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Soulbyte for Thursday August 19, 2021

Calm the body, calm the mind, and let the heart be open to give and receive, for it is the heart that is the great core of energy within the self that can act in the world for the greater good, if you learn to use it as a transmitter of love. Love is healing energy, for self and other. In calmness of body and mind, let your heart do its thing. Be loving and generous, and compassion will find its way into the world once again.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday March 12, 2021

There is no danger in being loving, in letting the heart lead or in expressing love, even for those most contentious, despicable and evil, for love can do you no harm, and it might even help another. Love is the curative energy afforded free of charge to every human being. Do the right thing and spread the love, silently and with compassion, out loud with kindness, or simply in every breath you take. Make love a priority.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday December 17, 2020

Suspend judgment of self and other in order to experience the joy of freedom. Freedom is the clarity of mind to know the truth, to experience the silence of the busy mind and the emptiness of negativity. Freedom comes in the silence within and the observation of silence without, in seeing what truly is: the spirit in everyone and everything. In this manner discover what love truly is, for it is energy flowing through the universe, through you and through everything else too. Love is energy to be used for the greater good of all.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Future Is Fluid*

Any direction is possible…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The Spirit journeys while the body sleeps. The physical body  is the densest of all our energy body states, hence our lighter soul body generally waits for its active container, the physical body, to go offline in deep rest before it ventures out into the subtler levels of its existence, where the physical body is simply too dense to enter.

The currency for travel and action at these finer levels of reality are thought and emotion. Thus, for instance, the mere thought of a location at the soul level transports one to that dimension. At these finer levels of reality thought is completely transparent and communicated without the necessity of speech. For that matter, the physical need to eat, excrete, or have sex are absent from the higher Spirit dimensions of being.

For some, the thought of relinquishing these physical necessities evokes fear and loss. Even after final transition from the physical plane, at death, some might necessitate further residency in physical environments, real or imagined, before they are ready to advance to finer soul states. This is like having a sensual encounter in a dream, while the physical body lies inert and asleep.

One of the great teachings transmitted from higher Spirit dimensions to the physical plane is the energetic power of love. Earth has been called the emotional planet due to the dominance of attachment, need, and longing in human relations. The lower emotions of hate, rage, and fear weigh upon the Spirit and typically burden one with depression and physical ailments.

When one is able to release these baser emotions the rarefied result is the finest emotion of love. Love lifts one’s Spirit on the physical plane and allows for greater mobility on the higher Spirit planes of one’s existence.

The challenges of a relationship at the physical dimension can provide one with the developmental opportunity to reach this rarefied level of love. Having reached real love, one is  ready to experience union with all life, far transcending its momentary glimpse in the experience of physical union with another person.

The operating principles of the higher dimensions actually permeate the physical dimension, but we are generally, literally, too dense to notice. We call it coincidence when we think of someone and then have contact with them shortly thereafter.

Actually, what happens when we think of someone is that the energy of that thought immediately reaches their perceptive field. If they are receptive enough they hear/feel the contact and respond in some way. Couples connected at a higher vibration rarely need to talk, as they are constantly communicating through thought alone.

Distance healing works similarly. Sending someone the intent of healing, embedded in love energy, is sure to enhance the healing experience. Of course, the receiver must be receptive to such healing intent. Blocking beliefs are very difficult to penetrate, by both the ailing person as well as by the healing intent sent by others. One must consent to be healed at the deepest emotional and mental levels to reach lasting cure.

The collective thoughts of many can vastly influence the destiny of our planet. As important as physical voting might be at the dense physical level, thought and emotion are far more important determinants of our planet’s future. Positive loving thoughts for our planet’s survival raises the needed healing energy for its cure.

Our world is arguably in a state of great tension, on the verge of chaos. Although we are subject to the great cycles of change, and find ourselves right now at the destructive stage of what the Hindu religion calls Kali- Yuga, the future, like all astrological charts, is not absolutely determined.

The future is fluid, largely because we have the gift of free will. Our greatest power to influence the future rests in our thoughts and emotions. Every time we send out positive thoughts and feelings for all, we imbue our planet with the healing power of the higher vibration of love.

Every time we evoke the attention of higher aspects of our own Spirit, through prayer or thanksgiving, we are enriched with this same higher vibration of love supporting our higher aspirations.

This is not about belief or faith; this is about perseverance, incessant affirmation, mantra and prayer, however self-styled.  See what happens in your own life with such positive devotion. See what happens to the life of the planet. Indulge in the largesse of positivity; there are no limitations to the love you can give.

The future is ours to manifest. Send it love.

With love,


*The title of my blog, The Future is Fluid, comes from Soul Journeys by Rosalind McKnight, one of Bob Monroe’s “explorers,” who wrote about her experiences in the lab with Bob in Cosmic Journeys, as well as her life as a channel in Soul Journeys.

Soulbyte for Friday August 28, 2020

Let everything become a matter of the heart. Let everything become the most important heart-centered thing in your life. Let everything be of the utmost heart-centered significance, for when the heart leads everything matters, everything is meaningful, and everything is possible. Love is the energy of the heart. So let love permeate everything and return you and your world to a place of beauty, wonder, and awe. Keep love in your heart, at all times. With love as your guiding light,  remain in awe. Life is too short and too important to do otherwise. May love rule.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne