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Soulbyte for Wednesday December 7, 2022

-Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Foster kinship with nature, even if only in some small way. You need nature, most importantly in the air you breathe. Everyone breathes and shares the air equally, and air is a most important aspect of nature and human life. Think of all the creatures, human, animal, insect, amoeba that share the air of life with you. Be amazed that every particle you breathe has been passed along from one life to another, from the heavens to the Earth, from the birds in the sky to the babes in arms. Remain in awe of this most important element with every breath you take, and with gratitude thank nature and your fellow creatures for the pure ability to simply breathe.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday December 5, 2022

-Illustration © 2022 Jan Ketchel

You are connected to everyone, and to everything in nature too, and everyone and everything in nature is connected to you. There is a universal energy that flows to and through everything, including you. Even when you feel alone and out of sync with nature and the world this energy still flows through you. Slow down and you will feel it. Breathe and you will feel it. Hum and you will feel it. Close your eyes and just listen and you will feel it.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday November 20, 2020

Hold yourself accountable by remaining the loving being that you truly are, going with the flow and yet acutely aware that every move you make and every word you speak has the power to enact change, to further things along or inhibit growth and evolution. Become aware that everything you do is tied to everything else, so that one thing leads to another and one thing effects another, and you are a powerful part of all of that, the flow of life and its outcomes. Remain heart centered and aware of this, that every action has consequences, and let goodness flow through you as surely as it flows through others so that all may be well, so that indeed all may be well.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday August 31, 2020

One person can enact change and that change must begin within the self to have a most profound effect, for to look only to others to enact change leaves the self untethered, disconnected from the true reality of the heart and that which matters most. The heart knows what real change looks like, for the heart has its connection to all that is, to the heavens and the earth, to the smallest and the greatest, to all that lives in earthly realm and all that exists in infinity, that which you cannot see but can feel. The heart is the organ of connectedness, knowledge, wisdom and love. You can’t go wrong if you stay heart centered every step of your changing journey. The heart knows where to go. Let it lead.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: How A Change Might Happen

Change is happening all around…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Our bodies are governed by deeply embedded evolutionary programs, the stuff of DNA and archetypes. These programs are housed in the operations of the subconscious mind and operate quite unconsciously through the autonomic nervous system. Thus, the heart beats at a rate governed by its inherent instructions, not by conscious intent.

However, as has been definitively proven by advanced Yogis, consciousness can assume control even over the heart rate. In fact, Yogis have been able, under laboratory conditions, to stop the heart for several minutes, and then resume normal beating.

The operative principle here is the shaman’s credo: suspend judgment and see what happens. If we dismiss attempting to do something because we don’t believe it is possible, then we stay aligned with this now blocking-belief, based on principle.

In addition to these inherited programs are the socialized messages we have internalized as beliefs, which also take up residence in the subconscious mind and automatically influence our body, mind, and emotional states. Thus, being told, for instance, that we have an incurable disease might result in a subconscious acquiescence to such a prediction.

In this case, we are faced with two powerful influences upon the subconscious: inherent and socialized.

The inherent influence might be a genetic predisposition to a disease. The influence of this genetic coding might indeed challenge the body in a predictable way. This is real.

However, as successful placebo interventions demonstrate, the power of suggestion can have an impact on the course and even elimination of a disease. If one is able to suspend the judgment that upholds a blocking belief and engage the power of intent, anything could happen.

The socialized dimension upon the subconscious might be triggered by the power attributed to an authority figure. A doctor is a person of high authority that easily triggers the commandment to honor one’s parents, holders of omnipotent power in our very impressionable childhood years.

Honoring the parents may have generalized to all subsequent authority figures in life. Thus, one may feel too inadequate to question the pronouncement of such an authority figure. Hence, engaging the possibility that one can influence the course of one’s encounter with disease might never be allowed, due to the influence of subconscious beliefs.

It is extremely difficult to talk oneself out of a belief. Once installed in the subconscious, beliefs act autonomously and with a great deal of power, as is easily seen in the intensity of emotions that are aroused when a belief is challenged. Just try having a rational discussion with anybody about their current political beliefs—I guarantee you’ll see a display of emotion!

The best approach to working with a limiting belief is to acknowledge it but not stay under its domination. So, for instance, if I am told I’m dealing with a disease, I will acknowledge that fact, that my symptoms fit a diagnostic category.

Next, I quite definitely would state my intent: “I intend to heal!” Here I am speaking to Intent itself, a power in the universe that I seek to engage in my healing process. If one has no belief in such a higher, independent power I would suggest stating the intent anyway, regardless of doubt.

Intent may be the language that activates one’s link to what physicist David Bohm termed the Implicate Order, the deeper interconnected oneness that underlies our surface experience of separateness in reality. Communication from this dimension utilizes synchronicity to guide consciousness on its journey of change.

The intent to influence the subconscious is critical, as the subconscious is the warehouse of our belief system, as well as the executor of most bodily activity. Taking conscious leadership of the directives we want our body to follow is directly linked to the suggestions we give the subconscious. Never assume a subconscious program can’t be overridden by conscious intent.

Next it is critical to be very patient. Subconscious programs are shrouded in powerful defenses to protect the sanctity of these default positions. We must calmly but incessantly repeat our intentions to the subconscious. If we are impatient we will easily be defeated in our intent.

Furthermore, the course the greater Intent might take us in might be quite counterintuitive. We may need to suffer many surprises that actually might be a course of recapitulation, necessary to journey through to free our energy from the roots of a disease. Perhaps an ancestral problem embedded in a disease may need to be experienced and solved before it can be released.

Finally, and most challenging, we must suspend attachment to the outcome of our efforts. The goal is to be impeccable in stating our intent and meeting the challenges that unfold. Attachment to outcome taxes our energy in wish-fulfillment and depression when things don’t unfold as we expect them to.

Be definite in intent, be patient, and take the journey that is presented, the journey of a lifetime. See what happens!