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Soulbyte for Tuesday June 8, 2021

It’s not that hard to be kind. It’s not that hard to choose a way of life that includes kindness and compassion as guiding forces and love as the basis for all actions. There is no lack in choosing a path of heart that incorporates loving kindness and compassion, for it is as natural as the rose bush that produces only roses of beauty, the butterfly that emerges in all its delicacy and the birdsong that sounds only pleasant melodious notes. It’s natural to turn in the direction of kindness and loving compassion. In alignment with that, all will be well!

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday May 25, 2021

Let the power of love cure you of your ills in body and spirit and advance you along your path, for is not your sole, and soul, purpose to advance? And is not love the means by which to do so? Love in its infinite power wishes only to aid you on your journey, showing  you what it is and what it can do, for it is the power you seek, the riches you embrace and the all that you sense waiting. Love is the means by which to learn compassion for self and other, and the healing balm that will change you and your world. Love is the answer.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday March 12, 2021

There is no danger in being loving, in letting the heart lead or in expressing love, even for those most contentious, despicable and evil, for love can do you no harm, and it might even help another. Love is the curative energy afforded free of charge to every human being. Do the right thing and spread the love, silently and with compassion, out loud with kindness, or simply in every breath you take. Make love a priority.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Super Love on Groundhog Day

Another go round? Or emergence?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Why am I here?

What is the purpose of life?

“Just to love” was songwriter eden ahbez’s answer. For Bob Monroe it was all about reaching Super Love. This was the answer he was given when he posed the same question to his non-human guides, what he termed INSPECS, his acronym for intelligent species, astute observers of human life that he encountered in his faraway journeys in infinity.

The INSPECS gave Bob Monroe the metaphor of human life on Earth as an energetic factory that transforms the raw material of emotion into the purest grade of love, or Super Love. Carlos Castaneda used the metaphor of humans as chickens in a chicken coop, unaware that the energy spikes of their emotional trials on Earth symbiotically served the energetic needs of another inorganic species.

The exchange offered by such a parasitically binding relationship is the opportunity for humans to develop their consciousness and refine their emotions, to eventually free themselves from such servitude. The process for such evolutionary advancement has been dominantly that of Groundhog Day, celebrated today, February 2nd, where the necessity for continued repetitive behavior is assessed: more of the same repetitive darkness, or return of the sun?

The question for humans is the same as the groundhog’s: Have I accrued enough consciousness—that is, the bright sun—to see my shadow, and with that awareness be ready to change? Or do I go back to sleep, in the repetitiveness of habitual behavior? The ability to see one’s shadow and own it, is the willingness to retire one’s addiction to a central illusion that one has been living.

The illusions we live are intricately woven into our emotional attachments. At root is the attachment to human physical life itself. Humans are beings who are going to physically die, hence, powerful emotions are engaged in the counter-effort to continue to survive.

Attachment to caretakers, food, shelter and power are prime emotional movers of most daily activities to ensure survival. Sexual activity, as well, has at its core the survival drive, as sexual intercourse ensures replication and continuation of the human species.

Much of human life energy is spent in the passionate activity of ensuring survival. The emotions of fear, anger, sadness and joy punctuate the daily round of repetitive survival activity. Jealousy, possessiveness, worry, doubt, and hope further augment the emotional volatility of daily encounters.

Most individuals are driven by a captivating primary story, their personal karmic groundhog day, the main obsession of their lives. The repetitive behaviors of their lives generally entail a need to fully explore a passionate fixation until they solve it. Solution requires a genuine release from obsession with the desired or feared object.

For example, many people who were obsessed with a fear of death obtain release from this fear through an experience of life beyond the body, for instance, in a Near Death Experience (NDE). This experience of knowing that life continues after physical death can genuinely transform a fearful being into a being of magnanimous love.

The refinement of all emotion to the delicacy of pure love turns out to be the key to all spiritual advancement. True love is the acceptance of everyone and everything. This does not imply not protecting oneself from an aggressor. It does though require that one have compassion for the other, regardless of circumstance.

True love requires nothing from another that is not freely given. True love is guided by right action; action completely filtered from illusion. True love evidences no possessiveness. True love lives fully but is ready to leave in a heartbeat, when it is time to go, with no regretful turning back.

True love is letting the other go when it’s time for them to leave, with no requirements. True love is loving the body and the experiences of the senses, but releasing them all with good wishes when it’s time to change form. True love is remembering all, with equanimity.

If this groundhog day evidences no shadow, may your dreams in hibernation accrue to future sunlight. If the sun reveals the shadow of your illusion today, grab your opportunity to know and own it. Perhaps this might be the time the obsession lifts and you may move forward into the adventure of new life.

Whether you be a repeater or are ready to be launched, know that ultimately, all roads lead to advancement. With compassion for all, step forward.

With Love,


Soulbyte for Tuesday January 5, 2021

Pull your energy inward now rather than projecting it outward and do the good work of changing and evolving the self into a kind, compassionate, and loving being. For love is the way that all will be resolved. Love is the medicine to cure the ills. Love is the food to nurture. Love is the sustenance to bring new life to all. Let love guide you and support you from this day forth and you will begin to see the changes you long for.

Sending you all love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne