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Soulbyte for Monday April 15, 2019

May your dreams remind you that everything is possible, that though you may live in the everyday mundane world, the magical is equally real. What you see every day is only part of the truth, for on the other side, where dreams are made, is another reality. Those realities intersect and interweave all the time. And when you are aware of this you may think you are dreaming, but it’s really just another true reality. Seek to make your dreams come true so that you may experience true reality, and then you will know that everything IS possible, in all realities. Find a way to make your dreams come true. No dream is an impossible dream.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday March 6, 2019

All that you are, all that you will be is inside you waiting to be awoken. Your future is already a dream within you, waiting to unfold, your potential coiled and waiting to unwind. Only time in Earth School will reveal who you are, though your dreams of you already exist within you. You just have to realize them by living them, by accepting them and becoming them. What you dream is already a reality within you, waiting for you to take it out of your dreamworld and make it come true. You are the creator of your own reality and thus everything you dream is already a possibility. Dream on, and yet don’t forget to wake up to your dreams and realize that you are already more than dreaming, you are already the living dream of you, for what you once only dreamed is now a reality. You are the living dream of you. What you dream really IS what you get. Is it time for a new dream?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday March 1, 2019

What are you thinking? Thoughts have power. You draw to you what you think. Thoughts manifest in good or bad ways, in abundance or lack, in beauty or ugliness, constructively or destructively, in happiness or sadness. It all depends on your state of mind, on what you think and believe. What you tell yourself comes true because you have the power within to manifest that which you think. Some manifestations may be old forgotten intentions, set long ago, even before birth. Some manifestations may be haphazard ideas you latched onto for one reason or another, reasonable or not. Other manifestations may come because you picked up some other person’s thoughts or ideas that have nothing to do with you. Perhaps it’s time to rethink, to clear old beliefs, and to decide what’s right for you to personally manifest. You can change your thoughts, your beliefs, your mind, and create a new you simply by how you think about yourself. You draw to you what you think. Got some new positive ideas you’d like to manifest? All you have to do is think them, continuously, until they become your mind’s automatic fodder. Every time an old thought appears replace it with the new thought, and then see what happens. The power of your own thought is all the power you need—it is infinite! And remember: Everything IS possible!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: Shedding Your Limiting Beliefs

Don’t forget those moments of insight when you realize everything has changed…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In today’s audio channeling we are all advised to work on shedding our belief systems and being open to those moments of awakening, when what we experience changes us. Remember to stay awake! That’s the key.

Have a wonderful week!

Soulbyte for Tuesday May 29, 2018

Watch what you think about yourself and others. Remember that a thought can manifest as truth and cause a lifetime of difficulties and problems when in actuality it’s just a thought, a mere fabrication, an idea. Don’t let negative thoughts manifest. Keep turning them on their heads. Reject them as lies, as falsities, as untrue. Turn instead to positive thoughts that will lead you out of your problems and away from your miseries and into a new realm. What thoughts have you planted in your own body and mind? What thoughts have you planted in others? Thoughts are limiting; life is unlimiting if you allow it to be so. Make the switch from a limited reality to an unlimited one. Unthink a few things and see what happens!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne