious mind may adopt the suggestion that it is not capable to heal itself, despite the fact that it actually has total command of the physical body. In this scenario, the subconscious mind simply passively runs well-established programs in the body, essentially its default position.

To activate new possibilities the subconscious requires faith in its possibility to heal itself. That faith can only come from suggestions it receives from outside itself. In the case of autosuggestion, that source would have to be from the ego itself.

Can a doubting ego inspire the subconscious mind to have faith and confidence to heal, using methods that defy the ego’s strong rational sensibility? Yes! By employing the same rote method of repetition employed by political figures, the ego can inspire the subconscious mind to exercise its latent innovative healing powers.

It is not necessary for the ego to believe it, but it must be willing to state  incessantly, “My subconscious mind has the power to heal.” Eventually the subconscious mind will get the message and become all that it can be.

It is critical to not attach to outcome. Individual thresholds for the subconscious mind to pick up a suggestion vary considerably. Don’t allow doubt to demand outcomes in a particular timetable. Present suggestions when calm and sleepy, as the subconscious mind is most readily available to receive suggestions when the running of daily life is largely offline.

Once an underlying confidence begins to be felt, hone suggestions to achieve specific physical results, such as with desired physical changes and healing concerns. It goes without saying that requested changes ought be in alignment with the greater good of self. Be firm and definite. If something appears cloudy, demand, “Clarity Now!”

Just as outwardly we are witnessing changes of highly questionable morality, we must realize that we too are capable of abusing our power. May all assume responsibility for creating for the greater good of self, and other.

As the doubting ego witnesses the facts of the subconscious mind’s creative abilities, it will expand its limited rational horizons to include the facts of these magical abilities and become a true collaborator with its equal partner, the subconscious mind. Until then, let it doubt, but state the suggestion nonetheless, “My subconscious mind has the power to heal.”

See what happens!

Chuck’s Place: Intensity Is The Key To Manifestation

When all else fails, hone your superpower & stay grounded too…
-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

In a dream, I arrive at a conference site early in the day. I’m allowed to check into my room, one of many cottage-like structures scattered about the grounds. I go into my room to discover a man taking a shower. The room had not been vacated.

This room disruption became the theme of the dream, as my room number changed constantly, even while I was asleep in it. All orienting signs became meaningless.

When the rules that govern our familiar reality are interrupted we arrive at the gate of new manifestation. The first challenge in this dream is to not be offended by its unfairness. No point in an irate call to the desk clerk. Such an intense act would simply manifest and reinforce a typical drama around self-importance and entitlement.

If we cling to the rules that govern our consensus reality we miss the fine print of that contract, which states, “All rules were made to be broken.” Don Juan Matus stressed that he refused to uphold rules that he had not personally agreed upon. Despite appearances, reality is relative. Consciously, or unconsciously, we are the creators of our own reality.

The more appropriate reaction, in this dream, is to say to self, “Chuck, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” This is the attitude that invites the intensity of awe, which in turn potentiates the magic, the freedom to manifest one’s own creative intent.

The subconscious mind is the power plant of manifestation, but realize, it is quite neutral as to the outcome of its physical creation. It responds to intensity rather than morality. If one chooses the intensity of anger, it will attract a reality befitting that emotion. If the mood is more hopeless, it will cast defeat upon all that one sees. If fear is the main attraction, it will riddle the mind with horror stories and the body with anxiety.

If one is passionate about a belief, positive or negative, it is sure to activate the attractive power of the subconscious. The key is in the faith and passion one holds; the intensity of one’s belief. There is little intensity in idly wishing and hoping that someday something will happen.

Our consensus reality has largely maintained itself by a default agreement passively accepted through the influence of strong socialization. We have disowned and projected our innate magical beingness onto fairy tales, while we have hardened into solid reality.

The world events of our time, like the ruptures in my dream, are shattering this fixation, shredding the very fabric of our weathered consensus reality. The emotional intensities of left and right are generating fantastical realities that then clash into even greater  calamities.

As I said above, the subconscious responds to intensity of emotion and thought. It is the responsibility of human consciousness to exercise responsible choice. Current events are powerfully waking us up to assume responsibility for our own creative power and to use it wisely.

May we exercise our power like Jupiter in Libra. May the intensity of our awe expand, like Jupiter, into Libra, whose outstanding characteristic is one of balance. To expand without balance is delusion, yet even delusion, when embraced with intensity, can manifest.

An agreement that is inclusive of the true needs of all is the creative exercise of power we need. May it, with intensity, prevail.

With Intensity,