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Soulbyte for Friday May 17, 2019

In times of stress, learn to calm your body and your mind. In calming relaxation, turn off stressors that interfere with the smooth flowing of life. In calming relaxation, let the body naturally do its thing, while the mind ceases its patter and frees you from its worrisome machinations. Your body has its own mind and it will take over and bring you to calming relaxation if you tell it to relax, and if you let it, if you free it from what your mind thinks it knows, for in truth the body knows more than the mind. Let your body show you its wisdom. Direct it, with calm intent, to achieve quiet relaxation. Calm your body, calm your mind. You might be very surprised at what you learn about yourself. Turn off the mind and tune into your body’s natural stress reducer: calming relaxation!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: A Guided Relaxation

Be calm and at peace…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Do not listen to this message if you are driving. Today’s message is a guided relaxation and is best enjoyed in a reclining position, in a quiet room. Longer than most messages, it is about 15 minutes long. Give yourself adequate time to listen and be at peace.

Have a wonderful week!

A Day in a Life: You Are A Calm & Radiant Being!

ALERT: What follows is a hypnotic recording. A hypnotic recording should never be listened to while driving!

Morning sun hitting a window... Reminding us that we too are radiant! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Morning sun hitting a window…
Reminding us that we too are radiant!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Hypnosis is a natural state. We go into hypnosis all the time, though we don’t often give it this name. There is a term, highway hypnosis, meaning a deep sense of detachment that naturally happens as we do something that is automatic, such a driving, especially as we drive the same route each day. Often we can’t remember passing any of the familiar landmarks. All of a sudden we are at our destination unaware of how we got there! We go into hypnosis when sitting in a movie theatre, our attention focused on the movie so that our surroundings disappear. It’s a good writer and director who can put us so deeply into hypnosis that we enter the world of the movie and forget everything else for a few hours, even the person sitting next to us! When plugged into our music, when reading, when engaged in creative endeavors such as painting, playing an instrument, dancing, etc., we also go into states of hypnosis, also known as trance.

We hypnotize ourselves all the time by going into emotional states of fear and worry, by letting the mind take over. Unconscious habits may also be states of hypnosis as well, as we eat in trance, putting food or drink that we don’t really need or want into our mouths, seeking to fill a void, or as we physically push ourselves, avoiding something, refusing to face what is nagging at us. So, if you’ve never experienced hypnosis in a clinical setting, you have nothing to fear as you listen to the following recording, as it’s a perfectly natural state!

The ten minute hypnosis that follows is a gentle, calming hypnosis, allowing the mind, body, emotions and spirit to relax and release normal tensions and interruptions, allowing you to be more present in your body. The body speaks to us all the time, but can we hear it? Do we listen? A few minutes of calming relaxation and hypnosis, with beneficial and healthy suggestions to the mind and body, can make a world of difference, setting us on a new healthy path to communication within the totality of who we are, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

ONCE AGAIN: What follows is a hypnotic recording. A hypnotic recording should never be listened to while driving! Please keep this in mind. Instead, take some time to sit calmly, preferably lying down, with legs, hands and arms uncrossed to allow for good circulation. Listening with headphones may enhance the experience. Perhaps a blanket to cover you and keep you warm will make you more accepting and calm as you allow yourself to have an experience like no other, the experience of hypnosis!

To reinforce and achieve the full benefit of any hypnosis, repeated listening—at least once a day—will work wonders! So take some time each day over the next few weeks to sit and listen to the hypnotic recording that follows, and reap the benefits. Remember: You are a calm and radiant being!

I send you my very best, and may you enjoy the experience!

Here is the recording:

A Day in a Life: You Are A Calm & Radiant Being