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Soulbyte for Tuesday March 10, 2020

Turn your worry energy into healing energy. Redirect it rather than spend all that energy needlessly on something that is totally useless. Contain it and point it in a new direction. Send it off on waves of love to someone who needs it, or return it to the self as the potent healing energy it has the potential to be. Save your energy for something worthwhile and you will be energetically refreshed in return rather than depleted. Someone will feel it and thank you. You might even save a life. Use your energy wisely.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday January 15, 2020

Find your way to the healing balm that lies within you, to your own knowledge lying in wait, to your own ancient wisdom from the many things you have learned over many lifetimes. You carry within you all that you need in order to change, to grow, to evolve, and to heal into a new you. Tap into those ancient reserves within. You are your own medicine healer, your own teacher magician, your own wise person. Let your fullness emerge and become known to you in every calm breath you take, in every positive thought you think, in every sure step you take, for you do have within you all it takes to not only walk your path of heart but to flourish upon it. With firm intent, call upon your ancient wisdom within you, and use it wisely for your own greater good.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday September 20, 2019

Let love guide you onward — love that is all-encompassing, love that is compassionate, love that is all-inclusive, love that is gentle and kind — for love as energy is what you need, love as the fuel that feeds you and gives you healing energy to be used within and without. If love were actually taken as seriously as it should be the world would be a much better place and all would be well. There is still much to learn about love and the power of love. Begin to stir its energy within the self, the loving energy of compassion, from the heart, and with gratitude let its healing energy flow from you, freely, and at all times.

Sending you healing love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday September 3, 2019

Use the creative energy within you for healing purposes, first healing the self and all that ails you, in mind, body, and spirit, and then using it outwardly to heal the world. Stir your energy with intent, with thoughts of love, with visualizations of what you desire, and without doubt know that you have healing powers within you capable of doing the seemingly impossible. It’s all about breaking your attachments to limitations, to the rational mind that says that’s impossible, and opening up to the true energy of love that naturally flows through the universe and through you too; that which is unseen but felt; that which is not a medicine in a bottle but a vibrational energy that you have the power to stir up within you. Use your love energy in this manner; stir it up by breathing into your heart chakra and let the healing begin. It’s what you need now and it’s what the world needs too. It’s not just about thinking loving thoughts; it’s about actualizing them by energetic means, within your own body. It’s not only possible, it’s practical. Stir up the love and use it for some lasting good, within and without.

Sending you vibrations of healing love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday June 14, 2019

You can heal. Trust your body to learn something new. Turn off old ideas of yourself as limited or incapable. Relax, and let your body show you what it can actually do. Healing comes in many forms. One form of healing is to remove the mind, with its incessant remarks, judgments, and limiting ideas, and let the light of healing energy sweep through the body. Be open to receiving healing energies. Trust that your body knows how to do this. Relax, and let the energy of love in. Be calm, and intend that healing energies will find their way to you. Your healing plan is in your own hands. Let the energy of light and love in.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne