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Soulbyte for Monday July 27, 2020

Leave your troubles at the door as you shut your mind, open your heart, and enter into a loving place within yourself, where the only words are words of gentle encouragement, where the only thoughts are thoughts of positive enhancement, where the only sounds are sounds of your own breath reminding you of your connection to nature, the Great Mother within and without. Remind yourself often of this connection as you remain heart centered and loving, as you follow your bliss and seek enlightenment, equanimity, and all that you can be. For you are one with the Great Mother, who loves and guides you in all you do, though you may not yet know her. Stay in her loving kindness. As within, so without.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday July 8, 2020

Find solace within the self in the steadying breath of your own physical body, in the ability to achieve a quiet mind, in the perfection of stillness that comes during meditation. It is not difficult to tame the physical self this way, to turn off the busy mind, to tune out the world, and to tune in to the quiet inner self. It just takes a little practice. From this inner place of quietude, that you carry with you always, find your heart center and tune in to its calm peacefulness. In heart centeredness be assured that all will be well.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Extraverted Meditation

Buddha sending out the right vibration…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

At first glance, the title, Extraverted Meditation, would appear to be a contradiction in terms. Typically, extraversion is understood as an individual’s dominant orientation to focus on the outside world, particularly as pertains to relationships and the opinions of others.¬†In contrast, meditation is generally viewed as an introverted practice that deeply withdraws from the sensations and influences of the outer world.

In Jung’s time, when East truly began to meet West, particularly as regards spiritual practice, he warned that the extraverted orientation of the Western psyche was ill-suited for rapid wholesale adoption of Eastern meditation practices. Nonetheless, as he himself encountered the depths of the collective unconscious, in the visions and active imagination he documents in The Red Book, he practiced yogic asanas to ground his ego.

In fact, despite the almost total focus on the brain of modern Western psychological research, the bottomline focus and interventions prescribed by most Western therapists come straight out of Tibetan mindfulness and Yogic meditation practices.

These are the assignments given to ego to still the central nervous system into a state of calm.¬†Nonetheless, the reigning mantra and New Year’s resolution from most people is, “I have to get back to my meditation.”

The power of outer world events, particularly in the time we are in, is impossible and perhaps inadvisable to fully screen from one’s attention. This, coupled with the dominant extraverted orientation of Western civilization, undermines the coveted but under-practiced aspiration to meditate. How can the Western psyche, perhaps even the world psyche, adapt the powerfully beneficial practice of meditation in the flux of such an unsettled outer world?

The key, as in all meditation, is to begin with focus on the body. If the goal of meditation is detachment from the ill effects of outer world sensory impressions upon the sanctity of the self, the body can be seen as the central registry of all sensory inputs.

All of our senses receive input through the physical body. Our thoughts, with their associated emotions, register in the body as well. Thus, active inner attention to the body in outer activity and interaction is a valid playing field for meditation.

Place the index finger of one hand upon the wrist of the other hand. Keep awareness upon the index finger experiencing the sensations within itself as it meets the solid boundary of the wrist. Notice the vibration of touch.

Shift awareness exclusively to the wrist. Notice its sensations of being touched. Feel the vibration of being touched. Alternate awareness slowly from toucher to touched. Now, allow these two distinct perspectives of touch to merge into a single vibratory union of touch, union of self.

Carry awareness of body into the world. Open to an image in the media. Notice its vibration; study its energy. Shift awareness to the body. Notice its impact upon the heart, upon the muscles, upon the breath. With awareness, restore the body’s organs to calm. Release all clenching; intend deep peace. Embrace the integrity of self in calm vibration.

Return gaze to the outer image, notice its vibration, its intent. Return awareness to the body. Notice any impact of image upon inner vibration. Restore the integrity of calm vibration. Repeat dual attention until outer image is completely neutralized, your inner vibration a steady flame.

Interact with the world. Notice the impact on the body in encounter with other. Use awareness to calm the heart, unclench the muscles, and silence the mind. The mind is silenced with awareness focused on body sensation, intended to calm.

Notice the words, the emotional intensity, the intent of the other. See the vibration of the other’s motive. Notice the inner impact of that vibration upon one’s body. Choose to maintain one’s inner vibration of calm. Use the breath to steady the body. Use intent to maintain inner calm, with attention given to where the body feels impacted. Dissolve into love of the oneness of everything.

These are some suggestions for extraverted meditation. Allow every moment, whether innerly or outerly focused, to become a meditative opportunity. Gradually expand the oneness of self with the oneness of everything. “Got to keep those vibrations, vibrations a happening to me…”

Good good good, good vibrations!


Check out Brian Wilson’s live enhanced Good Vibrations from his album Smile. Notice the South African insert.

Soulbyte for Thursday April 23, 2020

Calmness comes in detachment. Seek solace by detaching from the antics playing out in the world around you, from the dramas, wars, and conflicts. In inner solitude, based upon inner contentment, find the calmness you seek, far away from the disturbances around you, far from the chaos of daily life. In nature find solace in a single cloud drifting in the sky, in a tiny bird’s flight, in the sound of water falling, in the songs of crickets. Look outside of you, in nature, for the calmness you seek within, and notice how nature fills the void with beauty and intent, and then take that beauty and intent within you where it may grow upon you and become your own. In solitude find solace, and be grateful for a few moments of calmness. Let it be enough.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Basic Necessities

Take a quiet walk… make it a basic necessity…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Good Morning! Welcome to a new month and new energy. In our audio channeling today we are all invited to partake in that which is so necessary, and which we all have within us, the ability to achieve quiet contemplation and the necessity of quiet time alone.

We wish everyone a good week and may we all take some time to avail ourselves of that which lies within us: peacefulness, sobriety, and the ability to achieve the seemingly impossible, simply by being calm, alert and contemplative in each breath we take.

Love to all,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne