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Soulbyte for Thursday January 9, 2020

No life’s path is ever perfectly straight, for to be in tao is to go with the flow, to be in tune, attuned, free to align with what is right in the moment. Some days are up, some days are down, as is natural. Some days are calm and some days are exciting. Some days are slow and meandering in their unwinding, while others go quickly and with great focus. Accept the tao of life, its natural unfolding, and go with the flow of what is, but remain always alert and aware, ready to shift at a moment’s notice, to take a new path, a new direction when it is right, for that too is being in tao.

Sending you all love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday December 19, 2019

Maintain conscious awareness of your physical body, even as you strive to connect with and know your spiritual self, for both are equally important and necessary as you make your way on your journey through life. Without a healthy physical body your spirit will struggle, and without a healthy spirit your physical body will suffer. Keep them aligned with each other in healthy ways, giving each dedicated time and attention so that one does not miss the other, so that each may flourish, and so that your wholeness will never be in doubt. This is what you are so longing for, a more balanced union with self, body and spirit. In full awareness of yourself as body and spirit, may you travel on your ever-changing journey in health and happiness, knowing yourself to the fullest, achieving everything you wish for.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday November 20, 2018

Always dream with awareness. Prepare yourself each day to dream yourself awake and prepare yourself each night to dream yourself to sleep, but dream always with awareness, day and night, taking the dream that is you a bit deeper, a bit further. With awareness wake to the day dream that is yours to dream and with awareness sleep the night dream that is yours to dream. These two aspects of self, waking and sleeping, are a continuation of the same dream. So, if you treat them both with equal respect and give them both your utmost attention you will achieve all your dreams, day and night. Dream on with your awake body and your dream body in synch, dreaming the same dream all the time.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Spiritual Instinct

Spent some time in the Deep South. Couldn’t help but be impressed by the preponderance of churches, congregations, assemblies, and conversations that ended in “bless you.”

Driving along, taking it all in, we were 30 miles from our next adventure, a week long immersion in out-of-body experience, for us the ultimate spiritual experience.

Something in the human being cries out for spiritual experience. On this one I’m quite certain Freud had it wrong. Spirituality is more than just a by-product, a sublimation of frustrated sexuality. We are spirit as well as animal beings. We are more than our physical bodies!

We are indeed beings whose animal self will die. Like some of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico accomplished, our species will find ways to extend our animal life for perhaps hundreds or even thousands of years, but eventually it will end.

Of course we covet life in the body. Why else would we find ourselves on this planet, land of opportunity? And that opportunity is the completion of a dream; beginning, middle, and end. Beyond that is more and more dreams, adventures without end. The great challenge is to complete the current dream and leap forward with awareness.

Were we but animals we would follow nature’s program as animals show us to do in their very orderly preparation for death. But our spirit self becomes so attached to the peoples and things of this world that it struggles mercilessly not to let go of this amazing life in time and space, to allow our dreams to unfold in new ways.

We are the active side of God, we are the seeds of possibility, living, feeling, failing, succeeding, developing and sensing in new ways the realization of infinite possibilities. All those possibilities are equal; success is as real a dream as failure, no judgment.

Our spiritual instinct gets caught in attachment to the physical. Our challenge in this life is to open up to our full spiritual nature. We are soul beings who travel endlessly in infinity, exploring love in all its possibilities. To reach this experience we must get beyond the veil of love existing only in the form of physical attachment in this life.

We are prompted by our spirit throughout our lives to awaken to this fuller truth, and this is the greatest challenge in this life. Pain and death are part of the loving path. They must be experienced, they must be mastered before the veil fully lifts.

Along the way are experiences of life and love beyond the body. It happens every night in dreaming. Hold the intent gently to explore that realm with consciousness as you go off to sleep. Repeat it every night. Eventually the door will open.

And then you won’t need to believe, you will know.

Sweet dreams,


Soulbyte for Tuesday May 16, 2017

It is often said that moderation in all things is good. And yet how can life be lived in complete moderation when life itself is extreme? The ups an downs, the joys and sorrows must be experienced for life to be fulfilling. A life fulfilled is a life that has experienced everything, and yet there is wisdom in acting with awareness rather than unawareness, with consciousness rather than unconsciousness, with knowledge rather than lack of knowledge. There is wisdom in learning how to live to the fullest while also learning that true fulfillment comes in bearing the tension of all that life gives and all that life takes. Too much of a good thing can be as bad as too much of a bad thing. That which gives can also take. That which nurtures can also kill, but that which poisons can also heal in the right amounts. Let moderation take its rightful place, even as life unfolds at its rightful pace, bringing its extremes. A wise heart knows that where the heart leads, that’s the fulfilling path. Even in all of life’s extremes, the heart knows.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne