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Chuck’s Place: Don’t Push the River

Decisions are the responsibility of the ego. Guidance may come from infinity or by simply contemplating the Tao of now, but ego, through the exercise of consciousness, must arrive at a decision and plan of action.

– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The ego is in charge of time-space navigation. The higher self, a higher power, and spirit guides, all of whom reside in infinity, can offer wisdom and the broadest possible perspective, but it falls upon the ego self to decide the next right action in daily life.

What is a right decision? The simple answer is, one that aligns with the true needs of the whole self. The ego might reason through a dilemma and come to a logical conclusion as to what must be done. This might be the right decision, but the ego would do well to also feel through a decision: does this feel right in the same way that it logically adds up? If it does, it’s a go! But if feeling and thinking don’t align, further deliberation is required.

Often times the ego is more centered in the solar plexus chakra, the seat of personal power. From that vantage point the ego gets the perspective of utilizing its power for its own needs and gain. This perspective is indeed important. We see it at the center of world decisions at present, but it is limited to its own survival and gain and tends to dismiss the larger interdependent reality beyond itself.

The heart center chakra has a greater connection to interdependent reality and often delivers its guidance in a sensation or calmness that follows a thought, thereby offering its support to the perspective that thought presents. The ego does well to check in with the solar plexus as well as the heart to be sure it is considering the needs  of both self and the greater interconnected reality.

It is amazing how much strength can be mustered to plow forward with a narrowly based decision. The ego can exercise its will to force the world to respond. Often however, if the ego is not inclusive of the greater interconnected reality, the world responds with negative feedback in the form of some kind of resistance to the ego’s push. This is where we find ourselves trying to push the river.

There is a right decision to be made and the ego must actually discover it. Discovering a decision is actually more appropriate than making a decision. The paradox here is that the ego must decide what is right, but in actuality the process is one of ultimately acquiescing to what is right. Only a mature ego is capable of surrendering its willfulness and aligning itself with what is truly right.

The process of ego maturation is the “Groundhog Day” of life on this planet. As we work with and bring our ego into mature alignment with spirit consciousness, we discover that all our decisions are right decisions because they teach us the consequences of making decisions based on ego alone. We learn from our mistakes. Thus, all decisions accrue value, as eventually we discover that they have all been part of a process leading to change.

Rather than pushing the river we learn the art of river-walking: walking with consciousness within the true flow of interconnected energy.

Learning to walk,


Soulbyte for Monday June 11, 2018

What recourse do you have but to go with the flow of your life? Life is taking you in a certain direction. Why fight it? Why protest? You will only make matters worse for yourself, struggling against that which you cannot change. Let go of your old ideas and embrace the new ones being presented to you. But most of all go with the flow. You’ll be happy you did!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday July 31, 2017

Things change. It is the way of all things. Nothing stays the same. Though you may seek to maintain the self in a certain way it is a losing battle, for life itself cannot sustain your intentions to remain unchanged. Life supports change. Get in alignment with that and let change and life be your guides, teaching you how to be flexible, how to age, how to accept life flowing through you, how to be in the flow of it all, gracious and grateful for all you have and all that life provides. Appreciate even the simplest and most subtle of changes, for they are the harbingers of more to come, the first hints that yes, change is natural, accept it. Let it be your guiding principle: all things change, even you. And that is good!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne