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Soulbyte for Monday January 13, 2020

Remain steady upon your path of heart, your path of change, your path of inner resolve, and without fear face your innermost difficulties, that which catches you up and seeks to block your progress, that which turns you back upon your old thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about yourself. You are fully capable of making the changes you desire. You are fully capable of fulfilling your own dreams. You are fully capable of finally taking charge and reforming your own life and yourself into a new life and a new self. You are capable of not only dreaming a new dream but of enacting that new dream, one day and one step at a time. Dream on with your good new dream of you uppermost in your mind, with that good new dream of you filling your heartspace, and with that good new dream of you the positive force behind every act you take. With love and determination, dream on, for you are more than worth it. And without a doubt, you can do it!

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

A Message for Humanity From Jeanne: Times of Change

Change is constant…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Good Morning! Here is our audio channeling for this week, encouraging us all to stay positive and to remember that we are all part of a greater consciousness that only wishes us well. Remember this especially during these times of great change.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully positive week!

Soulbyte for Wednesday May 15, 2019

Find your center, your stable self within yourself, and know that you are enough, that you have within you all that you need to sustain you. Hold yourself accountable, be responsible, but also remain free and open. Without judgment, let your center self guide you to what to do next, to what you need in order to fulfill your life, your Soul’s dream of you. Don’t be afraid of what you learn about yourself, and don’t be afraid of what comes next either. Don’t be afraid of going for your dream of you. Get ready for your spirit to guide you. Remain positive and centered. Life is only just beginning. Every day ends and a new one begins, full of new possibilities. What will today bring? Stay positive.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday May 14, 2019

Keep love in your heart. Though you may easily wish to hate, do not let hate become your mantra, for it will have no good result. Hate will only fester and fume, spoil and rot, bring only calamity and disaster. But love? Love fosters kindness and compassion. Love brings light and beauty, positivity, dignity, healing, and possibility. Where hate fails, love wins. Foster love in all you do and you will live to see the results of your efforts. Love’s feedback is immediate. Try it today. Give a little love.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday April 16, 2019

Take your mind off yourself for a moment and look around. What are you being shown today that will lead to knowledge and enlightenment? What are you being shown about yourself that will enhance your life experience if only you would notice and take advantage of it? Are you only seeing the negatives and missing all the positive signs you are constantly being gifted? Take your attention off your usual thoughts about yourself and look outward for a moment. Extend that moment to an hour, an hour freed of your usual self-condemnations. What do you begin to notice? When negative thoughts arise, refuse them. Look only outside of yourself at something beautiful, calm, and peaceful for a change and be freed of yourself for hours at a time. What do you experience inside yourself when you are freed of yourself? Something beautiful, calm, and peaceful too? You can change by changing your inner attitudes about yourself, but it’s up to you to prove it, one hour at a time.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne