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Soulbyte for Friday March 22, 2024

-Artwork © 2024 Jan Ketchel

Place yourself at the center of an imaginary circle. How big is your circle? It doesn’t matter. From the center point you have access to everything within your circle; everything belongs to you. Imagine what you want inside the circle with you. What do you need and most want? You are in control. What you bring in affects you. What you leave out affects you. Imagine this circle as a bubble surrounding and protecting you. From it you can reach out or remain inside; it’s up to you. The illusion is that you are alone, but you are not. You are one circle among many, all living together, safe and protected alone and safe and protected as a mass; like a school of fish. You are part of a greater universe, and just as your little bubble is your responsibility so is the greater universe. You are inherently affected by everything and everything affects you. Such is life.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Love And Hate

Reconciliation of Opposites…
-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Don Juan Matus explained to Carlos Castaneda that, yes, our world is a world of separate objects. However, beneath that world of separateness, we are all in a state of one interconnected energy. In that state of oneness, love is the energy of cohesion, that which holds together and welcomes all of its neighbors.

Don Juan also explained that we live in a predatory universe. Indeed, all life feeds upon life, and yet, at a soul level, energetic life is never lost, it merely changes form.

Survival, in our separate human form state, requires an instant ability to judge safety and danger. That which we judge to be dangerous we come to hate. Hate is the emotion that allows us to dehumanize and destroy that which we judge to be different and threatening to our survival.

Oneness and separateness are a pair of opposites that constitute a core challenge to life in human form. It all begins with the symbiotic oneness of mother and embryonic fetus, in pregnancy, that ends in the separation of the one into two distinct beings at birth. The challenge to become a fully realized separate being, who can open to the oneness of love, is the art of human life.

We are drawn to relationship in a quest to reunite with our lost oneness. Union is driven by the natural attraction of opposites for each other. This is love in energetic motion. When these opposites unite there is frequently a honeymoon phase, where opposites relish the relief and ecstasy of restored oneness.

However, as relationships progress, one’s separate, differentiated self reemerges and finds itself in opposition with its soulmate. This reemergence frequently leads to competition and opposition of viewpoints in the relationship. The couple is then challenged to make room for their differences in the wholeness of their relationship. Far too often, bearing the tension of these unreconciled opposites results in the solution to hate one’s partner and end the relationship.

The solution of hate, devaluation, and demonization of the other is the frequent outcome of attempting to bear the extraordinary tension of differences necessary to reach a reconciling of opposites. This is evident in the wars that plague our world. The underlying energetic imperative to embrace all parts and peoples of the world in the oneness that we truly are is the evolutionary and karmic challenge of our time.

Beneath the opposites of love and hate is the oneness and separation phases of human and cosmic evolution. The separatist, hateful stage of human interaction must ultimately acquiesce to the greater harmony and love of energetic reality, which, like day turning into night, will naturally reassert itself.

As we live through this stage of human evolution, which emphasizes separateness and hate in human relations, may we bear its tension and find the path that will lead us to our underlying wholeness, with renewed balance. This is the path where love and hate meet in a union that makes room for all.

Bearing the tension of love and hate,

Chuck’s Place: Reconciliation Of Mind

Free your wings!
-Artwork © 2023 Jan Ketchel

We are all ultimately One, but the structure of this world that we live in is one of separate objects, with distinct differences.

Christian Science suggests we link our consciousness with our core identity, that perfect Oneness, whereby healing the illusion of disease in a non-existent, separate physical body.

Hindu philosophy calls this illusion of separateness maya. Maya spins and directs lila, the creative divine play that results in the current world drama that we personally experience as the fixed reality of our world. To become enlightened, one must fully engage in the current play yet be aware of the limitations of its illusory solidity, and the fact of its impermanence. That’s what is meant by non-attachment.

The shamans of ancient Mexico call assuming this role of non-attachment stalking. In stalking, we fully embody the character we intend to become, sometimes even temporarily forgetting our true essence as energetic beings when we do so. From a shamanic perspective, our world is generated by fixating our consciousness upon a program that assembles our awareness to perceive a world of distinct solid objects.

Carlos Castaneda pointed out that it is sheer magic to be able to conjure this solid world. He called human beings magical beings because of their ability to so fixate their awareness as to generate such a magical event. However, he truly lamented how this single assemblage point of  awareness had become the sole fixation of human consciousness. We have forgotten that we are indeed magical beings capable of unlimited possibilities.

In my time in Carlos Castaneda’s world, I once observed him personally demonstrate a physical movement to break this fixation of limited awareness. He was a short man. He turned his back to us, performing a kind of shoulder roll.

He keenly stated that we are magical beings whose wings have been clipped. With that he urged us to literally free our wings, demonstrating with a movement initiated from the wing itself; engaging the fullness of the entire back rather than a shallow roll of the shoulder. I saw the profound movement of the depth of his wing.

It’s a simple movement. Imagine the wing. Feel an impulse to move it. Be led by it.

The maya of the human mind is one of duality. We appear to have two distinct minds. That is the divine lila of life as it is played out in the current fixation of the human form. These two minds are the ego and the subconscious. The dance between these two minds is our true inner soulmate relationship in this life, replete with all the agonies and ecstasies of human relationship.

The ego is our objective, reasoning mind. The ego is the seat of consciousness. The ego greatly identifies with life in its physical body. The ego is the home of personal identity; the ego says, “I am.” The ego exercises the directive power of free will, choice, and decision making. The ego is charged with the responsibility of leadership in its human life.

The subconscious is the home of total memory. Every moment of our life is recorded there. While the ego may retain some memory, the subconscious records it all. During recapitulation we experience the relationship of ego and subconscious, as the consciousness of now is reconciled with the full experience of the past.

The subconscious operates through intuition. The subconscious is the remote viewer that can travel way beyond the confines of the physical body and observe events on the other side of the world, or in the cosmos. The subconscious has access to the Akashic records, the collective unconscious history and accrued knowledge of our species.

The subconscious is the seat of telepathy; it receives and can read the thoughts of others. The subconscious runs all the operations of the physical body. The subconscious houses the instincts and is the home of  emotions.

The subconscious is our magical mind. It does not reason; its modus operandi is suggestion. Whatever suggestion it receives, it will fully bring to life. With its vast tools and resources, the subconscious can manifest, to the best of its ability, any suggestion it decides to adopt.

Unknown to us, the ego and the subconscious constantly work in tandem. Thoughts from the ego become directive suggestions to the subconscious, which then turn into a set of habits that automatically control our lives.

The subconscious is also quite receptive to the suggestions of others. We may notice our attitudes, moods and behaviors greatly impacted by our interactions with others. This may largely be the suggestive influence of someone else’s energy upon our subconscious. As opposed to the ego, with its fixed identity, the subconscious does not have a personality. It is an open book that willingly embodies the content of suggestions, wherever they may originate from.

Healthy leadership by the ego, in the quality of its suggestions to the subconscious, creates the ideal relationship between the two minds. This requires the ego to firstly be in alignment with its Spirit as the arbiter of right action. The ego must also accept the existence of the subconscious mind with all its magical capacities. This is often a tall order for the ego to undertake, which clings to its rationality as ruler and dismisses the greater powers of the subconscious mind.

The ego needn’t believe in the power of the subconscious to access it. Merely rotely repeating a suggestion, ad nauseam, is bound to register eventually as a directive to the subconscious. If I notice a headache brewing, I direct my subconscious with the incessant suggestion that the headache is healing, and is healed. If it disappears, as it often does, I acknowledge the fact of the power of the subconscious to heal.

The ego comes into better relationship with the subconscious when it can expand its rationality to include the fact that the subconscious has abilities that appear to defy logic. Exercising the intentional practice of autosuggestion can produce results that broaden the ego’s reason to include the magical potential of the subconscious mind. Rather than dismiss miracle cures as placebo, scientists would do well to study the factual abilities of the subconscious mind to alter physical events in the body through the power of suggestion.

Reconciliation of mind is ego valuing the subconscious, and consciously feeding it suggestions for the greater good of self, other, and world.

When we leave this life in our soul body, our mental body, of ego and subconscious, will leave as one. As we journey beyond the physical body this reconciled mind is our navigator in the great beyond. Use this life now to bring mind into a partnership to truly serve your evolving soul.

Now and then,*

*I am blown away by the magic of the release of the modernly engineered Now and Then, the Beatle’s final song, which is #1 on the musical charts. The generation of now is claiming their own rightful ownership of the Beatle’s Aquarian magic, as well as John Lennon’s soulful reconciliation of relationship. May its energy further permeate the world and its reconciliation of relationship.

Chuck’s Place: Be At Peace With It All

At peace in reconciled wholeness…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Interconnectedness and oneness are the underlying truths of our spirit being. However, incarnation as a physical person is a journey of separateness, as we are born into a world of self and other. This world of distinctly separate objects offers a journey of evolution, where consciousness and knowledge grow, and creativity flourishes.

Nonetheless, evolution ultimately devolves into involution, where all that has been separated rejoins in the enhanced wholeness of ultimate oneness. At present, our journey of separateness is peaking, as expressed in the incessant clashes of nature’s storms and in polarized human interaction.

It is obvious that the solution to the warring elements of now is a movement toward oneness, where the true needs of the greater whole become the working intent of the world. How long this process will take, how much more destruction will be required, remains an open question, but be at peace in knowing that we move toward oneness.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us, a time of great spiritual advancement. The prelude to WW1 was the birth of Spiritualist and Theosophical movements, where the spirit world made physical contact with human awareness. WW1 brought forth a wave of channeling, with souls recently departed from human form sharing their experiences.

Current times are replete with Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s) and Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE’s), further advancing human awareness to experiencing its foundational spiritual essence, with life in human form understood as simply a season of its soul’s continued life. Great calamities appear to be the necessary balance for advanced spiritual realization. Be at peace with it all.

Knowledge of self as a spiritual being completely shifts one’s relationship with the physical world. With it comes the ability to manifest one’s intent  through spiritual practice. The ability to heal and communicate at a distance, the ability to travel through mere thought, and the ability to transcend DNA programming through mastery of the subconscious mind are all human potentials coming on line. Be at peace with it all.

Knowledge of the underlying oneness of everything—which includes the bully who outrages us the most—equips us with a tool to hasten our evolution. Knowing that everything is a part of you, ask yourself: “Who is that being I can’t stand, or am so afraid of, inside of me?” Find the enemy within yourself. Value it and find loving compassion for it.

Reconciling a polarization within the self advances relationships outside of the self, as projection of the unwanted shadow ceases. This does not mean that the bully without may not need to be confronted, but when the shadow is reconciled within the self then the confrontation with the bully becomes only what is necessary, with an absence of malice. Be at peace with it all.

The title of this blog is from guidance attributed to Cochise, a powerful Apache leader, who battled with a changing world as Mexico and America encroached upon indigenous lands. May we all be such impeccable warriors, and, “be at peace with it all.”

In Peace,

Soulbyte for Thursday March 2, 2023

-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Spend a little time in nature. Take a walk in the woods, put a foot in a stream or lake, glance at the sky. Too many people never look up and thus they miss the perspective of the vastness of life on Earth. They don’t get to experience the sense of oneness that the sky offers, the same sky that everyone sees. In the daytime, the clouds float by like memories from around the world and at night the stars speak of the vast unknown that everyone wonders about. Let nature show you that you are not so different from everyone else, that indeed there is a sense of oneness to it all.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne