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Soulbyte for Thursday January 10, 2019

You become your thoughts. What you think manifests, so watch what you think. Turn negative thoughts swiftly away and turn toward a positive vision surrounded by positive affirmations. A negative outlook complicates matters and keeps you stuck, while a positive outlook has the potential to catapult you forward into new life. There is a constant struggle between the two, of course, but nothing is insurmountable. As you turn more toward the positive, as you negotiate life, within and without, with a new positive attitude, watch what happens. As you turn from old negative patterns, notice what comes to you. As you change a little, notice how much easier it becomes to change a lot more. You are fully supported in your transformation, but fully support yourself too by keeping the mind focused on the positive. You won’t be disappointed!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne