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Soulbyte for Wednesday August 8, 2018

You are part of something greater. You are not alone but accompanied on your journey through life by benevolent energy that only wishes you well. Knowing this, accept the challenges that life presents you with with greater ease, aware that those challenges too are part of something greater. One day all will be revealed and you will truly know that, indeed, you are part of something greater. Until that day comes, allow that which is greater into your life in every breath you take, in every step you take, and in every moment you experience. Know this and be at peace, calmly accepting your life as part of something greater.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Unfolding

– Photo by Jan Ketchel

What really is fate but the unfolding of a dream, one of infinite possibilities moving to completion.

Outside of time and space is everything; past, present, and future all bundled together in ultimate oneness. Inside time-space are the parts of that oneness fully exploring themselves in the spirit of our individual lives.

Of course there is free choice, but what is free choice but the exploration of a possibility, and all possibilities want to be explored. How else could we find our way back to ultimate oneness if we didn’t know all of our parts?

Life in this world is the active side of infinity where God/Goddess, ultimate oneness, experiences its infinite self through the many varied lives of all sentient beings. There is no judgment, there is no good and evil in wholeness, there is simply all that is.

The Tao of our lives is the river of our particular being. We are who we are. If we are to truly know ourselves we must align with the central current that flows through our being. This is the voice of our true self that seeks to manifest and illuminate our uniqueness as well as our interconnectedness to all that is.

When in alignment with the self we greet oncoming time as it presents, accepting and assembling its unfolding pieces one at a time. Choices are really acquiescences to the true path of the self already lived. For yes, from the point of view of the oneness of infinity, all has already been lived, though we are fully recapitulating for infinity the experiences of our unique possibilities as we go about our daily lives.  And this is how the great oneness can truly know itself, in the  fullness of all its lived possibilities that we deliver to infinity through our senses and consciousness every day of our lives. And for those who know the experience of traumatic recapitulation, recapitulation is a fully lived, not simply remembered, experience.

We know we are in good alignment when we accept the unfolding of the miracle of life in such an integral way, senses and consciousness fully on board, fully aware and fully active. The next needed item or happening appears; it is recognized, incorporated, and lived. This does not mean we won’t encounter great challenges and unexpected experiences; they are part of the unfolding dream. Nonetheless, there is great solace in those difficult moments when we can accept and know that all has already happened, that we are simply in the living experience of our great unfolding dream.

So get calm and observe. What’s going to happen next? Know that, as you flow through this recapitulation of your life, you have already made it. The intent of the self is unfolding. Live it to the fullest!



Soulbyte for Tuesday February 28, 2017

A warrior knows that to be one with everything is the ultimate goal, but a warrior also knows that the only means of achieving such universal oneness is by taking the solo journey. And so a warrior does not fret over having or not having but works with what is to confront and dissolve all that stands in the way of achieving oneness with everything. For oneness is dissolution of all that is personal while at the same time still maintaining the inner wholeness of a solitary being.

A warrior is not greedy, even for that oneness, for a warrior knows that it is the journey and the experiences that teach the meaning of oneness, and so a warrior turns from greed to love, accepting love as the only means by which to achieve oneness. And what is love? It is oneness of everything!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Remove The Blanket!

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne and Jan. Hope it’s helpful!

Sometimes a shift happens so naturally… just in the waking up to a new day! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Sometimes a shift happens so naturally…
just in the waking up to a new day!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Argumentation accomplishes nothing. Tuning into others, compassionately withdrawing Self and needs of Self, will lead to understanding that argumentation is driven by fear. Fear resides now like a blanket over the whole earth. It is not a good blanket, not a warming blanket, but a darkening blanket. It will not lead to good, but only perpetuate fear.

In order to lift this dark blanket of fear, all who reside now upon that earth must resort to heart-centered awareness, acquiescing to the truth that you are all beings put upon the earth to solve the problems of the human race. You are all, in some fashion, charged with bringing humanity out of the darkness. In your own small way you must begin to change the world. In your own small way you must begin to lift the blanket of darkness that now grows heavy with fear and ignorance. To do so, you must first accept that all other people, in all nations, of all religions and political persuasions, as the same as you.

All who reside upon the earth are one—one energy, one awareness, one light—and yet few are aware of this oneness. Most have become immune to the truth of this oneness, so isolated and distant from the real truth of human consciousness and possibility that they cannot see more than the fibers of the blanket they live under. Beneath the blanket life goes on in a powerless fashion, one day much like the last; the unfolding of life as it happens under the metaphorical blanket not very exciting.

Yet, there is so much more beyond the confines of the blanket! Many have had experiences of this other, blanketless world, yet there are many more who are so afraid to experience the bliss of life outside of the blanket, afraid even of the light of consciousness! Is the blanket of fear really so comforting?

Now is the time to ask the self to take personal responsibility for removing the blanket that lies so heavily over you, to come out into the light and experience a new reality. It’s time to remove your personal blanket of fear, within your own life and your section of the world, and trust that the universe will greet you with open arms and take you on your unfolding journey into new life. Trust that the universe is genuinely positive and energetically prepared to guide you in a new direction as you ask yourself to step outside of your uncomfortable comfort, as you seek a new and changing self and a new experience of life upon that earth.

Ask the self to be open to something new today—even if it’s just a thought or an idea, a possibility, an adventure, a door that might be opening, a book that might lead you in a new direction. Dare the self to make a move in a new direction; take one small step toward embracing that oneness of everything. Today!

A Day in a Life: Synchronicities

Eat from nature... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Eat from nature…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

When I was a little kid I clearly saw that the ultimate goal of life was death. We were all headed in the same direction, going to the same end. What then was the meaning of life? I’d read the obituaries on the inside front page of the newspaper, studying peoples lives and how they had died, trying to make sense of it all. Then I’d flip to the back inside page and read the comics. Nothing in between was of interest to me. I knew I had to look for answers elsewhere. And so my search for meaning began. Little did I know that I didn’t really have to search at all. The answers were all around me, in the synchronicities of the interconnected universe that we all exist in.

Yesterday, lunchtime arrived. I didn’t really feel hungry, but thought I should probably eat something. I prepared a small lunch. I ate a few bites but still had no appetite. Should I eat now when I have a chance or risk being hungry later when it won’t be appropriate to eat? I was on the fence. I picked up a favorite book, Everyday Tao, looking for guidance. I opened it at random, and received the perfect reading for my situation: Hungry/Full.

Regarding Hunger: “The follower of Tao stays hungry.”

Those who follow Tao make great achievements if they are so inclined to come out and act in the world. Nevertheless, they always stay hungry, so that they are never complacent. They are always out trying to do better. …those who follow Tao know that hunger is a great motivator.”

In eating be moderate. Leave a little room in your stomach. Try to stay lean, not for the sake of fashion, but for the sake of health and motivation. The mind grows sluggish on too much rich food and fine wine.”

However, neither should one become a “hungry ghost,” forever searching the world for something to eat. That is too much the other extreme. Like everything in life, those who follow Tao use moderation, and they use everything they can—even hunger—to further their travels through Tao.”

Regarding Full: “Knowing when one is full: that is wisdom.”

If you don’t want people to rebel, then stuff their bellies full of food. If you want no wars, then make sure there is enough to eat. When a country is on the brink of ruin, it is because the leaders have taken too much in taxes, conscription, and labor.”

In a simple life, people eat plain food. They have enough. No one needs to lecture them about balance: nature teaches them. …they learn that for everyone to have enough creates contentment.”

Eat what is proper. Eat what is right. …avoid excess. Although there are fanatic beliefs about diet, fasting, and ritual, avoid obsession. Eat what is natural. Eat enough, but don’t eat too much. The simple application of that dictum is difficult enough.”

I was fascinated by the response I received—both for myself and as regards the state of our country, reflecting our politics as well as the eating habits and health of the American people—but I really shouldn’t have been. I’ve been experiencing the synchronicities of the universe in alignment with my life for a long time, but nevertheless I get excited all over again every time I encounter the workings of the greater world we live in. Once again, it became clear to me that everything we experience is teaching us to become aware, teaching us how to prepare ourselves to become a part of the greater whole. The meaning of life is becoming part of that whole—one with the Tao—the answer that my chid self so diligently searched for. And one way to experience that is in the synchronicities of life itself.

A bunny in the backyard... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
A bunny in the backyard…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

I woke up during the night. “This is the time I usually hear the owl,” I thought. And then I heard the owl hooting in the woods behind our house. “It’s probably hunting,” I thought. And then I heard a flurry of activity, the flicker of swooping wings, the screeching of an animal. “It got one of the rabbits that live in the backyard,” I thought. “Don’t be sad. Let it go, it’s nature at work.” The tussle lasted but a few moments, then it was quiet again.

Once again, I was fascinated by the synchronicities of the universe. Are my thoughts manifesting these things? I wondered. I think a thought, the universe responds. I know I did not cause anything, but I do know that I am part of the greater whole. When I ask the universe for guidance, I am tuning into the greater whole, aligning with intent, and this is why the answers appear so synchronistically. This is what my child self could not grasp, having little concept of the universe, of the oneness of everything.

My child self could not understand that life and death were of the same energetic configuration, just different manifestations of the greater whole that we all are. Now, having had many experiences of the oneness of all things, I feel myself as part of everything. But even so, I tend to forget when dealing with the mundanities of life. We are all capable of forgetting even the most transformational of experiences when in the throes of life and what it challenges us with. But if we repeatedly bring our attention back to those experiences, back to our awareness of our oneness, we enter a new phase of experience.

If we remember that we too are the universe, we insert ourselves in alignment with synchronicity. Once we are open and receptive, we experience synchronicities everywhere. We hear them. We dream them. We read them. We speak them. We hear them spoken around us, reverberating through the interconnectedness that we all are. When we experience our oneness we are in the Tao. And then life is not so daunting. Nor is death. It all becomes a fascinating experience.

The Tao is everywhere, we are everywhere... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
The Tao is everywhere, we are everywhere…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In the Tao, in alignment with the universe, the mysteries of life—what lies between the obits and the comics—are no longer mysteries. Everything is us, in us, around us. We are interconnected with everything else, everyone else. In energetic alignment we experience our oneness with everything, and the synchronicities come, because we are fully available to receive them.

From the Tao,

As I write, a squirrel comes knocking at the window, a hickory nut filling its mouth. “Hello Squirrel, I see you are in the Tao, preparing for the winter ahead.” The owl eating the rabbit, the squirrel gathering nuts, they are in alignment with nature. Are we?

Quotes from: Everyday Tao—Living with Balance and Harmony by Deng Ming-Dao, pp.140-141