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Soulbyte for Thursday May 23, 2019

Let yourself be calm and easy through all the trials and turmoils of life, for stress is your mortal enemy. Find a way to calm your body and your mind, to gain control over anxiety and panic, pain and fear, worry and intrusive thoughts. Find a balance within and without that will serve to keep you happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit throughout your days. There are so many options available; search for one that suits you well and practice it always. Make it work for you so that your life may be calm and flowing and one of contentment and joy. Make getting your inner state into calm balance your priority. The solution lies in your own hands. You have the power to accomplish anything. Why not begin with yourself and use your personal power for your own good for a change? Do so, and all will be well for a long time to come.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Time for Self-Regulation

Oppose the dominant energy of now… get heart centered and calm…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Unchecked impulse is the dominant energy of now. There are no signs of it letting up. None are immune from the impact of this energetic wave. Now is the time to turn inward and self-regulate.

It all boils down to intent. Intent manifests the word. Intent is the spirit of Yang (masculine energy) that attracts the Yin (feminine energy) of matter. When we tell the body to relax, it listens and releases according to instruction. But there are challenges.

Blocking beliefs are habitual instructions well-established in the body. If the entrenched belief is that “I am nervous,” the body will favor this established command and remain tense. This is understandable. A hardwired command may assert itself even in the face of a new order, “the body relaxes.” We must be patient and persevering when establishing new rules.

Perhaps the most challenging blocking belief is that “I don’t have the power to consciously alter things in my body.” Let this be the null hypothesis, that is, “my mind cannot change my body.” Let the hypothesis be: “anything is possible.” Next, set up the experiment.

Two times each day, calm the body with some form of progressive relaxation that focuses attention on all parts of the body, simultaneously giving the verbal message to relax. For example, notice the state of tension in your forehead, or shoulders and neck, and instruct the body to release the tension. Cover all sections of the body, head to toe.

Next, in a state of deeper calm, post-relaxation, tell the body, several times, the issue you expect it to address. A child who struggles with enuresis (bedwetting) might simply state: “body, wake me up when it’s time to pee.”  An adult with digestion issues might instruct the body to “comfortably digest the food you receive.” The conscious mind merely states its intent, the body will know what to do.

Remain persevering in this regimen for a month. Attach no expectations to the outcome. Keep the mind passive. Expectations have been proven, at the subatomic level, to bias matter. Better to remain scientific and simply see what happens. Do, however, calmly follow the daily protocol and note whatever you notice each day. The key here is patience and calm perseverance.

All issues in our lives register in our bodies as stress, which means an activation of our autonomic nervous system to fight, freeze, or flee to protect us. This hardwired reaction can be overridden with direct communication to the body that assures it that it is safe and okay to return to calm. Prove it with your personal experiment.

Too often, we insist that we must get to the root of the problem before we can get calm. The problem is, if we are activated, we will be unable to perform the mental operations needed to think clearly. The body funds survival over mental processing. The thinking brain is largely dormant, hence, ineffectual when we are triggered.

Once we become calm, we gain the clarity and brain power to understand the root of the trigger. As we process the trigger, we can continually return to calm by reminding the body to release its stress.

Outer stress resulting  from nature’s changes or political gamesmanship are surely on the rise. The opportunity here is to turn inward and access one’s personal intent to master outer challenge. All power lies within. Take up the challenge to hone your personal link to intent. Do the experiment. Let the outcome be your own proof.



Soulbyte for Friday June 29, 2018

Own your power, not to harm, shame, or blame but to move yourself forward on your journey, knowing that your fate is in your own hands. Your choices matter, so make choices that are progressive and positive. Make decisions that will move you in a new direction. Use your heart centered knowing and wisdom to keep you focused on your intent, ready to receive, for there is much to come and experience as you journey forward with your intent firmly stated and your heart open. Use your power wisely and use it for good so that your journey may be powered by all that is good, within and without. Remain calm and everything will work out just fine.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday February 15, 2018

Empower yourself. If your life is not going as you would like, you have the power to fix it. You are the only one who knows what truly needs to be done. If you want change, you have the power within you to make it happen. Take full responsibility for yourself and your life, but do so with loving kindness for yourself. And remember: You’re in charge!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Monday October 2, 2017

Time for a shift? If you want change in your life you have to invite it, prepare for it and, finally, you have to accept it. Learn to energetically shift yourself. Decide it’s time and then prepare yourself energetically to receive. If you want abundance become wide open to it. If you want love begin by loving yourself. If you want goodness begin by trying out goodness on yourself. It’s not that hard to attract what you want. Become attractive to yourself to attract what you want. Like attracts like. Become positively energized to receive so that what you seek finds you. A new path, a new life, a new love, they all begin with your intent and your energetic configuration. You have the power to change your life, one energetic decision at a time.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne