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Chuck’s Place: The Relationship Between Black Magic, Karma And Evil

Black Magic, Karma and Evil integrated…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Black Magic is the ego’s use of its power of suggestion to manipulate the subconscious mind to produce subtle and material effects for its own self-serving purposes. This contrasts with the exercise of suggestions intended for the greater good of the overall Self, as well as the greater good of the world. These kinds of suggestions are the ego’s use of White Magic.

Both Black and White Magic employ spells and incantations in the form of repetitive words—like prayers, intents or affirmations—that the receptive subconscious, the true mother of creation, brings to life. Words are the seeds that fertilize new life in the womb of the subconscious mind.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was made flesh,” opens John’s Gospel, describing the origin of creation. Words can produce works of evil, as well as works of high spiritual value. The subconscious does not differentiate between the two; the subconscious is a dutiful servant that does what it is told.

Words issue from the mental body, the ego part of the personality, with its thinking, reasoning and decision making capabilities. The ego has the supreme ability to exercise free will, to be its own creator of reality. Through its influence upon the subconscious, the ego has free access to the elemental forces of good and evil, the divine building blocks of our human self and our world.

The mission for ego in its life in human form is to bring harmonious balance to its innate state of polarity. Each of us are born with our own myth, a riddle to be discovered and resolved in the high art of a human life. For this, the ego must venture into the underworld of its shadow self, as well as enter into the outer world of relationship. The choices it makes are necessary engagements of both Black and White Magic. Wholeness precludes one-sidedness; wholeness is integration.

The subconscious mind is reflected in the body’s gut. The gut, at a physical level, is all about the balance of bacteria needed for proper digestion. The gut follows Nature’s Law: karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect. The gut will take the necessary actions to bring to balance the effects we have caused by the actions we have chosen.

These gut healing efforts might include great pain in the intestinal tract, or actual disease to an organ, as the gut spurs the ego to right action in its choices and suggestions to the subconscious mind.

Thus, the subconscious mind, though it does not argue with the ego about its dominant commands, and in fact carries out those commands, is fundamentally bound to Nature’s Law of karmic balance. While materializing the ego’s wishes, the subconscious is simultaneously bound to materialize its karmic consequences.

Nature makes use of the destructive elementals to enact change. Evil can be defined as the destructive action necessary to evoke change through the breakdown of rigidities. Love can be defined as the receptive energy of change, driven by the heart opening to greater inclusiveness. Love and evil are a most necessary polarity in wholeness. The challenge is to harmonize their influences in the service of refined growth.

Black Magic is part of the ego’s necessary repertoire. Sometimes the ego must oppose nature’s law of balance. Of course, those decisions will evoke a karmic consequence that may seriously sideline the ego. Watch out what you ask for!

Nonetheless, as creators, we are scientists destined to experiment. We are truly on a mission from God to know and refine who we are—in our wholeness, both good and evil.

Evil is a necessary tool for both the ego and the subconscious. Evil is the mental body’s free-will teacher and refiner. The mind will reflect upon the consequences of its decisions, which may modify subsequent actions.

Evil is also Nature’s karmic tool of balance, the primary controlling  suggestion to the subconscious mind. The challenge is to bring free will and karma into good balance.

Perhaps the best guidance was offered by don Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda’s teacher: Have a romance with knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil. Explore everything, but don’t get overly attached to anything.

Or, as Julia Child recommended, have but a small taste of everything.

In conclusion, choose the best balance for where you are now!


Soulbyte for Wednesday May 17, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

If you decide to live life on your own terms then be prepared to deal with the consequences. Not every way is a way that will bring fulfillment. Not every way is a way that  is full of heart. Not every way is a way that offers the best opportunities. Not every way takes into consideration the greater good. However you decide to live your life this time around will also determine how you live your life the next time around. Spend some time in deep contemplation. Ask yourself some hard questions and decide what is right for you to do now and what your next step should be. To walk a path with heart, or not?

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Karma For Better

We all must face the highs and lows of karmic destiny…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Karma is destiny, the inevitable effect of a previous cause. That which goes up must come down. And, according to Newton’s Third Law, the force with which it lands will cause a reaction of equal force. This repetitive back-and-forth volleying generates a groundhog day habit of karmic stuckness.

We must circumambulate our habitual beingness until we accrue the consciousness to clearly see our individual core karmic leitmotif. Once filled with awareness of our karmic duty we are then freed to exercise our will to address our oppositions and eventually shift our lives in an equal and reconciled new direction. This is using karma for better.

Esther Harding states:
“The marvel is that there is not a perpetual state of war within the psyche, for each of these elements is endowed with energy and so cannot die. Fortunately for our sanity, many of these irreconcilable elements lie deep within the unconscious, locked in primordial sleep; those which may have stirred are shut away in separate compartments. But as life progresses and an increase of consciousness is achieved, the inner conflicts awaken, and the problem of reconciling the oppositions they reveal has to be undertaken as a serious and urgent task.”
–M.E. Harding, Psychic Energy

Cherokee guide Joyce Sequichie Hifler, in A Cherokee Feast of Days, speaks to the karma of a pond turning over. It’s nature’s way of cleaning house. The stagnant energy settled at the bottom of the pond activates, mixes with other strata of water, and rises to the surface. And yes, the whole pond of human affairs needs to turn over at times. This is the cosmic karma of now.

Judge Hatch, a Master teacher in the astral realm, hovered over the battlefields of Earth throughout WW1, channeling his observations and guidance for humanity to his scribe Elsa Barker, in War Letters. His intent was to empower humanity to advance beyond the perennial karma of war. His empowering technology is available to every human being to reconcile with both the warring factions within the self, as well as in the world. Here’s a method to transform hate, the mother of all wars:

“…Has anyone injured you in the struggle of life?—for life is a kind of war. Go out in thought to those whose desires have clashed with your desires, those who have hurt you or hated you. Go to them one by one—not several at a time in this exercise, and one by one try to understand them. See yourself with their eyes, feel toward yourself with their hearts. If they still hate you, you may hate yourself at first in sympathy with them. But remaining there in sympathy with them, you will gradually feel their hard thoughts of you change, gradually begin to be friends with yourself through them.”  –Elsa Barker, War Letters From The Living Dead Man.

Judge Hatch emphasizes that this exercise is not a subconscious abuse of black magic to control another because its objective is consonant with the intent of the High Self, one of unselfish union and positive evolution. Carolyn Elliot describes similar exercises of appreciation for the warring factions within the self in her book, Existential Kink.

From the perspective of every individual human as a single cell in the wholeness of everything, every effort—even that of a single person—will impact the state of balance in the overall whole. Furthermore, every individual, however disagreeable, is a permanent member of the whole, for energy cannot die.

What is changeable is the balance between the parts within the whole. We all, as individuals, are subject to the karma of our attitudes, decisions, and actions. The human race, as a whole, is subject to its karma as well. The artistry of being human is our ability to sculpt our beingness with attitudes, decisions, and behaviors that advance our karma for better.

As Judge Hatch describes, the practice of deeply appreciating the perspective of one’s enemy, especially feeling their hatred toward oneself, mitigates the intensity of one’s own anger, harmonizing an opposition within the self and impacting positively one’s outer relationship with the hated other.

Perhaps this technology can be simply summarized in the words of an earlier Master, “love thy enemy.” That’s how to advance the self and use one’s karma for better.

For the better,

Soulbyte for Tuesday May 2, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

When change is the plan, some things are best let go of early, as soon as they are deemed unnecessary, while others are best taken to the bitter end. Often a habit will only release itself when it has been played to the fullest. At other times a habit may be easily dropped, for it is not of karmic importance. A karmic habit is one that sticks around and teaches you a great many things about yourself. When you have finally learned the lessons it came to teach you it will easily leave too. Keep in mind that everything has something to teach, especially that which is most persistent.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday April 20, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Remain always aware of your Soul’s journey, even during times of stress and trouble when it is the last thing on your mind. It is actually at such troublesome times that your Soul calls out to you, trying to get your attention, trying to remind you to look at the bigger picture and to remember that everything is meaningful and has an important place in your journey. Every day is a day of learning. What are you learning today?

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne