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Soulbyte for Wednesday December 18, 2019

Be generous, even in small and simple ways. Let your heart be open and giving, with a smile, a helping hand, a kind thought. There is always someone or something needing kindness; another person, an animal, even a physical place may need a generous touch. Generosity comes in a softly spoken word of encouragement, a gift unasked for, a surprise in the mail. Fill your heart with giving kindness so that you may fill someone else’s life with something special, not out of duty or habit, not out of pity or shame, but because it makes your heart happy to give. Give not to receive something in return, nor to show off your giving self, but give only because you can, because giving is what it’s really all about, all the time. Give anonymously, with love, expecting and needing nothing in return. That is real generosity.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday May 22, 2019

Keep love in your heart, for self and others. Keep love alive, no matter what your circumstances, no matter where you find yourself, for love is the glue that holds you together, that keeps you connected, that binds you to life. Learn to love yourself so that you may truly love another. Learn to love others so that your heart may truly be a giving heart. Learn loving kindness so that life may be rewarding and so that you may find fulfillment in being a kind and loving being, for what else really matters except generosity and a spirit that is kind. In a world that often appears cold and heartless, love is the one thing that can provide warmth and heart-centered kindness. Find the love inside you again and let it become a tool as you reinvent yourself in a changing world. Awaken your loving heart and use it to propel you forward into a new and different life experience. You have a lot to offer. Don’t hold back.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne