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Soulbyte for Monday March 16, 2020

Hone your energy. Contain it through meditation, quiet sitting in stillness, in positive reading, and then use it in subtle and meaningful ways. Contained energy may be used in dreaming, in good intentions, and for the greater good. Rather than squander your thoughts direct them in sending loving kindness, that not only you may profit from their positiveness but the world at large as well. Even one positive and helpful thought may be of benefit. You may not see its effect immediately but eventually you will realize that a mass of positivity does have a good overall effect. Do not give up on the power of positive thought. At times it is all you have and it is enough.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday January 29, 2020

Let yourself relax in the flow of life. Know your own energy by paying attention to it, how it works, discovering what you are really made of. You might think of yourself as only body and brain, but you are so much more than that. Your spirit, your energy, is the you that connects with others, the part of you that is felt before anything else, that others are drawn to, that you yourself long for. Get to know this beautiful self and all will be well in the flow of life. You just can’t go wrong with the REAL you! And it knows how to relax!

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Losing the Human Form

Losing our human form makes us fluid…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In a very real sense the events of our world are shattering the solidity of all that we hold dear. We are, quite literally, being forced out of the world of ordinary reality. Our reason makes a valiant attempt to restore its normal premises to explain all that is happening, but, by being saturated with such a constant barrage of uncertainty, we are being thrust into other worlds of possibility.

The human form is the shaman’s term for the fabric of archetypal programs that govern our world of ordinary reality. Having a parent and being a child are examples of archetypal structures that generate uniform roles, expectations, needs, and relationships. These core archetypes can define an entire life in ordinary reality.

Beyond ordinary reality is the solitary journey of the soul, an incarnate life that was fashioned with a human form in order to experience archetypal life in ordinary reality. Nonetheless, that soul must one day exit from its life in ordinary reality; and though the life it has lived in ordinary reality will never be erased, it must journey beyond the limits of ordinary reality into new worlds of non-ordinary reality.

In ordinary times many do not encounter this greater reality until their moment of great transition, at death, from ordinary to non-ordinary reality. All religions, in some form, focus on preparation for this great transition. Thus, all religions strive to prepare one to smoothly lose one’s human form.

The ruptures to the basic fabric of our world, currently generated by both nature and human nature, are forcing a collective encounter, while in human form, with states of non-ordinary reality. Lack of preparation for such encounters is often the true precipitant of psychosis, where one loses the command of attention needed to navigate the rapid influxes of such jolts.

Evolutionary urgency appears to be the underlying culprit heralding our current world crises. Human attachment to material accumulation, human insistence upon unlimited growth, particularly of the human race itself, and human hegemony over all life, other than itself, are all archetypal programs gone awry.

Survival requires the voluntary acceptance of limitation in all aspects of life. Survival requires a meeting of all races and social strata at the heart center, where the true needs of the planet’s survival trumps all individualistic agendas. This evolutionary advance means meeting at an energetic level, where family is experienced as everyone and everything.

Energy medicine, energy body travel, and energetic connecting are the evolutionary waves of now. The human form of ordinary reality must release its fixation on a material world as the only potential world and prepare for other worlds and other realities.

Energetically shifting emphasis to the capabilities of the energy body is the greatest solution to the fossil fuel energy crisis. Even the internet will prove obsolete in a world where thought transmission and akashic record consultation replace social media and Google.

The magic of now is that our world is evolving into a world that opens up to life at an energetic level, the soul’s greater journey, while still in physical life. Though we must surrender our outdated human form, we needn’t relinquish physical life as we open to greater exploration of infinity, through actualizing our energetic potential.

Dreaming is our most immediate access point to that dormant energetic potential. Remember, write down, think about, talk about, and bridge your dreams to waking reality. Take seriously this portal to the energy body, with the intent to sharpen attention while exploring this ethereal dimension of being. You won’t be disappointed.

Lose human form, dream on,


Soulbyte for Monday October 5, 2018

Gather your energy and with patience await your next assignment in Earth School. Where you go and what you do is of prime importance, so be selective as you live your life according to the dictates of your higher spirit self, who knows all and who awaits union with you each day as you walk the path of life. Let yourself turn more toward this knowing self as you figure out your life, as you take one day at a time, as it comes, and as you learn your lessons as they present themselves. It’s never too late to learn. It’s why you are there. All lessons are good lessons, so be open and without fear, and with a loving and eager heart let in what arrives on this day too. It might just be the greatest lesson you’ll ever have to learn. And that’s good indeed!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne