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Chuck’s Place: Completing Karma

What goes around comes around…

Causes have effects. Karma is the effect of a cause, the place we land subsequent to taking an action. And where we land is the only place we can launch from in our next action in life. It is truly where we are.

We are comprised of many dimensions of karma. At the genetic level, we are the karma of our DNA, the historic journey of our ancestral line seeking answers to its mysteries. At the High SOUL level, we are the next chapter in our SOUL’s journey through infinity, part of our ego-Soul’s sojourn to gather experience for our greater SOUL group.

In the karma of everyday life we might write something on Facebook. From this action we generate reactions to our post that may enrage or hurt us. To complete this karma we must make peace with our feelings. Short of fully detaching from our feelings, we remain bound to the karma of our feelings, which on some level will determine where we launch to next.

For instance, we may decide to defensively avoid our feeling reaction to people’s reactions, by allowing our feelings to slip into the body unconscious. The karma of this action may result in a stiff muscle, a headache, and a depressed mood. This unsettled state of karma awaits future reckoning if it is to be completed.

The body may house many incomplete karmas. In traumatic recapitulation an individual’s body may be seized by the full reliving of a completely dissociated experience. The karma of that forgotten experience is completed as it is transformed during recapitulation into a deactivated memory, carrying no emotional charge.

Carl Jung discovered, in his Word Association research, that the subconscious mind is filled with incomplete karmas, which he labeled psychological complexes . A complex is a feeling toned idea, in the subconscious, that gets triggered and intrudes emotionally upon everyday life circumstances. Triggers are caused by latent karmas seeking completion in the events and interactions of everyday life.

If I house a ‘complex’ karma of feeling belittled, I (it) may be triggered by anyone seeking to give me feedback in life. Actual completion of this karma may require both emotional discharge and full acceptance of the defining experience of being belittled. Full acceptance of that defining moment frees me from the legacy, or karma of that false belief. Incompletion of this karma would result in continuing to feel offended by people’s feedback, as well as maintaining a belittled complex within.

The subconscious also stores a composite of the many selves we have been in the many lives we have lived. There may be incomplete karmas from former lives that need completion. What we call our Soul Group is the cast of characters that seeks the wholeness of our SOUL, but struggles with a preoccupation with incomplete karmas from the separate lives we have lived.

Fortunately, the current life we are in has attracted many thematic elements from those prior lives into the composition of who we are in this life, providing a playing field for our past life karmic completion. It is not necessary to return to the knowledge and experience of a past life. All you need to complete prior karma is present in the circumstances of your present life.

Completion of karma can also be witnessed on a planetary level. Don Juan Matus admitted that in ancient times female shamans dominated the shamanic playing field. He contended that once the male shamans were able to gain the advantage, they swore they would never give up control again.

This position parallels the patriarchy of our planet, which has, until recently, succeeded in enacting a karma of powerlessness and pervasive self-doubt upon the feminine. The karma of the lopsided rule of the masculine upon the body of Gaia, planet Earth, has resulted in the pervasive breakdown of the world, as we now witness.

The fact of the matter is that all human life issues forth from, and is nurtured by, the body of woman. Earth, under the management of men, is on the brink of destruction. It is the inevitable karma of woman to restore the health of the planet. For this to happen, the feminine must be restored to its divine power.

Of course, this does not mean that women must once again solely rule the world. Women are equally capable of being dominated by a patriarchal mentality. All humans must restore the feminine to its rightful place to put the evolution of the world on solid footing. At present, political advance of the feminine values of love and interconnectedness represent the true collective karmic completion of planetary need.

Grappling with true karmic completion in our individual lives contributes holographically to the planet’s healing and advance. From a heart centered place, we are guided to the karma of right causes and right effects. Let’s pay it forward.

From the heart,


Chuck’s Place: Grappling with the Insatiable

The insatiable is infinity itself, life without end. As physical beings, beings who are going to die, we are eager consumers of a smorgasbord of infinity.

The never-ending flow of what life on earth offers…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The offerings include the excitement of the lottery—infinite funds for a finite life; food from all nations—a bottomless pit of sensory delight delivered overnight with Amazon Prime; sex that defies aging or physical limitation—arrangeable in minutes or just  seconds online; never-ending attention from without—every moment an opportunity for the ding of a text, a note to my self-importance.

Indeed, we all share in the angst of Faust. The taste of immortality delivers us to make a pact with the devil. Choose your object: sugar, gold, fame or flame, all are imbued with the fiery passion of the immortals. When we commune with our chosen magical substance we taste infinity and become prey to the insatiable.

For the Buddhists, this is life in the bardo, channeling the false gods of The Matrix, whom we so quickly give our life blood to in exchange for the thrill of their maya wares. For the Shamans of Ancient Mexico, this is the workings of the flyers, parasitic spirit entities that feed off the excitement of the human central nervous system.

Lest we get too anxious about the entities that entice us, know that we are only vulnerable at the point of our personal Achilles heel, and we all have at least one! Perhaps its source is in our DNA—some genetic karma—or in the social context of our birth and family history. Whatever its source, it must be encountered; avoidance is ultimately never an option. And with encounter comes the challenge of mastery.

And so be thankful to the self-serving duplicitous spirit entities that point us to our deepest challenges, our fixations on insatiability, the playing field for our deepest reason for being in this life. Though we feel captive prisoners to these entities and blame ourselves for our weaknesses, if we can suspend judgment of both the entities and ourselves we are freed to a clearer view of reality and the possibility, the one iota of a chance, for total freedom.

Total freedom, from a shamanic point of view, is life freed of the trappings of the insatiable. For Buddhists, it marks the end of the cycle of reincarnation, as lust, the energy of attachment, is transformed into acquiescence to the will of one’s own true spirit. To be alive in human form, doing the bidding of one’s own true spirit, is real communion with infinity.

Once we accept our lethal attachments without judgment, we must become warriors. Most likely, we have all had a very extended stay in basic training: Earth School 101. This is the groundhog day, the cause and effect course of repetitive indulgent behavior. For most, passing this course may require lifetimes—as it should. You are done when you are done, no judgment.

For some the dance with the insatiable is fatal, and so that bardo continues. Others survive to the tipping point, where the lust for the insatiable becomes acquiescence to the true spirit. This is a magnificent achievement.

For others, like the Buddha, finding the middle way to moderation is the winning ticket. Here, all sides of the ego self are both included and limited in acquiescence to the overarching guidance of one’s true spirit. Boredom, patience, and sacrifice are the weapons mastered in this course at Earth School.

And then there are the magical encounters…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Once the ego is in full surrender to the will of the spirit the real magic begins in human life. Synchronicity is the language of the spirit and, as Jung pointed out, synchronicity is spirit assembling matter to further its cause. When ego channels the true spirit, positive synchronicities abound and life on earth is filled with magic and joy.

Of course, sometimes there is need for course correction and then negative synchronicities appear. No judgment, simply correct course! When in doubt, ask your true spirit to give you its opinion. It might arrive immediately in a sudden flash or, more likely, in the synchronicities that appear throughout your day.

Guidance abounds, but so do the insatiable offerings of bardo spirits. Choose wisely, or immediately forgive yourself and do better next time!

Straddling the bardo,


A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Reach Inward & Reach Outward


You won’t know where the road of life is going until you take it…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Today’s channeling reminds us that we are more than we normally perceive, that we have much at our fingertips to use to guide us through life, especially as we make decisions and choices that are transformative.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day as we begin another week on the magical journey that is this life we all share!

Soulbyte for Friday June 9, 2017

Is it really true that you reap what you sow? A good seed planted in good soil has the potential to reap good while a bad seed planted in bad soil may not bloom at all, but such wisdom is faulty, for everyone knows that the best seed and the best soil still may produce bad plants and even the poorest seed planted in the poorest soil has the potential to blossom. All seeds have good and bad qualities, all soil too. No one is immune from their karmic duty and so do not ponder too long the mistakes made in planting and preparing the soil but look to what results and offer it its own potential. Let it reach for the sky or deep into the ground, let it settle or scatter as it will, for all living things have their path and who knows what that will be except in the living of it. Fate is not destiny, it is merely the beginning.

Supportive mantra: I will not work your karma, I will only work my own.

Karma: The work to be done, the issue to solve, the mission of this lifetime.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Lessons in a Life: Responsibility In The Face Of Karma

Facing the truth of the path that lies before us... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Facing the truth of the path that lies before us…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We are all, at some time in our lives, faced with having to admit that something just isn’t working for us anymore. At such times we might get angry. We might become sad. We might become defiant, or we might simply give up. But the truth is that when something is not working for us anymore we are being asked to face a truth about ourselves, about our life, and about our future. We are being asked to change something and the decision we make is crucial to what comes next.

Sometimes we might have to act on the behalf of another person, and this too puts us in a unique position. Robert Monroe—documented out-of-body traveler, founder of the Monroe Institute and the developer of Hemi-Sync audio technique—described, during an out-of-body experience, being in a position to have to make a decision on behalf of another living creature, in this case, a dog.

Here is the story: He and the dog are the best of companions. They are taking a walk when the dog, running after a rabbit, is struck by a truck. Monroe assesses the situation. The dog is obviously beyond recovery. In order to alleviate his suffering, Monroe takes responsibility and acts quickly. Soaking his shirt in gasoline from the gas tank of the truck that struck the dog, Monroe places the gasoline soaked shirt over the dog’s mouth and with the most tender and caring embrace helps his dear dog go.

Coming out of the OBE, Monroe learns from his teachers that at another time in his life he would have been swept up in such emotional turmoil that he would not have been able to act as quickly and wisely toward his dying dog. He would have clung to him, but it would have been to the detriment of the dog’s spirit, for the truth was that the dog was dying and overpowering emotional attachment would have offered nothing of substance to the situation. At the time of this OBE, however, Monroe had advanced to a place of utter detachment. He had control over his emotions and could focus his energy where it needed to go. Without pity, but only filled with love, he could do what his doggy friend needed him to do.

Sometimes it’s time to let people, pets, things, behaviors and habits go, as succinctly and with as much love and kindness as Monroe administered to his dying dog. They’d had a good life together, but without regret, and without blaming the truck driver for striking the dog—for he knew there was no cause to fault him—Monroe acted in alignment with the truth of what had occurred. He was so emotionally detached that within seconds was able to read the entire scene. His role was clear. He was there to administer impersonal loving kindness and compassion; a karmic duty was performed.

Our own evolutionary process prepares us, through each lifetime, as we train ourselves to take responsibility, gain control over our emotions, and focus our energy, just as Monroe did, to get to the point where we are able to face the truths of a certain situation without attachment or blame.

Wise knowing comes when we are ready to act upon it... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Wise knowing comes when we are ready to act upon it…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Sometimes we are called to action unwillingly; we don’t really want to, but we feel obligated. Sometimes we are ready to jump in when asked. Sometimes things are thrust upon us suddenly, as in Monroe’s case. On the day he took his dog for a walk he had no idea he would be called upon to do what he did. Such are the moments when we realize our true spiritual state, when our evolutionary progress is made clear.

The question is: Will we be ready, when called upon, to do the thing that is right for all involved, with only goodness in our heart, without attachment, need, dependency, but simply because it is the right thing? Will we be able to transcend the personal and let go?

“Letting go” can take many forms, depending on our lives, how we’ve created them, and how ready we are to change and allow for new life, whether a new phase of life on earth, or acquiescence to the death of the physical body. Letting go is allowing for change that is right to actually take place, changing us in the process.

In the end, we must all take responsibility for ourselves, for our decisions and our actions; if we don’t or can’t then things will be imposed on us. And so it is imperative that we practice taking control of our own letting go now, in full consciousness, not letting even the letting go overpower us, but riding through it with as much grace and love as Monroe did when he realized it was time to let his dog go.

Part of our karmic process now involves letting go of that which no longer serves us, be it old habits or behaviors, attachments, loves, fears, dislikes, resentments; even our physical prowess must go at some point. The list goes on. We all have something to let go of, as we are all challenged to free ourselves to move on into greater life every day. Can we take full responsibility for every aspect of our lives and move on without burdening, blaming or becoming a victim?

The difficulties we face when we are involved in the lives of other adult beings is that we cannot control or really ask anything of them. Ultimately, every decision, choice and action is up to them. We might see very clearly that they are in a critical situation, being foolhardy, putting their lives at risk or burdening others with their behaviors, and although we might see that there is no time like the present to give advice, the truth is that we really do have to let our own expectations go and allow others to take their own journeys, keeping in mind the lesson that Monroe learned from his teachers, that during another lifetime he had not been so advanced. We are all living the life we are living in order to learn a crucial karmic lesson, even those who frustrate us the most!

What tomorrow may bring we don't really know, but we can prepare now... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
What tomorrow may bring we don’t really know, but we can prepare now…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

People will do what people will do, but at the same time if we are called upon to assist we must state the truths as we see them and ask the other being to take full responsibility for decisions made.

We can offer help and guidance, but ultimately we have to step back and let nature take its course, including the nature inside another being. That kind of letting go is as poignant and caring as Monroe’s action on behalf of his dying dog, and learning to let go in such a manner is a sign of true compassion.

Who are we to know the truth behind someone else’s karma? We can only guess. Unless it is our own karmic journey, we only have the outer truth available to us, and that may be very clear to us, though not at all to the other being. At such times, our only recourse may be to administer love, kindness, and compassion, and without attachment send that other being on their journey, into new life in whatever form that will take.

Sometimes love is enough,

The episode with the dog is described in Robert Monroe’s book, Far Journeys.