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Soulbyte for Friday June 14, 2019

You can heal. Trust your body to learn something new. Turn off old ideas of yourself as limited or incapable. Relax, and let your body show you what it can actually do. Healing comes in many forms. One form of healing is to remove the mind, with its incessant remarks, judgments, and limiting ideas, and let the light of healing energy sweep through the body. Be open to receiving healing energies. Trust that your body knows how to do this. Relax, and let the energy of love in. Be calm, and intend that healing energies will find their way to you. Your healing plan is in your own hands. Let the energy of light and love in.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday October 9, 2018

The tides are turning, the winds shifting, the big changes coming. No matter what happens keep your spirit up front and in command. Notice that even as your body ages and changes your spirit is strong, constant, and steady. Hold yourself accountable within your own small section of the world so that your physical impact upon the planet is lessened, but at the same time expand your spirit awareness so that you may energetically have far greater impact on the rest of the world. In all you do be generous of spirit, loving of heart, and, above all, send healing energy to the Earth, the heavens, and the living beings that reside upon your planet with you. Your energy matters greatly. Keep it honed and active in this manner. And know that you are not alone, for there are many in like consort doing the good work of energy healing. Let every breath be an energetically healing breath for all.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne