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Chuck’s Place: I Want

Spirit wants matter…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In the beginning was  Intent, and Intent attracted to it a material world and all life in it. Intent, as represented in thought and image, is the magnetic blueprint that draws to it the material life we are in. One “I” of “I want” is the intent of our spirit  that has drawn to us the physical body we don during our human journey in this world.

Our spirit body, the home of intent, is composed of our high self, ego self, and subconscious self.

From the high self is delivered the blueprint for the life we will enter. This encapsulates our spirit’s intent, our mission for the life we are in.

The ego is the seat of our individual consciousness that allows us choice, our personal connection to intent, within the life of our spirit’s design.

The subconscious is the home of the desire body that, through the law of attraction, transforms suggestion (spirit) into physical existence (matter). When the subconscious is given the suggestion, “I want,” it automatically prepares the body to receive and act to produce the desired outcome.

The subconscious is a highly sophisticated manufacturing and maintenance facility. The subconscious is nature’s brain. The subconscious automatically operates all physical systems and cycles of life, without consciousness, in the human body.

The subconscious does not think, it follows orders. Its inborn orders are the genetics, instincts and archetypes that govern a specific species. The subconscious also has access to the akashic library, the reservoir of all human experience and knowledge, past and present.

When life presents us with any circumstance, the subconscious scans its resources and activates the program it associates most specifically to the situation presented. This action is called habit; no conscious thinking involved. When we drive and someone runs in front of us, the subconscious automatically reads the danger and directs the foot to brake.

The subconscious can be influenced by suggestions beyond the dominant programs of nature. The ego can choose actions that override nature’s laws. Though we may be dead tired, we can force ourselves to stay awake. Though we are attracted to somebody, we can choose not to approach them. Though we may not be truly hungry, we can force ourselves to eat.

The ego, with its constant internal dialogue, writes programs that the subconscious obeys. Thus, if my ego tells itself that it is inferior, the subconscious activates neurotransmitters that provide it with a depressed mood.

The subconscious also receives the suggestions that spirit forces seek to deliver to us. The universal law to progress, in this life and beyond, is to be helpful to those whom one can truly help. Spirits beyond human life, who have evolved and have guidance to offer, known as spirit guides and guardian angels, constantly offer helpful suggestions to our subconscious minds, the medium that receives their subtle energetic impressions.

These suggestions suddenly burst forth upon our ego consciousness in the form of images, thoughts, intuitions, inspirations and wants that the subconscious presents to the ego as it awaits orders. Often the ego is unaware of the origin of these offerings ushered upon consciousness by the subconscious acting as medium to spirit.

Frequently, the ego takes credit for these creations in an inflated state of grandiosity. Nonetheless, consciousness is given the opportunity to examine the suggestion and choose a course of action. However, the ego must choose wisely, as not all suggestions are the offerings of benevolent spirits!

Just as the living human race is challenged by greed and self interest, so is the spirit world populated by souls at different levels of development. Many a departed soul clings to life in this material world through association with the physically living. Though their suggestions might appear desirable, their human impact might prove detrimental. Choose wisely.

To return to the phrase ‘I want’, we do well to question who the ‘I’ is within us. Suggestions abound from the spirit world, and the material world, in the form of subtle marketing suggestions. These suggestions are impressed upon the subconscious, with many rising to the level of consciousness, for review.

To really claim ownership of ‘I’, consciousness must own and agree to the suggestion. This is called acting responsibly. Acting without conscious reflection is ego signing up for a temporary state of possession. Though the ego remains responsible for its actions in this case, those actions are likely irresponsible.

When ‘I want’ chooses with consciousness, for the greater good of self and other, we can be certain that the ‘want’ is the desire body acting to manifest the intent of the higher self in the flow of our human life. And that is what I want!

I Want the greater good,



Greetings to all whose physical lives were sacrificed,

On the battlefields of Earth in all times past and present.
To those who have yet to become aware of their changed life status,
Caught still in the PTSD of battlefield trauma,
Be awakened now by the thoughts and prayers of your earthly Brethren.
Look around at the oft relived scenes of your prior battles;
Notice they are no longer substantial.
Notice the luminous transparency of your Spirit body.
Yes you have died and yes you live.
Turn your gaze upward to the loving faces, the welcoming arms,
Of those family, friends and comrades who predeceased you.
Join them in your new lightness of being.
Sending love and good cheer from this dimension to yours,
Let us remain connected in Spirit even across this denser divide,
In time we will all fully unite.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSW
May 31, 2021

Chuck’s Place: Spirit Openings

Spirit Openings…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In a recent channeling, through Jan, Jeanne assured us that spirit forces are presently heavily engaged in influencing life upon planet Earth. She encouraged that we remain positive and continue to work on our own spiritual advancement. And truly, how does one spiritually advance?

First of all, we are all spirit beings, currently attached to our wondrous human cocoon. We are surrounded by spirit beings who have released their fleshly garments and continue to live their lives on finer material planes. Continued evolution on those planes requires that one fully square with the truths of life lived while in human form. For many spirit beings, this means lives of service and making amends.

Life beyond the physical exists at a much higher vibrational speed, and the method of action is largely mental. Thus, spirits in service to humankind bring positive, encouraging thoughts and inspirations to loved ones or others in need. Spirits are also able to impact electricity and other occurrences in nature. Thus, the synchronicities we experience each day are often spirit messages and affirmations.

Our openness and willingness to receive spirit help directly impacts our contact with spirit forces. A note of caution here. State to the spirit world your intent to only receive support from benevolent spirits. The truth is that many spirit entities who have left human life in the flesh are reluctant to leave human life in the spirit. Practically speaking, this means they remain earthbound in focus, seeking to parasitically continue human experience by attaching to and influencing human behavior.

Spirits at this stage have either failed to realize they have died or simply remain addicted to life in the physical body. They will eventually evolve, when they grow bored of their empty imaginings and are ready to place the light of truth upon their greed, and become helpful spirits.

Ironically, spirits at this stage of narcissism perform a valuable service to their human victims. Spirits could not gain entry into our human life if we didn’t provide them with an opening. That opening is generally our own attachment to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, our own addictive tendencies.

Often, we employ various defense mechanisms to shield ourselves from the truth of our collusion with excessive or unhealthy behaviors. These blind spots open the door to hungry spirits impacting our thoughts, moods and behaviors. These heightened states of acting out also offer consciousness and conscience the opportunity to become aware and take responsibility for our hidden compulsions.

These aha moments illustrate the ‘service’ provided by even malevolent spirits to help us spiritually advance. With increased awareness we can choose to align our thoughts and actions with right action. The less we burden our spirits with ignorance, confusion and lies, while in human form, the freer our spirits will be to advance at our time of passing.

As spirit beings, while in physical life, we are also able to access and develop the power of thought to advance spiritually now. Thoughts are the commodity, the currency of spirit life. Imagination is the master builder of life beyond the physical body. However, though densely veiled, imagination is the prime mover in physical life as well.

Our freedom to imagine health and loving support to all human beings impacts their feelings and decisions. In my imagination I can send love and healing energy to the most recalcitrant of beings on earth. In so doing, I both lighten my personal load of negativity and spiritually advance to embrace the equanimity of every moment and every being.

Take advantage of spirit openings by asking for help from beneficent spirits, by facing the truths and lessons brought through malevolent spirits and by exercising the spirit power of positive thought and imagination. See what happens!

In loving spirit,


Soulbyte for Monday April 5, 2021

Turn to the spirit within you for guidance on what to do with the body you inhabit. Ask that spirit that you are to show you the best way to eat, exercise and heal any issues not in alignment with health and healing, with strength and fortitude, with the pursuits of love, compassion and kindness. Begin within the self that which you wish to see outside of yourself in the world around you and especially in those closest to you. Start with a positive attitude and the certainty that you matter, that you are fully capable of achieving all the goals your spirit set forth for you once a long time ago and still strives for, for your spirit is really leading the show. Let your spirit be your guide and all will resolve.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday March 29, 2021

Remind yourself often that you are a spiritual being, just as you are a physical being, and that as such you have access to so much more than what you see and touch, smell and hear. There is a whole other world that you have connection with, a world beyond the mundane. Connect with and learn more about how this other world works, for it is your true home, for life in the physical is but temporary, a place and time of learning. Learn as much as you can, but stay reminded always of your spiritual self too, the true and unusual self who seeks your attention and your connection every day. Nurture and grow accustomed to this other self so that it may guide you through your time of learning. Ask for its help and you will not be disappointed.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne