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Soulbyte for Tuesday November 6, 2018

Steer clear of judging others. Hold them in a place of loving kindness in spite of your reservations and in spite of your own convictions. Hold yourself accountable just as you hold others accountable. One way may not be right, but the other may not lead to compassion either. Seek balance in alignment with the truth, with the flow of what truly is. For to rush the river destroys everything for everyone. Supreme patience and patient waiting for change to happen naturally, for all the pieces to fall into place, adds stability to any situation, as does love. In the flow of it all, don’t forget to be loving. It’s the energy most important for now, and forever. Be patiently loving.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday October 31, 2018

Take action when necessary, and yet let your actions be filled with heart centered knowing, loving attention, imbued with the right intentions. Sometimes it is right to do nothing but wait patiently, while at other times it is only appropriate to swiftly take action. In Tao there is a time and a place for everything, even that which might otherwise seem out of place. To be in Tao one must go with the flow by getting in alignment with what is and being appropriate, in all manner of speaking. In Tao it is always appropriate to be heart centered.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday September 28, 2018

Seek steadiness and maintain it in the flow of everyday life, neither too much nor too little of life’s most important and necessary nourishments of body and spirit, and, likewise, neither too much nor too little of that which is pleasant and pleasurable to body and spirit and often deemed unnecessary. In the flow of life all must be acceptable in some measure and yet beware the trappings of that which curtails the flow, of that which sidelines and takes from the energy of growth and stability. In other words, go with the flow but keep a steady eye always on the goal, to achieve fulfillment of your body and spirit journey this time around. With hand upon your heart, acknowledge that this is the true goal. Accept your place as a human being in the flow of all that is, body and spirit taking the same journey, and with gratitude and love go with the flow of this day too.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday September 5, 2018

Don’t get so down on yourself. Learn to go with the natural flow of life, with its ups and downs, its highs and lows, its back and forths, with the way you feel one day and the way you feel the next. It’s the natural movement of life and rather than fight to maintain a sameness from day to day, or to avoid what will surely come, get in the flow of it all and see what happens. Rather than trying to control life, allow it to come to you in its true state. Accept it and let it take you forward without resistance or regret. You can’t really control it or keep it contained or consistent, so learn to go with the flow and enjoy every moment of it, no matter what comes. That’s real life!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday July 9, 2018

To be in Tao one must have patience anchored in calmness that extends from within to without and from without to within, a line of pure energy connecting the self to all that is and all that is to the self. Let yourself be in Tao, in the flow of all that is, in nature in its greatest sense, formless and flowing; sound, movement, breath all one. Let yourself be in the flow today and all will be well. You really can’t do better than that!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

There will be no audio channeling this week. Enjoy the Soulbytes, which will be posted as usual each morning. Next audio channeling next Monday!