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Soulbyte for Thursday August 20, 2020

Do not let outside events stir you too far from your heart’s knowing and your heart’s content. Remain heart centered so that your equilibrium is not disturbed, for your inner peace is of utmost importance and concern for your own wellbeing and that of the planet you call home. Seek connection to nature, even in just sitting still, listening and breathing; even in just turning eyes toward the sky, day and night, for a glimpse of the heavens; even just a sense of the wind upon your cheek can remind you of your connection to the Great Mother and all she provides, and how she nurtures you in simple yet profound ways. For beyond the ways of humankind lie the ways of the Divine. Reach for that and all will be well.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday July 27, 2020

Leave your troubles at the door as you shut your mind, open your heart, and enter into a loving place within yourself, where the only words are words of gentle encouragement, where the only thoughts are thoughts of positive enhancement, where the only sounds are sounds of your own breath reminding you of your connection to nature, the Great Mother within and without. Remind yourself often of this connection as you remain heart centered and loving, as you follow your bliss and seek enlightenment, equanimity, and all that you can be. For you are one with the Great Mother, who loves and guides you in all you do, though you may not yet know her. Stay in her loving kindness. As within, so without.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Endurance

Kundalini energy rising…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I would be neglectful indeed, in my duty as a licensed psychotherapist, were I not to validate the obvious current world predicament: walking the razor’s edge of latent collective psychosis. I would also be neglectful in my duty as a transpersonal psychotherapist were I not to share my vision of the multidimensional drama that veils our vision, just as the sands of the Sahara now blanket the world. Beyond the veil of ignorance coated by those desert sands lies the path of heart, the path of our redemption.

Psychosis, in modern psychological nomenclature, depicts a mental state where the ego, as the central governing force of the personality, sinks into the abyss of unconscious forces, as the personality becomes a rudderless ship taken over by the turbulent forces of nature. That violent nature, generally subdued by the matador, is overrun by the bull, the ultimate surge of a bull market, an inflation that refuses to yield to the axiom: what goes up must come down.

In earlier times, when modern psychology was expressed in spiritual terms, our current situation would be understood as the activation of the gods, what we now term the archetypes, competing with their enormous instinctual energies, in a game of chess with humans as their channeled pawns.

From a transpersonal perspective, the war we are in is ego vs archetype. When archetype possesses ego we risk psychosis. Ego’s challenge in such an onslaught, is to endure. To endure is to resist the enticing power and energy of the archetypes, the fine print of which is a truly Mephistophelian contract: total possession, loss of soul, slavery to the activated archetype.

Archetypes are spirit entities that program a species, the deeply subconscious patterns that rule instinctual life. They enjoyed total domination for millennia until the birth of human consciousness, an event that introduced the possibility of refusing or manipulating the emotional intensity and compulsion of instinct.

This power wrestled from the archetypes upset their balance and control over human life. Suppression and repression of instinct renders archetypes dormant but not dead. Jung wrote often, before the outbreak of WWII, that Wotan, the restless wanderer god of pagan origin, was stirring from the primordial depths, seizing control of the collective German psyche.

Inspiration from the archetypes seeks outlet in human life and is channeled, by human egos, in highly emotional spirited messages. The power and energy of these spirit forces are contagious, stirring frenzy in the masses. Their identifying mark is their disdain for reason, the human ego prison guard of instinctual energies. There is no reasoning with an archetype, instinct alone prevails.

Endurance is the capacity of the ego to weather the storms of passion without falling prey to possession. From a chakra perspective this is accomplished by containing the kundalini energy, the energy of the archetypes, forcing it to rise to the level of the heart chakra.

Pragmatically, this means refusing to engage the emotions of anger and sadness that feed the archetypes. Instead, go inward and exert calm over the excited kundalini emotion that begs outlet in excited action. Calm the autonomic nervous system with its typically unregulated dominance over the body. Send its energy through the breath to the cool respite of the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is the direct link to the Buddhic plane, the home of truth, love, and compassion. Kundalini at the level of the heart acquiesces to serve the High SOUL, as the true guide to right action. The pressure of world survival now is to rise to the level of action in conformance with true need over subjective want, it’s that simple.

All humans of all political persuasions are subject to this rising tide of kundalini energy seeking refuge in planetary survival. May the eyes of the masked and the unmasked meet in loving embrace.

From a transpersonal perspective, our current brush with psychosis is really our collective walking along the razor’s edge above the abyss, as we seek the solidity of higher ground.

Humanity is charged with raising the spiritual level of the planet beyond the blind control of the archetypes. The heart center is our destiny. May we endure this grueling transformation fueled with love for all. All for one, one for all.

With loving endurance,


Soulbyte for Wednesday May 13, 2020

Look to nature for guidance, to know when it is right to do something or not. Watch the slow incremental unfolding of nature bringing forth new life. Without hurry, impatience, or frustration, nature is steady and sure. What happens will happen in its own time, nature shows, without interference or intervention, simply because it is time. The moon in its phases does not alter. The sun in its rising comes forth daily and in its setting leaves again, just as life comes and goes. In nature all things come to pass. A warrior knows this and is always prepared. And yet a warrior studies nature, cautiously and carefully waiting for the signs that say it is time. A warrior learns how things work, so that nothing is unexpected or a surprise. A warrior accepts everything as it comes, in its time, one moment and one day at a time.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday March 31, 2020

Endings are new beginnings, the start of something new as the old turns, a time of transition. As one thing ends a new thing begins, whether it be a day, a month, a phase of the moon, a journey, a life. Change is natural, the stuff of eternity, infinity, evolution and the ever-changing truth of nature. A warrior expects change and is always prepared so that it does not surprise or overwhelm, accepting it as the next step on life’s journey, and without attachment a warrior moves on, always looking ahead with eagerness for what comes next on the inevitable path toward freedom.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne