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Chuck’s Place: What Do I Really Believe?

Love in the silence of personal meditation…
– Artwork © 2022 Jan Ketchel

Matter follows thought. Thought issues from the mind. The mind is the soul’s seat of consciousness as it conforms to life in a physical body. The physical body is thus an expression of the soul, in a state of dense energy, as directed by the mind.

The mind has multiple influences upon it, the majority of which operate at a subconscious level. The core drivers of the mind are beliefs, those we consciously subscribe to, but more importantly, those we have internalized through socialization in this life, as well as those encoded in our genetics and archetypal inheritance.

Most of our beliefs operate in the shadow of the subconscious, unbeknownst to the conscious mind. We are a species that is highly susceptible to suggestion, which is merely a prepackaged thought presented to the subconscious mind, which in turn gives it material form through the body’s nervous and endocrine systems.

As the subconscious, by definition, is not a conscious thinking entity, its modus operandi is instinctive reactivity. This reactivity registers as physical sensations and emotions, which steer motor responses to actual physical circumstances or mental thoughts. The subconscious treats outer reality and the imagination identically, that is, as facts to be reacted to.

The influencers of modern social media are suggestion-producers, in the form of thoughts and images, that impact the collective subconscious and generate states of nervous activation, emotion and physical activity that then attempt to define and shape physical reality. For example, the suggestion that Ketanji Brown Jackson is soft on sexual predators becomes the internalized, felt to be, personal belief of many individuals.

Thus, many beliefs are actually not personally generated but are extrinsic mental installations that shape the conscious mind through subconscious influence. In such cases, the ego does not exercise its free will to apply consciousness in its ability to reflect and arrive at its own truth. To the contrary, it blindly accepts and follows the tenets of its internalized suggestions, where they are reacted to, as facts, by the personal subconscious.

Beliefs are also shaped by our educational systems that seek to instill a system of morality, along with tools for understanding and utility, that allow for successful navigation of life in a physical body. Thus, even our basic beliefs about the nature of reality are narrowed by the boundaries of what is considered valid exploration.

Medical treatment is largely confined to physical tests and medicines that correct the observable diseases in the physical body. The powerful effect of placebo, which completely reflects the power of a mental belief, is dismissed as irrelevant to objective reality.

Placebo actually gives evidence to the fundamental fact that, as a person thinketh, so do they becometh. Matter, the state of physical reality, is first and foremost shaped by our beliefs, shaped by inheritance, instinct, experience and karma. The royal road to discovering those beliefs is meditation.

To take true ownership of our physical reality we must illumine the beliefs that subconsciously operate within us, and determine their validity. In the still of meditation we observe how thoughts arise and impact our nervous and glandular activities. We discover the subtleties of beliefs upon the matter of our own physical bodies.

As we calm the subconscious reactivity of sensation and emotion, as well as the free flow of thought, in meditation, we move beyond the defining influence of the subconscious and are opened to the spiritual center of the higher self.

From the meditative position of detached observer we enter the subtle realm of energetic reality. We notice sensations arising spontaneously from the energy centers of the various chakras. We are treated to the experience of vibrational reality, where we can ascend into the quiet and calm of heightened spiritual awareness. We discover ourselves as energetic beings. We discover our higher selves.

At the heart chakra we are led to energetic truth and love, the one true energetic reality. Love is the binding glue of the oneness of all that is. All can experience this truth in the silence of their personal meditation.

As well, all that is untrue and negative will arise in meditation, where the opportunity arises to cleanse oneself of the the limiting beliefs, or habits, that have by default, defined one’s life.

Aligning one’s consciousness and free will with the truths of this spiritual, or energetic center, of the heart, sets the stage for manifesting the heart’s true content. Through the letting go of untruths, we clear the channel for pure love to flow through and into our physical reality.

Belief then becomes knowing. Knowing thoughts generate energetic and physical harmony. Harmony is the next stage of our human evolution.

Meditate, meditate, meditate, and all will be well, within and without.

Intent on Knowing,


Soulbyte for Wednesday April 6, 2022

Though you often find yourself lacking and not up to snuff, keep your thoughts about yourself positive and hopeful, for you are the possessor of all that is good, beautiful, and possible. Within you lies the infinite, and contained within the infinite is all that you can imagine, and more. You are all of that, and more. When you love yourself enough you will come to know this. You are love.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday March 15, 2022

When your heart is open to receive, that which you need will show up. When your mind is positive, that which is most beneficial will manifest. When your body is calm, that which bothers you will disappear. When body, mind, and spirit are in alignment, and love is your daily mantra, things will change completely. Breathe love and positive calmness and see what happens.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Inter-dimensional Evolution of Love

Indeed, Love All!

We often think of souls, who leave human form upon physical death, as evolved beings. Indeed, life in a lighter soul body, in a more transparent energetic state of being, provides new opportunities for growth. But, simply transforming into this atmosphere upon dying hardly guarantees spiritual growth.

Spiritual evolution requires an ever-deepening capacity for love. A discarnate human spirit is tasked with full acceptance and completion of a life just lived. For this, one must have love for self as one encounters all the hidden or suppressed truths accrued in one’s prior life. Only with such loving acceptance can a spirit advance into true wholeness.

A discarnate spirit must also come to full acceptance of others they may have cut off, rejected, hated or loved, as they find their way to release the binding emotions of incompletion and victimhood. To accomplish this, love must advance a quantum leap—in loving all that was and is.

Discarnate spirits might engage humans still in human form to aid in the completion of their prior lives. As well, discarnate spirits teach and guide those still in human form through channeling, telepathy, dream, and synchronicity.

Jung discovered, in his own inter-dimensional interaction with discarnate souls, as documented in The Red Book, that they sought answers that required relationships with incarnate spirits, as boots on the ground of planet Earth, to provide deeper answers to the mysteries they still struggled with.

Jung’s exhaustive works on ancient alchemy were his own attempts to advance the work of these esoteric practitioners. Jung grew the seed of alchemy into its rightful place, as the foundation of modern depth psychotherapy. What the alchemists had unknowingly projected onto matter, Jung clarified as the inner workings of the psyche, with all its alchemically active energetic processes.

When my first wife, Jeanne, left this world, she sent me a message to say a little prayer for her, that is, to use some of my energy to intend her own advancement (as described in The Book of Us*). Ironically, this has required my own personal evolution in order to address my deepest truths and wisely guide and release the fruits of our joint karma, our children.

My evolution serves Jeanne’s, just as her’s serves many. Jeanne has provided a vast amount of spiritual guidance on the evolution of love. This exchange between us is hardly a mercantile transaction; it’s a transaction of evolving love.

Evolving love must accept the relativity of any special relationship. We are more than a single lifetime. All of our loves from all of our lifetimes are equal parts of our wholeness. Isn’t God the ultimate oneness of everything? To prepare for that ultimate union, nothing that is can be denied equal love. Evolving love is the path of equanimity.

Our physical world is home to communication and interaction between many spiritual dimensions, replete with both incarnate and discarnate souls. Unresolved problems of former generations appear and reappear upon the human stage to further refine their prior tentative conclusions.

Currently, the world is facing the march of totalitarianism as the autonomy and integrity of nations are threatened. This is the energetic resurgence of a spiritual conflict unseen on this scale since WWII. The world is being challenged to reach beyond nationalist and isolationist attitudes and come together in actions of truth and loving compassion.

Our ancestors did the best they could in their time, but they are asking us now to advance love toward real solution. For this, we must rise to the heart, a step above our fixation upon our competitive solar plexus.

To come together, to face the truth, and to be willing to sacrifice our comforts for the greater good of the world is love’s collective challenge to us all now.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love thy enemy as thyself. The evil currently enacted before us is our greatest teacher. To placate was an old solution, which merely planted the seed of our present karma. Our teacher dares us to reach new heights of love now, or once again leave for tomorrow what could have been done today.

Though we are largely the boots on the ground of our multidimensional universe, we have the backing of our spirit companions and guides. As we advance the cause of love in our solid dimension, love is advanced in all dimensions of our interconnected, interdependent oneness.

Love All,


* The Book of Us: A Story of Relationship in Life, Death, and the Afterlife