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Soulbyte for Monday October 15, 2018

Protect yourself from yourself. Keep your energy safe from your own thoughts, fears, worries, and ideas. Notice what you tell yourself first thing when you wake up and how it effects you. Notice what you refuse to consider, what you dare not trust, and what you decide to latch onto as your truths. Perhaps you’re getting something wrong this time. You might even be your own worst enemy. Negative thoughts manifest, just as positive ones do. Are your thoughts too negative? Is your energy suffering because of this? Are those around you suffering because of these thoughts too? A simple switch, a trick of the imagination, a refusal to think in a certain direction may be all you need to free yourself, body, mind, and spirit. Remember, you are energy, pure vibration, and as energy you are fluid, except when thoughts slow down your energy and manifest in solid blockages. Keep your energy fluid in all you think. Manifest an open flow of energy. Imagine yourself as a stream or river, a gentle breeze, a butterfly or bird on the wing, and in this manner keep your energy safe and healthy, alive and flowing, in perfect harmonic vibration,  within and without.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday June 6, 2017

Quiet observation is often the only means of approach to a sticky situation, to an untenable dilemma, to a painful confrontation. Becoming a quiet observer is like being a star in the night sky, a distant yet stable light. To stand apart is no easy feat, nor does it denote defeat, in fact it is a wise person who stands aside knowing that this time too will pass, that life will go on, that all things have the potential to change on their own. Such knowledge fuels the determination to quietly wait, as does the good heart that wishes only goodness and pursues only positive intentions. Even in the midst of chaos it is possible to have a positive impact from a distance. Think yes not no. Think life not death. Think good not evil. And emit only love. All of these are star qualities!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: You Are Beings On Eternal Journeys

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne, quite the opposite of last week’s dire warning.

Time for a new perspective. -Photo by Jan Ketchel
Time for a new perspective. -Photo by Jan Ketchel

Regret not where you have been, whom you have been with, what you have done, but look at the passage of time and life lived as lessons in maturity. All upon that earth must grow. It is life itself that sets this tenet, for there is no other possibility once life begins. However, quality of growth is up to the individual. The individual is responsible, once childhood ends, for the path that life takes.

Move beyond feelings of sadness for the self, beyond feelings of shame and blame. Move beyond fear and tension to a greater understanding of life as unstoppable energy. Shift your personal awareness now to this greater perspective that all life is on a journey, evolutionary and fantastic at the same time.

With a simple shift of perception life may suddenly take on new meaning and this is what I advise this week, for too many are stuck in old places with old ideas of the self, long dominant but now no longer applicable. In repeating the same thoughts to the self, one remains caught in old ideas of the self long after they are no longer true.

You are beings on eternal journeys. Keep this in mind. Your current lives are but an instant of your far greater existence. Is it necessary to stay stuck in old ideas today? Find out why. Ask the self the question: What do I have to gain from staying here, telling myself the same old stories? Note that the real question you are asking is: What do I have to GAIN? For there is always something to gain in life’s problems and in the vicissitudes of human existence. So, again, I propose: What must be gained?

I suggest that you ask for clarity today, about one issue of the self that has been needling you. Find out the truth of this one issue. Is what you believe really true? Is there a different perspective that is equally or more true? Is your life not really as you perceive or envision it to be?

There is positive energy afloat today and as opposed to the negative energy of the recent past—which I warned against—this week’s energy is vital, life-giving energy, essential for growth. I suggest a concerted effort be made now to turn the self in a new direction, to snatch up some of this positive energy for the self and use it in a positive way.

It’s time to move on, to move forward, to accept life as it is at this moment, but make the next moment be positive. Shift your outlook on life from negative and dreary, simply by shifting your thoughts about the self. As negative thoughts arise, immediately shift from them to positive ones. It’s not that hard to do. And even if you can’t quite believe the positive affirmations you conjure up, it doesn’t matter, for they are infused with new energy, good energy. And, as I said at the beginning of this message, life has one intent: To grow!

It’s time to take life up on its intent. Let it take you in a new direction. Align with the positive energy of this day, open your arms, your hearts, and your minds to a new direction and let new life come to greet you. You might be surprised what you discover!

You are in charge of your personal attitude, no matter your situation. Don’t just make the most of your life, but let your life make the most of you! Acquiesce to it with maturity, sobriety, and confidence that it will guide you to a new place. Effort on your part is minimal. All it really takes is a shift of the mind from an old idea to a new idea. Begin with that and then see where life, your life, takes you next.

Thank you Jeanne for this most helpful and inspiring message! Channeled most humbly. -Jan